lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

40 hours without Daddy around...

I could easily become an alcoholic if I were a widow... I don't mean any disrespect to widows or single moms. I actually think it is such a difficult job they have. 

I've missed Emerson so much these last couple of days, and Emerson...

I wish I could tell you I miss how you hug me at night, and kiss me as soon as you get home, but I've mostly missed you here because taking care of these two on my own is exhausting. I'm sorry, Papucho Mayor. I do miss your hugs, though. Libby and Enzo have been very good children. Well, you know, Enzo cries all the time. He got in trouble today several times for hitting me, and pushing Sister. Libby got a spanking today at 4 am for looking at me straight in the eye, and lying to my face (I was so mad). She said she had pooped, and yelled at me to change her diaper. After several times of me asking her, she kept on telling me she had pooped. And when I saw nothing on her diaper, I just spanked right there  for lying. I felt bad, but then she said, "Oh, the poop is coming in a little bit". It never came!!

I miss you. I like it a lot when you tell me how you fell in love with me right away, even before we were actually dating, you know, officially :S And when I drink wine on my own, I get all teared up at the idea of me having to raise two children by myself. I cried tonight -just two tears- when I was reading them a good night story, because Libby said you had to read "Devotions a day", and I said, "Daddy is not here. I miss your Daddy so much..."

Barrington's Farm
(1850's celebration of Christmas with gunshots) 

Anyway... I don't think this is a regular post. I just wanted to let out some things. But I feel better now because Emerson is coming back.

Yesterday we went to a neighbor's apartment and had a play date. Libby likes older girls. Last weekend she played with a girl exactly a year older than her. And Clara (the neighbor) is exactly two years older. We really had a good time :) 

Using Mommy's cellphone

Christmas is almost here

Libby and Enzo love God so much. We sang songs everyday, we jumped around the living room, and we actually made up some songs tonight as we prayed for Enzo to calm down. You are not alooooone... God is with you. Jesus is with meeeeeee, through the Holy Spirit right hereeee in my hearaart. 

Enzo was really tired. I think Enzo really misses Emerson. He is always super happy when Dadd gets home, and gets up to go greet him. The last two nights, though, he has cried a long, long time before falling asleep. Libby missed Daddy, too - I guess. She loves reading her books, and she is totally content not going outside, as long as she has something in her hands to read. That's pretty much all she does all day (I do all day). I bet she will be reading by the time we come back from India.

I think Enzo recognizes the letter A, and sometimes makes the sound for it. I don't think he can actually recognize F, but if you ask him what's the sound F makes, he does it :) He is so cute. He also hits me on the face, or on my arm, when he gets upset. He kicks me almost all the time when I am changing his diaper, or throws the sippy cup to the floor on purpose when I tell him he's had enough food. He is not that cute then. My children are so different. I just feel so bad for him because he gets in trouble almost every day. No, not almost every day. He gets in trouble almost all the time, every day.

By the way, Libby has been sleeping on the sleeping pad we take on our for camping trips after this unfortunate picture. I don't know what got into her, bu she wants to sleep on the floor. So now, she sleeps on the pad.

Sleeping on the floor

Oh, yes... Emerson had to go to Mexico to get his American visa renewed. He already got his Indian visa, and everything seems to indicate that he'll travel on January to take a look at Chennai, and what not. We might leave at the end of April. We'll see.

We missed The Cat in the Hat this morning because we woke up at 8 pm. Libby woke up with a mildish fever at 2 am, but I didn't give her any medicine. I thought she was really warm after her nighttime bath; she was shaking and she said she was cold. Then we spent three hours chatting -mostly singing- and she went back to bed at 5 am. She opened her eyes at 8 am. She cried and said something about her books. When she dreams about books, she always says someone takes them away :S

But at 8 am she had a 101 F fever. Emerson wasn't here, not that he would've missed work, but at least he could've helped me at night. But I had to be with her during the night, and then during the day. She was really crabby. We were planning on going to the grocery store, but we had a meltdown going out so I didn't risk it.

Getting better at taking photos of Daddy

She slept for two hours in the afternoon, but it's 9 pm and she's still singing. I went to her bedroom a while ago, and she says she wants to sleep in my room like last night. I explained to her that I had made an exception because she was sick, and I didn't want her to wake up Brother since she was crying last night. She said, "I'm crying, look! I'm crying. I have a fever"

Yeah, right. I am smarter than you, Sweetheart :)

Are you ready?
Yes we are!
Are you steady?
Yes we are!
Are you sure you’re ready to explooore?
Yes we ARE!
Here we go go go go,
on an adventure!

The Thingamajigger is up and away.
Go go go go,
on an adventure.

We’re flying with the Cat in the Hat today!

Watching The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss. 

I'm so ready to go to bed, but I wanna see Emerson's face, even tough he said not to wait for him :)

I'll leave you with some videos from last night, so that you get to see what's on my girl's brain at 4 am.   

"Your nipples, nipples..."

Fishers of Men

Twinkle twinkle little star

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