lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Double Date :)

Nothing much has happened from the last post until now, but I just wanted to post some cute pictures that we took during the weekend.

On Friday, Emerson came back from work, cleaned the house and vacuumed. He also helped me with the children which was very nice. I had to go run, so when I came back he suggested that I take a shower... so I did. I didn't really wanted to, but okay...

It seemed that he was in a rush to send the children to sleep sharply at 7 pm, so I helped him getting them ready. At 7 pm, our neighbor came in the apartment, and said that he was ready to babysit our children. I'm friends with his wife, Cora, but instead Josh came. 

Anyway, it was awesome that Emerson gave me a surprise like that :)

We wanted to go see the movie God is not dead, but it was sold out to Emerson's surprise. It seems God is very popular lately :S Instead we went to Best Buy, Charming Charlie, and Starbucks. It was neat talking to him about other things rather than our children. However, I have to say, both of us felt really anxious. We knew our children were in excellent hands, but we felt almost paranoid because we felt as if the children were walking behind us. We really needed a break. I mean, when you can feel your child behind you... it'd been a LONG time since we have had a date.

My love and me :)

On Saturday we went on a double date. I had been telling Emerson that I've noticed Enzo misbehaves when I don't give him my full attention. I am all the time interacting with Libby, but not with him. She is the one who speaks right now, and she asks me to do this or that for her. She also brings me books, and puzzles... When I do cuddle with him, he hits me!

If he misbehaves and I spank him, he kicks me. He is a very sweet boy, but I've noticed he has trouble forgiving and letting go. Libby and him are so different, and I know they would. I am just trying to be fair. I cannot let him be one way, if I didn't do the same with Libby, for Libby's own sake. If he hits her right on the face, I have to correct him. I know he hits her because he is angry, and maybe even because Libby took a toy away, but still he cannot be a little jerk hitting his sister.   

My date :)

She forgives him from the heart when he comes. When she wrongs him, she apologizes and kisses him. She shares gladly with him her cookies, cheese cubes, etc. Most of the time anyway. But Enzo doesn't even want to say he is sorry. He doesn't share. But then again, I cannot force him to be something I want him to be. I do make him apologize, but I know his heart is not there yet. All we can do now is teach him right from wrong. But it is difficult and sad to see that he keeps on choosing wrong... because hitting me or sister earns him spankings at our household. 

So anyway... I thought we could have a date on Saturday, Enzo and me. And Emerson and Libby another one on their own. But Emerson had to go to a service at a church since a coworker's dad passed away. So all of us went with him. I gave Enzo almost all my attention that day, and it was like giving me a bag of chocolate kisses. I'm addicted to those things, that's why I don't buy them. 

Enzo would cry or yell whenever I was not holding him anymore... Still both children were very good at church (ha! because we took them out)

My real hair. Emerson said he loved it :)

For the first time in a long time I didn't do anything to my hair to straighten it. I'm really self conscious about it, I don't like that it puffs, you know. That's why I'm always wearing a pony tail, but Emerson said that was the hair God gave me, and he thought it was beautiful. It made me feel special ;)

Libby was always taking care of Enzo. Enzo fell on the bushes head first, and Libby had fun kicking a beetle. We took some photos with a new lens that Emerson bought on the way to church.

Enzo and Libby

Not happy
Not very happy, either

Always behind Brother

Grabbing some petals

Awesome Big Sister
"I cannot leave him behind, Daddy"

After mass was over, we had lunch. We went for a dosa, it's like an Indian crepe. It was amaaaazing :)))

It was weird to see Libby and Emerson interact on their date. Enzo and I were cuddling and hugging each other all the time, and Enzo loved it. Libby and Emerson barely talked. Emerson said there was nothing wrong with that, and I know that. They both have such similar personalities... no wonder why Libby never lets me touch her. It's like I have to steal kisses from her, just like from her Daddy :)

That's all. Oh, yeah... and I found Enzo like this at 3 am. last night. 

Sweet dreams

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