jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

First Day of School

It seems everybody prepared me - or I prepared myself- for the bad things that come with having your child at school. You know, that first day when you go, and leave them for the first time for three hours with a total stranger. I mean, for all I know, the teacher is a stranger to me. That "Meet the Teacher" week or whatever is non-existent here, or I missed it. I met Libby's teacher today when I dropped her at her classroom, and she didn't even tell me her name. 

I did cry the very first I dropped her. In Mexico. I literally felt a part of me was missing. Would she be okay? Would she cry? Would she miss me? I had Enzo, my mom, my dad, and sister to keep me company, but I still felt sad. And Libby did cry, not the first day, but the second and third. I was totally convinced she didn't need school, that all she needed was me. Until we moved to Chennai. She is a very smart little girl, and she enjoys being around me and her brother, but she also gets very bored. There's so much you can do in an apartment when your only playmate is your brother, I guess... There are no playgrounds around like in Houston, and there are no sidewalks to walk, no really fun stuff to do. And if there is, you have to pay, like insane money.

First Day :)

So we thought about school for a while, and once we visited the campus she was so excited. Even I was very excited for her. So today was her very first day. It went great. She did not cry at all, I did not cry at all. In the morning, Daddy made pancakes as a surprise for her, and I gave her a gift: I gave her my Bible. I think it meant a lot to her to know that it is no longer mine, but hers. And it also has her name on it. A long time ago, when I bought it at the Christian store, I paid for my name on it. Karla Nunez. Little did I know...

I did feel something during breakfast. I do not want her to grow up. And I teared up a little... She is being exposed to new things, and to different people, and spending 3.5 hours less with me. But I am so proud of the girl she is now. I wrote on her Bible:


You begin a journey today. Always remember whose child you are. Let your light shine, and be the girl God made you to be. I will always love you. No matter what. 


Daddy and Libby

Anyways... nobody called me from school so I was a little sad to know that she was having a great time, but being home with Enzo was like a whole new experience. I knew about the bad things about missing your child, and I might be a terrible mother for saying this, but it is freaking awesome to have your children at school!!! At least one... 

It was so peaceful and quiet in here. Emerson dropped us off (he went to school for Libby's first day), and I washed the dishes, washed clothes, and went upstairs to hang them, and brought them down. I was asking Enzo constantly to come and wash the dishes with me to spend time together, but all he wanted to do was to play with Thomas. Then we just sat down, did my BSF homework, and did nothing. Which I am sure nothing is a lot, but Enzo is very content. Enzo likes to do stuff his own way and on his own. 

If you sit down to play with him, he likes it. But he is also happy playing by himself. He likes to do stuff, tough. I found out today he likes walking a lot. I've always knew that, but you've gotta understand that I'm learning to know my boy in a deeper level like never before. All this time when I talk, I almost always have conversations with Libby, and Enzo just listens. I try to engage Enzo, but he almost never answers. Libby thrives in conversations, I don't know if it is because she likes talking a lot, or because she is a woman, or both. But most of the time, my brain is fried... but not today. 

- I love your eyes, Nena.
- Why?
- They're so brown you can get lost in them

Most of the time when I talk, Libby is telling me a story of her own, and talking, talking, talking non-stop, but not today. Today it was all about Libby at school. But it was also about Enzo at home with his Mama. I love my boy. I am so glad Emerson listened to God, and thought it would be better if we didn't send Enzo to school just yet. I was so ready to get rid of both of them. Who am I kidding? I'm not the mother of the year. I was exhausted. I am exhausted. They are -not always, but on a regular basis- fighting over toys, yelling at each other, or arguing. The have wonderful times together also. But I needed a break... so I got my break. 

I am spending my time only with one child from now on. After the house-stuff was ready, we went to the grocery store walking and we talked about many things. We talked about something that I had just read on my lesson today. It was about God being all powerful. We do have a life to live, but God is involved in the most silly details. He is taking care of us, always. Even when we feel He has no idea about what's going on, there is something there to remind you God cares.

Ok... Let's do this 

Before picking up Libby, we stopped at the grocery store. We bought some juice boxes, and some chocolate to share when we saw Libby, since it was the first day at school. They like playing in the school playground after school is over. Libby says she really likes school, and I'm so very happy for her.

I am happy for my boy, too. He is so cuddly. He likes to hug me, and that is something I haven't done in a long time, so I'm gonna make up for it. 

So I'll be talking more about Enzo in the near future, and the adventures we have on our own :)

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  1. Es taaan hermosa!! Seguro le irá super bien!! Dile que su tía Andy le manda muchos besos y abrazos y que la adoro!!!

  2. Mi niña :') Dios la está preparando para ser toda una misionera :3

  3. There is too much to learn from you !!!