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Visiting the ER

Saturday, Dec. 15th

 I do not like Merlot, at least not the cheap one we had tonight. It was too sweet. I did like, tough, what a bottle of wine, some cheese cubes, and a homemade focaccia can bring into your marriage: something like rekindling the passion, if you know what I mean :)

Emerson and I have been exercising lately. We've logged more than 60 miles in the last 30 days. Just today we walked 11 miles, with children and all. We took a 30-minute break after 8 miles, so that Enzo could eat, and all of us could have a snack. Libby was just having fun in a playground while Daddy gave Enzo his bottle. She had 4 crackers and 7 cheese cubes. It rained, but the children didn't get wet thanks to the cover we bought for the stroller. 

Rain didn't make a dent

When Emerson gets here at 4:30 pm, we are ready to go: Enzo just nursed, Libby had a smoothie, and all of us are just waiting for him to change his clothes, and go walk. The other day we walked 6 miles in 1.5 hours. It might not be great, but for me it is awesome. I get to talk to my husband, and we take care of ourselves. I never regret exercising. We could have wasted that hour and a half just watching TV, but we are choosing to go out to be healthy for our children. We want them to grow up seeing that there's more to this life than just sitting in front of the TV, that we have been blessed with one more day of life, and that we have to make it count. 

Sometimes, I'm guilty of just going through the motions, but today I felt alive. I really enjoyed walking. After we came back and I took a shower, I was ready to take a nap, but Enzo woke up. Then Libby woke up, and you know how it goes. But at 7:30 pm, everyone was in bed. Emerson and I went outside to the patio, lit some candles, and drank wine and eat cheese. We talked about life, his job, my job in the house, stuff... He's been asleep for at least half and hour, so our time together wasn't looong (it's 9:30 pm), but it was perfect.

Enzo and his new friend, Harry

Emerson took Libby on a date on Friday, Dec 14th. They went to teach his class, and then headed to the airport. They didn't take a lot of photos of both of them, but they had some cool videos that I'm attaching to the end of this post.

It is a lie when your husband tells you to enjoy your free time and then takes your toddler with him, but still you are IN the house. I mean, Emerson didn't mean to wrong me, but it's just that there is so much stuff to do around the house. That particular Friday I had to fold laundry, iron his work shirts, buy groceries, cook for the next week, and take care of Enzo on top of that. All those things are things I have to do anyway with Libby around the house, and they take me twice or more the time when she is here. Of course I'd rather do them without her in the house. I can do it way faster. I was so busy I forgot to eat lunch. I called Merritt and I borrowed her car to go grocery shopping. I did all that so that I can relax and enjoy being with my family the whole weekend. Sunday felt so peaceful, because I had nothing to do.

Asleep before the ride

Monday, Dec. 17th

We had to go to the emergency room a while ago. Libby fell down while running around the house. She couldn't walk more than two steps after that. She cried and I told her she was fine, but still she was limping. I was observing her, and she definitely slowed down from how active she usually is. She actually wanted me to carry her because it hurt. When we got there, I had to fill the paper work, and then I went in to be with her and Emerson. She was crying a lot, I guess she was scared I wasn't in there. She doesn't want to leave my side at all lately. She cries forever at church, and I know she will do that too when we go back to BSF, but I like it. I don't want her to suffer, but I'm glad she doesn't feel comfortable with strangers. There will be a day when she won't want to be with me all the time, but that day is not today yet, so I'm loving it when she cries for me, no matter how annoying it could be, or how many times I would have to miss a sermon or a class. She needs me and that's all that matters :)

Her doctor wanted an x-ray of her ankle, but when we got there she was so much better -except for the crying- and nothing indicated she really needed the x-ray. She was taking more steps, but definitely putting more weight on the right foot than on the left one, so they said that we should continue to monitor her. She ate crackers and cheese cubes while waiting for the nurse to discharge her on top of the smoothie she had  had one hour ago. She ate pizza for dinner on top of those snacks when we got home. I think she is fine. Tomorrow we are going to kick it with Harry all day long, and we'll skip her morning walk. If you ask me, this trip to the ER was way overdue. We are so thankful she hasn't broken an arm with all the fearless things she does.

My babies

Libby is sounding more letters now. She knows the sound of F, G, H, K, M, N, P, S. Sometimes she does D and T, but not consistenly. She signs yogurt for everything, and today after she woke up, she signed that she wanted a smoothie, please. Just like that. She knows she gets one before we go running with Daddy, so she just asked for it, since I wasn't offering it just yet.

She knows how to pose for the photos now, and even learned to smile for them. Took her a little bit of  "smiles", but she got it. 

Learning to smile - 1
Learning to smile - 2

Got it!!

El Guaperrimo is growing. He is pooping more and more, and his neck is stronger everyday. He coos and talks all the time. He is such a content baby, such a book one. He really only cries either because he is hungry, tired, has gas or a wet diaper. Libby keeps me very busy so I don't get to spend much alone time with Enzo during the day, but I do at night. He is really sweet and is very aware of Libby. I think he will love her dearly. He will follow her for everything. 

Hugging brother

She loves him very much, too. Today she shared her toys with him. She actually came and gave him the things she was playing with. They say toddlers have no idea on the sharing concept, so probably she was not really interested in playing with the things she gave to him, but anyway it was really cute to see her do that. Although, she always does that with Kori also. If Kori is having a hard time, Libby goes, grabs a toy and gives it to her, trying to make her feel better. I'm telling you, my daughter has a really noble heart, I'm so proud of her, and thankful God allowed me to be her Mommy.

El Guapperimo

She went down at 7:30 pm. She took her Tylenol because I asked her to. She did it for Mommy. We'll see how she feels tomorrow :)

My coffees for the Keurig are here, but I'm not touching them until I finish the other one that's in the pantry. I'm excited about the cakes I'll be decorating for Christmas Eve. I'll be working with fondant for the very first time. I wanted to take the Wilton course, but I remember last time it was a fraud. I learned more on Youtube than in the class, so I'm watching videos and reading stuff on the internet. Something good will come out of it. I'll post photos of the finished cakes. 

Practice makes perfect and I need lots before May, 2013 :))

Daddy and Libby meet the A380

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