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Cinco de Mayo 5K

I've been trying to write a post for a long time, but just the thought of it makes me tired... I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed lately. I don't know, like, stressed out about moving to India and not having a lot of specifics just yet. I know those things will work themselves out eventually, I guess. I am not saying we won't have to make decisions, but the more I think about it, the more stressed I can become... 

I've experienced something similar before moving to Houston. Emerson didn't even have a job, and we were worried and anxious, and blah, blah. But God. God. God has always been there for us. He has always provided. He has always been faithful. I've experienced this anxiety before, even more - way more. I know how it feels to try to control everything. The more controlling you want to be, the more out of control you feel. So I am not going there again, because it sucks. I am not God. So why would I try to be? 

Sure, I want answers. Will I be able to run? How much is Emerson going to be paid? Where are we going to live? How this? When that? I will have all those answers. They will come in time - God's time. I won't rush it, that way I get to be at peace. Can I add a single hour to my life by worrying? Nope.

18 month-old  shots

Oh, I've been trying to write about the bomb incident. That's how long ago I've been trying to write... I went to have lunch with a friend, and on the way back home I realized I had left my back pack at the restaurant. Well, actually, I had made it all the way home. So I called them, but the lady didn't speak English very well.

Finally after ten minutes of raising my voice at her (I am usually REALLY patient when it comes to those situations), they put me through another Chinese man who told me I had lost my backpack outside on the sidewalk. Somebody had called the bomb squad and nobody was allowed to touch it!!!

- Well... can't you go tell them it's mine? I need my backpack. It's not a bomb. I forgot about it.
- No!! Call the police. Don't you remember what happened in Boston last year, lady?!

First 5K ever (2005)

Yes, I thought I would die...

So long story short, I called 911, then the city police, and I got my backpack back. The police officer was really kind. He just asked me why I had left it there unattended. I explained I am very chatty, and I was saying bye to my friend when Libby ran after her. I had to drop the backpack so that it wouldn't slow me down in case I had to run faster to get Libby. I am super fast now, you know...

When I put the children in the car, it was time for a nap already. I got in the car and I was like, GO GO GO!! Hence, I forgot about the back pack.

The officer said he knew what I meant since his wife was all chatty like that, too. It had happened at such a bad time. That day at the restaurant was April 16th, 2014. Boston Marathon had happened that morning :S

Second 5K ever (2009)

Yes, I also felt awful... It was the first time I paid to run a race. My official time was 28 min 38 seconds. 

I don't have a lot of time because my family is in town for Libby's birthday. This post was supposed to be all ready... so I'll just post some pictures and videos of late happenings. I have a big post coming for the birthday party. Libby will turn 3, and Emerson 31.

Chocolate cookie

Bad night
Superman is out

Oh, no!
They are up :)

Oh! I have a lot of things to say about Enzo. He is growing so fast. It's so funny, how different every child is. Enzo is 19 months old, and he says these words: Nana, Dada, Mom, Up, Go, Ma ma ma (ice cream), Oh Wow!, Uh-oh!, Oh no!, No, Door, Dori, Ball. He signs others, like Please, Thank you, More... Libby didn't speak a word after she was two. 

My boy is absorbing everything like a sponge every single thing, I guess, because to my surprise he is able to pronounce a bunch of letters. I do sit down and teach him some every now and then, but it's not the same than with Libby. We are busier now, and besides, Enzo likes to run around so much. He doesn't like to sit down and listen to me. He laughs at me every time I try to teach him something. He'd rather play. Libby, though, is his best teacher. A lot of times I've heard her asking him to pronounce this or that letter. And he repeats after her :))

Anyway, he can pronounce A, B, D, F, H, L, M, N, O and T. He is sick today, both of them are :(

We went to the pool like 2 weeks ago, but it was still cold. I guess it wasn't that much cold, but that day was windy. We had a picnic, and we also shared some hot cider. 

Daddy bought a kite to play with them, and we went to the park. Daddy had lots of fun. The children chose to play on the sand.

Using the kite

We want to go to the beach

Daddy having fun

I also had a date with Libby and I took her to eat cookies and read books at our favorite bakery. Enzo went that day to a soccer game with game. They had fun :)

Sitting on Sister's lap
Picnic at the park

Reading books

3rd-time's-a-charm 5K (2014)

I kept on running after training for my half marathon. I like running, as much as someone may like cleaning their house or doing the dishes. I need to run. It's like something I need to do now because it keeps me healthy, and it helps me to feel active, and it helps me to not be stressed. It just so happens that I'm also fast. Not like, super fast... but faster than I had ever been. And yes, oh yes, faster than a lot of people :))

I won 3rd place in my age group at my most recent 5K!!!!!

I found out once I saw the results... but of course, I had no idea, so I didn't stay for the prizes. Anyway, it was a sombrero and a maraca ;)

See, most of the time I am a slave to my watch. I am always thinking about how fast I'm going, and I don't really enjoy just "going". Recently, though, I haven't used it that much, and I've been able to just run. It's nice :)))

I don't smile when I run. It's not like I'm having fun. I can't understand people who actually laugh or smile all the time. These next photos are my attempts at smiling. Of course, I posed for the camera.

Then I realized I could actually meet my goal of finishing my 5k in under 25 minutes... I ran it in 24:43.

I felt so happy... accomplished. And get this, today I ran my fastest mile ever. Emerson pushed me to run very fast. We ran it in 6 minutes 36 seconds. I knew we were going fast, but fast doesn't feel that fast anymore. Now I want to go faster.  

I said I would run a marathon after pushing Libby out. I can run that. I will, God willing. 

Patience, my love. Patience...


Libby loves Kroger and HEB for the fun with the carts. But now, she likes -or at least agrees- to go to Walmart. 

Thanks, Horsies!

 Walmart Horsie rides

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