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Dori goes to Chennai ;))

I am not the worst mom ever. I am sure I am not the worst. My children, however, may think that I enjoy watching them cry or something similar. I don't want them to feel like I don't care about their tears, but I also don't want to encourage any tears that are not worth crying. And I want to accomplish all this while validating their feelings, but teaching them not to dwell on them. I believe this is all impossible to do on my own strength. But I am not alone. I have God to help me, and to give me the wisdom on what to say, what to do, how to say it, etc.

That is my belief. Now, if you have excelled in parenting this way without God's help - not even a single prayer- well, then... you must not be human. Yes, I am still a little bit frustrated with myself, or with them, or both. Then again, I pray for patience and tolerance on a regular basis... What was I expecting? That God would send me tolerance and patience wrapped in a balloon floating from the sky?

Nope. He loves me too much to do that. He is helping me learn to be tolerant. He is giving me opportunities to strengthen my character. He is teaching me to be patient. You know, just like my Old Book says...

Obsessed with putting babies in my belly.
I have Samy, Donkey, Piggy, Beto and Harry.
But she DOES NOT want to have babies when she grows up :))

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

Romans 5:3-5

Anyways... Enough, be gone!!  

That's an inside joke from our household. It comes from the Little Drummer Boy DVD that Libby has. I'll talk about the incident that made me upset with both of them later. This will be -again- a very long post, I guess.


So after we came back from Mexico (more than a month ago) Emerson's cousin and his girlfriend came to visit. They mostly spent time in San Antonio, but there were several days that we hung out together. On one of those days, we went to Karbach. We like it there, but honest to goodness... Emerson and Ehecatl both brew beer. It's not like they have never been inside a brewery before, or have no idea about the beer process. So why in the world do we have to take the tour every time we go? I just don't get it. 

Maybe I'm being selfish, and I'm still upset, but entertaining my children in a mostly dangerous building is overwhelming. I know I don't do it alone, Emerson helps. But I don't enjoy the tour because I can't pay attention. At the same time, it stresses me to see Libby climbing over some crates, but I need to somehow let her "have fun", otherwise I am just yelling and interrupting the tour. So, I did what any smart mom would do in my case: I took care of my children at all times, but once that tour was over, I drank lots of beer. Emerson would have to drive :)))

She reminded me of Michael Scott's Blind Guy

Sweet Libby
NOBODY would think she mishbehaves

Playing on the tour

NO- Enzo's favorite word


After Ehecatl and Ale left, Mr. Jeff came to town with his wife, Trilva. We had lots of fun. We went to NASA, the playground, Houston SPCA, Waffle House (Mr. Jeff's favorite), and other places. I don't want to write all the details about their visit, but mostly just give the higlishts of the places we went to.

Libby and Enzo had so much fun at NASA. I think it is not exactly ideal for their age, but they did have fun, just walking around, jumping around, and running around. They played with a ball floating, and with some weights sliding down to learn about friction. We all saw the blastoff inside the teather, and it was unbelievably loud, but none of the children cried. That was good. They were misbehaving after that, though, so we had to get them out. Libby wasn't listening to any of the things I asked her to do.

Playing in the pool

Actually, we had another incident at NASA. We were watching a show on how astronauts live in space, and Libby was jumping around the benches. I told her to stop because she could bump her head. I told her like five times. I was getting up to get her, and what do you know? She jumps and hits her head right on the edgy corner of a bench. She cried like never before. I go look, and see blood on her scalp. I know the head is very, very crazy when it bleeds, so I wasn't really worried. I felt terrible, though, beause I know it had hurt badly.  As sorry as I felt, however,  I couldn't hold it any longer, and I said it.

I told you not to jump.

On the way to the infirmary, I explained that Mommy knows better than her most of the time. And that I wanted her to have fun, but in a safe way. If I was telling her that she shouldn't be jumping around, it was because I knew that she might have an accident. And she actually had it. I asked her to trust me next time I tell her NOT to do something. 

I wonder if this is the same way God felt. Probably He felt more pain...

He [Adam] replied, “I heard you walking in the garden, so I hid. I was afraid because I was naked.”

 “Who told you that you were naked?” the Lord God asked. “Have you eaten from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat?”

The man replied, “It was the woman you gave me who gave me the fruit, and I ate it.”

Then the Lord God asked the woman, “What have you done?”

Genesis 3:10-13

Pum pum

When God finds out they ate from the tree (and finds out is an overstatement, He is God, so He already knew they had eaten) God is afflicted for them. I know that because when Libby jumped, and I saw her head hitting the metallic, pointy edge of that bench, my heart sunk. I felt sorrow, something like, "Oh, nooo, Sweetheart... What have you done?"

I felt sad because she was crying for a bad choice she had made. I am not talking about jumping or not, but the disobedicene behind the fact. I warned her several times, and she never listened. Natural and painful consequences followed. I mean, sometimes we complain about God punishing us, or whatever, but if we really tracked back our actions, and our own disobedience to Him, we might be surprised that most of our sorrows and pain in this life come as a result of our own wrong choices. 

I really feel sad for Libby every time she chooses wrong, especially when she knows she is choosing wrong, and still wants that. Anyway, I put lots of peroxide on her pum pum - which hurt- and then we continued with whatever we were doing. Actually, Trilva was with me, hence Libby was introduced to Talking Larry, an iPhone app that Libby and Enzo really like now :))

Lunch time. Her scalp was better, of course.

Enzo, as always, was a sweetheart. I am still enjoying how sweet my boy is, before he becomes someone I don't know. Most of the time he does what I say, and he almost never gets in trouble. I know the time is coming when the terrible two's will get a hold of him... With Libby it might seem that three is going to be so much fun :S

All this will happen, of course, in Chennai :))

After lunch we took a tour to watch some rockets, and the place about the movies. Most of the time I don't pay attention to anything when I'm with my children. It was the Mission Control Center, but I don't know the name, it has a name... Anyway, we didn't really know if Libby and Enzo would be able to behave (as we expected) and you cannot take the stroller on the tour. They did great, though. I realized that my children just want to be children. 

DUH!! I feel kind of silly that this idea had never entered my mind :S

But they just wanted to play and jump, and do their own thing. In a place like NASA, which cries FUN! FUN! FUN! is kind of unfair to ask them to sit or stay quiet. So we talked to them before hand, and told them we were going on the tour. They did great. Of course, five minutes after we got in the van to come home, both of them passed out.

With Trilva
Having fun on the train/bus

My boys

The Wheels on the Bus

Libby with her bodyguard, Mr.Jeff
Super comfy nap

Slides at Memorial Park

I think the next day we went to Houston SPCA, because Trilva watches a show on Animal Planet. Emerson felt tempted to buy Enzo a cat, because apparently, Enzo said YES when asked if he wanted one. He says NO for everything, so a YES is a big deal because he really means it ;))

I'm surprised Emerson would be willling to buy a cat if one of his children asks... Who knows? After that we went to the slides at Memorial Park. We've never been there, but it was fun. Libby was a daredevil, and Enzo seems to be very careful with everything he does. He is not afraid, though, like his sister was at that age. He studies the challenge and goes for it. 

El puente
Another bridge

Baby Jail

Felt like pushing everybody away.
"Don't you see my daughter is going?"


We stopped at Cavender's Boot City on the way back. My goodness!! Just buying an outfit for the rodeo is craaaazy expensive. Enzo looked cute wearing his hat :))

But nope, no rodeo custom outfits for anybody. Waaay too much money for a pair of boots that Libby won't be able to wear in six months.

El Nino Texano 


Once Jeff and Trilva left, we had a play date with Darcy, and I realized it was time to give Enzo his first haircut. I had been dreading it, because I just didn't know what to do... but whatever we wanted to do, it needed to be done ASAP after I took this photo :S

Look at this ragamuffin!!


With her friends
With Brother

We came home after the play date, and at night Emerson cut his boy's hair :))

Enzo lets Daddy cut his hair

I also made my first video using the mac. I don't really like it that much, but Emerson says I have to get used to it, because he is not buying another PC, ever. And it's very practical for stuff like this, I guess. 

The song is El Peluquero by Francisco Gabilondo Soler "Cri Cri". I love that song because we knew one day Enzo would have to get his first haircut :))

Enzo's haircut photos

WOW!!! Papuchin!!!

Other Happenings

I've kept on running, but coming back from Mexico, my scale didn't say 124 lb. anymore. It suddenly went crazy and marked 130 lb. WHAAAATT!!?? I don't know what was wrong it with, I had only been eating like a pig -even more than before- but not running as much :S 

Anyway, I am glad to announce that my scale finally came to her senses, and for several days in a row, I've been at 124-125 lb. There was something seriously wrong with it, I don't know... There's just no way that I could've lost 6 lb. in just 2 weeks. I've been getting up very early to go run, too. I like running that way. I leave at 5:30 am, and come back 10 miles later, which allows me for this:

Home-made buttermilk pancakes, fruit, bacon and coffee :)) 

I'm also training for a 5K. I'm going to shoot for the stars again with my time, so I want to do less than 25 minutes. But let's hope (and train) for a conservative goal of 25 minutes 30 seconds. 

In another note, Enzo has been coughing since we came back from Mexico. It's been more than a month, but no fever, and he is getting better. So the nurse said there's nothing really to worry about. Libby helps me A LOT with him, sometimes I have to remind her she is not her mother. She talks to him as if she were me, tells him he is going to get a spanking if he doesn't do this or that. She just takes cares of him so well... And the ragamuffin has been bitting her. She has been warned not to do anything that will make him try to bite her, also. Nonetheless, my boy has been getting spanked - seriously- on his bottom. It breaks my heart, but I cannot allow this to happen. That is unacceptable behavior. He may not get the why it is wrong yet, but for now he will get the DO NOT do it, or else...

Actually, this week he hasn't bitten her at all. 

My silly OCD-girl.

We have been going to the playgrounds, too. Libby and Enzo are loving the swings lately. She asks me to push her harder and harder. I feel nauseous just pushing her, and looking at how high she goes. But then again, swings were never my thing. 

Enzo is using his spoon now, not all the times, but he is getting better. 

Helping Brother
Yay, Enzo!

Swinging siblings

Enzo uses the spoon

He also uses his hands :)

Whenever I ask Libby something that wasn't her idea, she refuses to agree with me. So lately, she is been saying that she will never marry, she will never have children, she will never follow Jesus, and she will never go to college, or even preschool. She even said the other day she wants to follow Satan, ha ha ha!! 

"Be my guest, do not follow Jesus. Follow Satan, or whomever you choose. Just do not complain when everything is dark, you are in pain, thirsty, hungry, hot and suffering. I won't be there to help you out. You've been warned."

Of course, she yelled, "Mommyyyyy, I want to follow Jesuuuuus!!!" It made me laugh so badly (not to her face), but I kept on telling her, like I've always told them, it's their choice. They will follow whomever they want to follow, but I just want them to be aware of the consequences of their choices. 

Hmm... she says she wants me to be her teacher because she doesn't want to go to school. And I'm thinking, what if she doesn't really like conventional school? What if she really goes and doesn't like it? Will I be willing to homeschool her? Will it actually be something we need to consider? She needs to go to school as soon as we get back from Chennai, but we don't even know where we are going to live... We'll see how it goes :)

Libby will NEVER marry ;)))))

About three weeks ago, I had too much wine (2 glasses), and I told Emerson that he was the love of my life, and that I would do whatever for him. I told her the children would miss Dori terribly, and that I was willing to take care of her in India.  Dori needed to go to the vet anyway, and so... I think Dori is coming with us. Our only concern with Dori was that she would die on the long flight. The vet said is not about the duration of the flight. Whether it is a two hour flight or a 15-hour flight, she will be stressed the same. He only advised us not to give her any sedatives so that she would be completely aware of her surroundings. 

I love Dori. Sometimes I feel she is like my burden... but I love Dori. And Libby and Enzo love Dori. And Dori loves them. If it were up to her, I think she would follow us wherever we went. So as of now, Dori is going to Chennai. Woo hoot!!

Dori wants out
Covering Dori with cloths

Giving in for the children's sakes

So anyway, just to finish the post. I was very upset at the beginning of this post because Libby cried A LOT in frustration because she couldn't climb up a slide. She did once, on her own, but then she couldn't do it anymore. She got all worked out that we had to leave the playground (we were about to leave anyway). But she followed me, crying, yelling, and just pouting about the fact that she couldn't do it. I kept on walking. I've learned -with her- that trying to explain, and reason with her, when she is acting this way doesn't help.

So I kept on walking... Five minutes later, she started telling me she was very upset, and we began talking about it. She kept on saying, "I couldn't climb, I couldn't climb..."

And I might have been very sharp... I treated her as Emerson is sometimes with me. You know, when I want to talk about something, but he just tells me what to do. I'm sure all husbands are like this, but the wives just want to talk about it, not that you give us the solution. 

Listen, Sweetheart... I know how you feel. I know you are frustrated, and mad, and upset because you couldn't climb. But look at this: You couldn't climb again. You did climb once, on your own, without my help. That means you can do it again. I know you can do it. But I also think you are getting the wrong attitude here. You are focusing on the negatives right now.

Sleeping with Dori
11 pm. Finally out.

Dori in their bedroom

She didn't pay attention, but I knew she was listening, because she was quiet. These are the moments when I think I'm wasting my saliva, only to found out three months later that she was actually paying attention to what I was saying. So I kept on going.

You remember that Bible verse? Think about things that true, noble, right, lovely, admirable, excellent, praise-worthy... Remember?? Well... Look at this gorgeous day. It's sunny - a little bit windy- but sunny. It's wonderful to be outside. Think about something that is true. God loves you. Whether you were able to climb the slide or not, He will always love you. Always. He will always be by your side. He will never leave you nor forsake you. What else? What is lovely? Well... Being with you, guys. I loved it! I went for a run with you on the stroller, you were very patient. Then we came, played on the playground, had a picnic... Even Dori had fun!

And then... Voila!

Yeah, and we had a lots of fun, she said.

We did, Libby!! We had LOTS of fun. Listen, I get it when you get super upset. It is okay to have those feelings. God gave you feelings to experience, they make you human. You can be happy, angry, sad, excited. But when you are angry, you can not become your anger. You should not let your feelings overpower you. That's why we need Jesus' help. Anyway... are you feeling better?

Then she began talking, talking, talking (like me), and I couldn't stop her... She talked about Thomas and Percy, and Diesel, and the slides, and blah, blah, blah. It was over. I selfishly wish sometimes she would hug me, and thank me for the encouragement. At least, you know, that she would say it was a good pep talk... Of course, she never does. And it's okay, I'm not sad about it. Enzo... I don't think he will do that either. Hmm. I don't think they will do it as teenagers. Maybe... until they are around 40. 

Walking her doggie. All's right with the world again :)

But I hope one day they will do it. I'll keep on doing what I've been doing with God's help, because I do what I do out of love for God. I know it will bear much fruit. My mind and my heart are focused on things above :))

Proverbs 31:10-31

Her children respect and bless her;
    her husband joins in with words of praise:
“Many women have done wonderful things,
    but you’ve outclassed them all!”
Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades.
    The woman to be admired and praised
    is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.
Give her everything she deserves!

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