lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Discovering new things

Libby just amazes me every day... I love her so much. I admire her perseverance with the DVDs. So I guess this is one of the battles I'm deciding not to fight anymore. She just wants to explore, and I'm constantly telling her not to do that, but she keeps on doing that. The same with getting into the kitchen. I'm just being extra careful if I'm cooking :)

Messy DVDs

Today we were having lunch and she decided to show me her new thing for the camera. She leans her head towards one side, very cute, like posing, I don't know. She is a doll :)

Precious little baby

During lunch today she began putting her hands up. 

All this time I've been telling her, "Manitas arriba",  and then I put my hands up. But she had never done it before. Some times she tried to, but nothing like today. 

So I said,  "Manitas arriba" and she began doing it once and again, like more than ten times in a row. 

She was all smiles and after putting her little hands up, she also clapped sometimes, and I would say, "Bravo, por la Nena"

After lunch we took a shower - I took a shower- because before lunch we went for our three-mile walk. 

After the shower we went to the office to print some things, and coming back I gave her a piece of paper for her to play with. Everything was going great, then I did some stuff inside the bedroom, but the stroller was put in a way that I couldn't see Elizabeth.

Suddenly, I didn't hear anything at all, and that means trouble. She's on to something when she doesn't make any noises, specially if I left her buckled in the stroller.

Well, lo and behold... Elizabeth ate the piece of paper!!!

She was after the gecko

I had to take some pieces out of her mouth, and she cried for a little bit. I think I scared her for how I put my fingers inside her mouth. I called the nurse just to make sure she would poop it out, and they said that's what was going to happen, so we'll see :))

How not to be thankful that those pretty eyes didn't choke with the paper?? I just thanked God for taking care of her like Daddy and I have been praying. Then I teased myself, "You are a terrible, terrible mother..." and laughed once I made her drink tons of water :))

My big brown eyes

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