martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Picnics and Menchie's on steroids

I'm sure this will be a very short post, mostly because I want to hang out with my husband and drink a beer. My husband is chatting with his mom... and my beer is still cooling, so I have time.

There's not too much to say, other than showing the pictures and the videos. Pretty much last week we went to the slides almost every day, and if we didn't have a picnic there, we came back and we had it outside in the backyard.

Libby likes to pick up leaves, and she counts them. She knows how to count with her fingers up to ten. Libby used to be a daredevil, but she doesn't play that game anymore. At the slides she never slides down, she just goes up an down, up and down. She gets a whole workout climbing all the way up, but she never goes down the slide. I mentioned that she does come back home walking the whole trip in my last post. I measured it today and it's about 1.25 miles.

Not very happy...
Choosing leaves

Ready for soccer
Hiding from the sun

Ready for the walk back home
Borrowing brother's hat

We have also had several trips to get frozen yogurt. We had to have one at HEB's deli since it was raining that day, and inside the Menchie's there were no seats. She didn't care, of course.

Meeting Menchie

Fondo, fondo

I think last weekend Emerson cooked some really tasty quesadillas, and then he asked us if we wanted to go to Monument Hill. It was almost time for the children to take a nap, and it was like an hour and half away. We went there and we had fun. The trail took us like twenty minutes to walk, but at least we did something different and spontaneous. I took some pictures of Enzo on the swings, and Libby riding on the back of the car.

Enzo swinging

Here are some pictures of our picnincs...

At the slides
At home eating a mollete
Picking up acorns

Waiting for his food
Brought the chair to the slides :))
Stashing acorn and counting

Working out

The rest of the videos were randomly taken last week. Every time I see something they do, I record it. If it were up to me I would record their whole loves, but I couldn't keep up. My children are the best children in the whole wide world :)))

I love my life. 

May 6th, 2013. His very first time at the library

Libby showing kindness to Enzo

Libby's first time saying Me

Libby's first time saying Más

Libby snoring in the backseat

More ;)))))

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