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Frank and Beans

Don't know why, but I remembered this sequence of The Office where Pam and Jim meet Frank and Bennie in Puerto Rico... It sounds almost like Frankenstein and that makes more sense as the title to my post, considering my leg looks like one. It's not really that bad, but it hurts a little. I've had two rough nights in a row because of it. I had my EVLT done on my left leg on Thursday. After the procedure was over, they wrapped my leg super tightly with bandages, and was told not to take a shower in 48 hours. 

I can totally go without a shower for two days. With these two, showers are overrated in my life lately. 

My left inner thigh :(

Still, the bandages are really tight, and the pressure keeps me very uncomfortable during the night. Moving hurts because of the 10+ pokes -this time I'm not exaggerating- they gave me between the knee and the groin. Doctor said it was necessary because he didn't want me to feel the laser. The laser was the least of my pains... Rumor has it that when someone is learning how to give a shot on the gluteus -aka your butt-, they practice on an orange. At least that's how my sister taught me. 

With just a rapid movement, you would put the syringe all the way in, through the peel. You don't have to hesitate, because if you do, you are just going to hurt people's buttocks. It has to be done as fast as you can, so they can barely feel the poke. Well, the doctor did it just like that. But after the third shot of lidocaine I began to expect the needle, and my muscles tightened. I guess that made it more difficult for the needle to get in. Then he inserted the catheter and moved it around so he could find the vein. The laser just felt like a warmy thing. I saw my leg just dripping tiny drops of blood because of the many pokes. Doctor left and didn't even say good bye. I'm guessing the procedure went well...  

My babies

I have 10+ more pokes waiting for me on my right leg in the next couple of weeks. Thank you so very much, Mom. 

As I like to put it, if you're gonna get sick, it's better to do it all the way... I'm just kidding, of course, but it's only April and we already went over our $2500 deductible. Emerson's chiropractor  whom Emerson decided to stop going to; my endoscopy, and now my legs. Just the ultrasounds were $500 on each leg so they could tell me that I was defective .. and now I have to have other two ultrasounds for them to tell me the procedure actually worked. If I get pregnant the procedure will not work, and there's still a chance that it just won't be enough, and I will have to wear the compression stockings for life. At this point I'm so thankful that God has been with me trough all these issues. I'm making progress on the fear department. I'll talk about it later.

Lots of things happening. Beginning with Godzilla Nunez, she is as sweet as always, even sweeter than before, but very, very stubborn. Sometimes she is disobedient, too, but very sweet and smart, nonetheless. Pericles is completely rotten. Enzo cries all the time because he just wants to be held, and  I don't want to hear him so I hold him :)) 

Oh, by the way, I followed through with my intentions of joining a MOPS group. I took the children a week ago, and of course, Elizabeth got sick. I had a really good time, and I guess she did, too, because they never called for me. When I picked her up, she ran to me, but not in this crazy way like she used to do before. They said she did cry a little bit when I left her there, but only what is normal. I believe that. They would've definitely called me if she had been as upset as she can get. Believe me, they would've called... Then Libby got Enzo sick. I didn't get sick, fortunately, nor Emerson.

BSF called me to say that I can come back, they found a place for my children in the Children's Program. I've missed BSF. I don't like that Libby gets sick so often whenever she is around other children, specially because I don't take my children to these places if they are sick, you know, being thoughtful about getting other children sick. But I guess that's how it is, and Libby and Enzo will have to go with the flow so I don't go crazy inside the house all day long. 

Posing for the photo
Lost them to phonics on Youtube

I'm also making arrangements to make Emerson buy Libby a Children's Museum membership for her Birthday:)))

I think the gift is mostly for me. I think she will really like to go to that place at least twice a month with me, and once every month with Daddy, too. Once Enzo turns one, that membership will pay itself in just one month. Enzo will LOVE that place once he crawls. I can't imagine how it will be with these two chasing each other. I think Libby will have a blast with her little brother chasing her around. He adores her. 

So... I'll try to recount what's happened between my last post and this one. 

Emerson took Elizabeth to the zoo on March 16, 2013. Merritt and Brad have a membership. For a strange reason Merritt had been insisting that both of them would go together on that Saturday. I asked if she wanted to go so that all of us could hang out together. But the true reason behind was that she wanted a break from Kori. I guess she is feeling now that her time is running out, and I can totally relate. For the most part Kori is very independent, but Merritt is about to welcome Baby Cal. Emerson wanted to take both children with him, but I decided to keep Enzo. He is eating his cereal now and Emerson would have to stop to feed him, and it was going to be more difficult for him. 

Besides, I don't really get to snuggle with Enzo a lot. I'm busy all the time with Libby, and I don't have time... I do have the time, I just... I need to make it a conscious decision to drop everything and just be with him. So I'm enjoying him more lately. I'm his world right now, and I love it. I'm always looking for  Libby, I want to play with her, but all I get are her love crumbs. I'm guessing once Enzo walks, he will play with Libby, and I won't get to snuggle him as much. So that day I stayed home with him.

I gave him his cereal, we played, I carried him all the time - which he loved, of course- and when he was tired, we took a bath together. I sang to him, and I ate him to kisses. He was so exhausted after so much love that he fell asleep right when I was drying him off.


Perrito... out!

I honestly can't believe how many things we do every day. It's probably the same over and over, but our lives are pretty entertaining. How come am I able to write a blog pretty much documenting my children's lives and every single photo is different? It just made me think about this thing I call routine... I do know there are certain things that we do on a regular basis, but life is so full of precious moments.

It has been very difficult lately to keep up writing this thing. I have so many photos and videos, and I'm so weird, that everything has to be organized by date. I have to remember what we did, and why we did it... So I'll give it a shot because I'm still trying to write about March 6th, 2013, and today (Apr 1st, 2013) we did A TON of stuff...

Emerson bought a new freezer, well, new for us. A lady from church was selling it, and it was a good deal. It was gross on the inside. He told Libby he had a work for her and that the pay would be ice cream.  She gladly accepted the job. It made me feel bad she was getting her hands so dirty, but this is good for her. We want to teach her to appreciate the things she has. There is nothing bad with working hard. You won't get ice cream for every chore you do around the house, but whenever your Daddy says there's ice cream involved, you better take it. Emerson also offered ice cream for me if I cleaned whatever she didn't clean, so I did. And, I mean, for her age, she did pretty good.

Since Emerson left to PA, I've been trying to get out of the house more often even if I don't have the car. Elizabeth is growing. She used to be very content inside the apartment, just coloring and reading, and playing with her flashcards. But I've noticed a new face in her whenever we go outside to the park, the playground, or just to walk to another place that is not the leasing office to print coloring pages. I think the face is excitement, and happiness. Not that she is not happy when she is here, it's just that she likes to go and see something new, I guess, it's nice to see that there's something different outside other than her brother and her mom.

With that in mind, we've been to two different playgrounds that are close to the apartment. I have to walk one mile to one, and 1.5 mi to the other one. Sometimes she even walks almost all the distance. I just put her in the stroller with Enzo to clear the cars and stuff, but once we are in safe ground, she walks with me. It takes us forever to get there because she likes to push the stroller or walk right in front of it, but I love the fact that she helps, and she exercises. Both of them get really tired on those trips to the playground :))

We'll get there... eventually :)
After the slides

After the swings

I've also packed lunches, and we've had some picnics. She loves having picnics. I think she thinks having a picnic in front of the playground is the coolest thing ever. It is the coolest thing ever when I am with them.

Mar 19, 2013. Walking towards the playground.
Mar 20, 2013. Picnic with Mom and Enzo.

Mar 20, 2013. Enzo swinging.

Trying the slides

I have begun a new long term project- like I don't have enough with this blog-. I'm storing in a special folder all the photos of Elizabeth whenever we go to have ice cream. The other day I asked her not to marry anyone, and live with us forever. We said in exchange we would give her ice cream on a regular basis. She didn't say yes or no, but mostly because she doesn't talk. She actually knows No -it's her favorite word lately- but she didn't say it. She smiled at the sound of ice cream. So I'm just making this huge folder, it will come handy one day. I'll make her sign a contract once she is able to understand the deal. I'm sure she will.

On March 16, we went for ice cream for a change. She was so tired when we came back that we let her cry in her crib, only to realize that she had pooped, hence the crying. Her hands stunk like poop and the sheet was kind of dirty. Emerson had to take care of her during her nap so she wouldn't touch her face, if she hadn't done it already...

After MOPS last Thursday, we came home, ate lunch, and went to get ice cream. That morning she woke up early because we had to go drop Emerson off at work so that we could have the car. She usually takes her nap at 1:30 pm. It was 2 pm and we were at Menchie's. She was already really whiny when we got out of the car, and long story short, she began throwing a tantrum, and yelling and screaming. She wanted her ice cream.  I tried to calm her down, but everything I was doing was just upsetting her more and more to the point that she was being disrespectful. I had to make a really difficult decision: get up and leave. There was no way we were going to have ice cream with her yelling at the top of her lungs in front of everybody.

Screw everybody... I didn't care about them listening to my daughter nor I was ashamed of her. I cared about my daughter being disrespectful to me, and in doing so, not letting others have a good time. I was mad. I was about to throw the ice cream in the trash, but I didn't. Heck, I had paid for it... I thought about the punishment that awaited her: I was going to eat her ice cream, yes... in front of her.

I put her in her car seat, which was very, very difficult. I secured Enzo in his. I was ready to start eating, and then I looked back. I saw her face, crying, tired... I so freaking wanted that ice cream, but I couldn't eat it. It was not fair. That was not disciplining in love. And so I started explaining how disrespectful she was, and how unkind she was to me, and other's at that place. I said I knew she was tired, but that the ice cream was there, and she needed to make a choice. We could get out of the car, eat the ice cream and leave to take a nap, or we could throw it to the trash. I was actually gonna throw it away. My love for her or whatever told me I shouldn't eat it, and especially not in front of her, like if doing so was going to help in this situation.

I asked her to say she was sorry. She signed Sorry. "Are you really sorry, Sweetheart? You always say you are sorry. I just want to know if you know what that means. It means that you don't want to do that again. I forgive you, Libby, for disrespecting me. Do you really want ice cream? Okay... You chose wrong a while ago. I'm very proud of you for choosing right right now. Let's give a try. Be wise. Let's pray..." 

We prayed for many things... I actually wondered in my heart if this was even worth it. Did she have any idea of what just had happened? Was she actually choosing right after choosing wrong? I believe she knew exactly what had happened, and decided to choose right in the end. Very proud of my girl :))

March 21, 2013. After worst public tantrum ever.

10 minutes later

March 21, 2013. He had sorbet. A gentleman through it all.  

10 minutes later

What else?? Elizabeth is very sweet with Enzo. Last week when she was really sick I couldn't even ask her to stop kissing him. She was sick anyway and he lives here, too. I honestly don't think it makes a difference one way or the other. If Enzo gets sick, so be it, my Libby can kiss her brother as much as she wants. 

We prayed that she would have a good night sleep because of her stuffy nose. She signed Jesus, and pointed to her nose. I think that's one of the prayers Jesus can't resist. She slept like a baby that night, eleven hours straight. She also signed Jesus when I was trying to suck her buggers out with the plastic syringe... poor baby :(

I also had a breakthrough with my fears the other day. I had a very difficult day with Libby. She has been disobedient lately. She keeps pushing the limits and I've allowed her push them. That day I told her that I wouldn't count anymore to three because I was teaching her to delay her obedience, and delayed obedience was actually disobedience. I said that whenever I told her to do something or stop doing something, she was expected to do so, or else, I would spank her. I spanked her twice that day.

When I was praying for her on my quiet time, I thought about my EVLT and my train was ready to go, but I told God, "I won't worry about this. You are going to help me, Father, because I'm your responsibility. Please take care of me tomorrow. My daughter needs my prayers more right now than I need to worry about my legs." 

And that was it. I didn't get on the train.

Finding Harry an outfit
"Sweet" sister

Love for Brother

Reading to Enzo

More love :)

After that rough day, I was so stressed out that I decided to bake some cupcakes. Yeah, right... I was really stressed also because Enzo was crying non stop for no apparent reason. I guess he really likes to cry sometimes. The cupcakes were pretty good, and I gave Libby one after dinner. She liked the color and the star, of course. But it was the worst idea ever. The night time routine was awful. That sugar turned my daughter into a monster, ha ha ha!!

Crazy Enzo

Finger licking :)

Eating Mommy's cupcake

Great!! That puts me just four days behind... My mother in law got here on the 28th, the day of my EVLT. I was supposed to pick her up at 12 pm, bring her home so she could stay with the children, and go pick up Emerson so that he could take me to the doctor's office. But even tough her plane landed on time, it took her two hours to clear customs!! It was 1 pm and I was supposed to be at the doctor's at 2 pm. I had to leave the airport at 12:30 pm (I'd been there since 11:30 am) to go find Libby something to eat, and eat something myself. I came back. We headed to pick up Emerson. They would have to buy Enzo some baby food at Target or whatever... We made it right on time, and the rest, you know about it. Those pokes sucked. 

Libby was very excited to see her. I guess she remembers her more and more now. Plus she was very happy about all the gifts that Nana Azu brought her. Some Play Doh, plastic fruits and vegetables, Hello Kitty's boots, some clothes. She also brought a frog that Libby LOVED, but it was actually for Enzo. We are making her ask Enzo if she can play with it every time she wants to play. Enzo says yes most of the time... but she still has to ask.

Posing with her belongings, except Froggie.

Elizabeth's love for the letters on Youtube has come back. She also likes to dance Head, Shoulders  Knees and Toes. She asks for that song like twenty times a day, but I just let her watch it twice, tops. It is a series of the same song, so about 10 minutes. She is not into El Ratón Vaquero anymore. At least she hasn't asked for it lately. We haven't watched Harry, either. Enzo is into everything you can show him on TV, tough. 

Libby finally decided to dance with Azu. She looked so cute :))

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Azu also brought Emerson a Swiss knife that he used to make some pesto. We went to Michael's on Friday to buy some stuff I needed for their cake on May. Libby doesn't like to wear anything on her hair. The photo where she is with all the gifts is the exception, actually. I don't understand. She would rather wear a hat, than a pretty bow.

She looks so beautiful any way she wears her hair


We skipped church on Sunday. No comments there. We still worship the same Jesus, tough. I do love Jesus. I think I would still be a good mother without Him in my life, but I am not really sure. I am sure that whatever I do or don't do now, He has my back.  I am not alone, I don't feel alone. He is always with me. He cares for me and loves me with all His heart. I told Libby on Sunday morning in our walk that He ROOOOSE from the dead, and that she has that same power available at her fingertips if she wants it. I so love my life and my children. It is so easy to get distracted with every day living. My Savior is the real deal... and because of that I say, "Forget you, stupid rabbit!!"

We went to many stores we needed to go before having lunch at Pappacito's. The rabbit was there. I allowed this photo to be taken, so that I could actually retell this to Libby. It was so cute to see her face, even Enzo liked the rabbit. He looked pretty gay to me. Libby was kissing him and petting him. We told Libby he was Harry's cousin. I didn't want to lie to my daughter regarding the real reason for Easter. What was I supposed to say? Oh... He is the Easter Bunny? No. I won't ever associate a rabbit with Easter. If she asks when she grows up, I'll tell her it's non sense. 

And I honestly believe that any rabbit I see could be related to Harry. That's how damaged my brain is since Harry has been played I don't know how many times in this house.   

Harry's long distant relative.

Enzo and his beautiful mother

On Monday we went to the Children's Museum. We left the house promptly at 9:20 in the morning so that we could be there right when they opened. And it was closed!! We had lunches with us and everything except jackets, but it was cloudy and humid, and the temperature rose up very fast. We ended up walking towards Hermann Park and Libby got to play for a long time at the playground there. There's different ones depending on the age. She walked all the way from the car to the playground back and forth. That was probably a mile. Plus she played for over an hour.

Hermann Park Playground


Enzo and his muscles

After that we had lunch -a picnic- and she played again for a little while. It was getting hot so we started our way back to the car. I asked her to stay awake so that we could have ice cream. It was just 1 pm. We made it to Menchie's. And after Maa Maa Maa, we stopped at HEB to buy some turkey breast. Then we picked up Emerson at 4 pm. 

We were there at 3 pm actually. Both children slept for at elast 40 minutes, but we had to entertain them for an hour before Emerson left the office. We walked outside, laid down under the trees, etc. We made it :)

Finally out at 2:30 pm.

Oh, oh, oh!!! I forgot to mention that the night of March 31, 2013 was the first night that Elizabeth slept on her new big girl bed. She was so excited to see her crib so access free. She was climbing on it, and reading books, just going up and down. We prayed at night, and I mentioned all the No, No's. No drawers, no playing with the stroller, no books, no toy bins. 

We told her we trusted in her. The next morning she woke up at 6:30 am, came out of her bedroom, went inside the bathroom to open her barn, took Baba and Horsie out, and met us in the living room. She said, "Daaa daaaaa" 

Happy :)
Preparing to sleep

Showing off her new bed


On Monday we went to the park so she didn't take a nap here. Monday night, she went night nights just like the night before. But today, Tuesday, April 2, 2013, was a different story. We didn't keep the car today because I thought she really needed to rest in her crib after the long day yesterday. So we just decided to have a picnic at the playground with Nana Azu. She walked all the way there, she played for a long time and we had lunch together. 

Walking to the slides
Picnic with Grandma

We left around 11 am, and were back at the house at 1:30 pm. She was obviously tired. Azu washed her hands and brushed her teeth. I put her down for a nap, but I didn't clean her room. I mean, there were toys all over the place... I refuse to do that twice a day.

I told her that she was going to stay in her bedroom for two hours because that's the time she usually naps, and that it was her choice to nap or not, but that she needed to stay in the room. I can't make her sleep, and I didn't. She came out once asking me to change her diaper. I was able to see her with the camera. She just read books, specially  her Bible. Oh, she also played with the drawers. Basically she just goofed around.



She was excited and would run towards the door because she wanted me to read the book of the shapes to her, but I had to tell her over and over to go back. At the end, she would just open the door and ended up closing it. It was the first day doing this. She did great. She stayed there for two hours. At the end she began crying, I guess she wanted out, plus she was exhausted. I let my little beast out at 4 pm. 

We had pizza tonight. By 6:30 pm she was in the zone. She cried for a while after Emerson left her room. My baby was so tired she didn't even wake up when Emerson put her back in her crib...

Hopefully she will have a wonderful night sleep like we prayed tonight.  

Sleeping Libby :)

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