viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

The last six months of my life

Coles Crossing Crocodiles 

It's been a LONG time since the last time I wrote. I don't feel like recording my life anymore, LOL!  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I know that I was doing it becasue I was afraid or forgetting, but so many things go on between family life, church, school, etc., that I am literally exhausted at the end of the day to write every single detail that goes on with my life. 

So let's just start by the latest happenings. Libby joined the swim team at our neighborhood. So far she is enjoying it, and I do, too. It is not a secret that I am living my dreams through her. She will kick my butt probably by next year, LOL! 

Enzo refused to swim for the Coles Crocs becasue the water was too cold, so we took him out of swimming lessons at the YMCA. He is stubborn as his mother. But God willing I will find a way to make him swim. He and Libby have been insisting for such a long time about gymnastics, but the more I think about it, the more convinced I am it will not be good for them in the long run. And I really mean the LONG run. Try to do gymnastics at age 60, and you will probably break your hips. I have a swim pal who's sixty, though, and she's in amazing shape. I think swimming is such a complete sport. 

Enzo also likes running, and we run laps at the YMCA. I actually run with him becasue he keeps a good pace, LOL! He is doing 9 min/mi, and he seriously gave me a workout the other day. We ran 2 miles together non-stop :)  So he wants to run, fine. But I'm gonna try to make him swim. 

Libby's first 25 yd - free

Character Parade -Amelia Bedelia

We also had the Character Parade Day at Libby's school. It was crazy to go to Once Upon a Child to buy her some clothes,  becasue of course, she wanted to look exactly like the girl in the book. 

Christmas 2016

Enzo helped me decorate some raspberry tart. Oh, my goodness!! They both look so small now that I'm looking at these pictures again :) Krieger was the official care taker of the Christmas Tree. Enzo got a monster truck that was like $20 used, and Libby got a huge at box for coloring and stuff. 

Random Photos

I went to Mexico to renew my visa for a trip during summer. I swam with my sister at the YMCA Mexico, and I kicked her butt, LOL! 

I also took Libby on a date and I ended up spending like $100 between Whataburger, Color Me Mine, and a dress at Target (that of course had to have matching shoes, a purse and a head band). We never do that with her so I thought it was going to be a nice idea. Never again. At least not out of my own savings, LOL! 

I also took Enzo to Sonic without Libby. Then she cries, but she forgets that she enjoyed all these things for five years before she went to Kindergarten. Enzo went to Austin with Emerson for the MS 150, becasue Emerson volunteered to drive the truck carrying all the stuff for the BH team. It was nice that the boys had a trip together :)

Resurrection Day 2017 @ HFBC - Cypress 

We also celebrated Easter at our church, and after that we went to have lunch. I think that's basically it. Of course many things have happened, but maybe I'll write them in another post. Libby enjoyed Kindergarten, Enzo is slowly but steadily maturing. He is a very sweet, gentle boy - when he wants. He can be very angry or very sad or very happy, definitely takes after me. We are working on using our words instead of punching people in the face. He was kicked out of the YMCA and church - church!! - becasue of these issues. But it has gotten better. 

Parenting sucks at times. It does. It feels like a field that I'm toiling constantly. I'm watering it, taking care of it, pouring my life into it. Emerson and I have changed a lot for the better. We are talking more,  we are actually fighting less. But with the children, it is difficult to know where our efforts will end. I don't want them to be "successful" in life, or be great at sports or be super smart. I want them to have a relationship with the Lord. That is my goal. And I cannot make that happen.

For the past two years God has shown me a great deal of who He really is in regards of His character (I'm obsessed with Christian Doctrine, LOL!). At times, I have not liked the God I see revealed in Scriptures - a God who mercies whom he wishes, and hardens whom He wills. A God who opposes the wicked and the proud, even though I have been one of them. Yet, this same God is compassionate, and merciful, and very patient. A God who loves and a God who hates. 

This God whom I worship is a God that I cannot control or manipulate. Somehow I was being a Christian by trying to live up to the Law, thinking God owed me. I have never seen myself as sinful as I really am. And I am overwhelmed at the fact that God overcame my resistance and saved me. Yet at the same time, I know He might not do the same thing for my children. And I will still worship Him. 

All I can do is to pray with all my guts, and keep on toiling this hard field that is their hearts - so hard at times. I have hope that no matter how sinful they really are (and I see big and small glimpses every day) God is good. He can change their hearts as He changed mine :)

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