domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Libby is getting everywhere

So as I said I didn't register for next class. I'll take it easy and will learn online as I was doing. I've practiced making cakes. This was my last one for the class, but I didn't go, I had more important things to do with this cake (a story to tell later)

Sweetest cake ever :))

A lot of things have happened!!

Libby is officially crawling. Well, she was already, but now she is fast. She has helped me cook different things for Daddy with the mixer he gave me for my birthday. 

Making ravioli pasta

She can pull herself up if you help her. She's getting stronger every day.

Standing by herself

Lately I've been tired of stopping her going everywhere, she moves around very fast, and I just have to say No, and No, and No. She likes getting into the kitchen a lot, I guess she likes that the floor is kind of slippery. I could say the other day she defied me!! She went to the kitchen floor and since I didn't follow her to pick her up and tell her no, she just looked at me, smiled like saying, "Look where I'm at", and continued into the kitchen.

She learned how to stand up on her crib and she was trying to climb over, so we have to lower the mattress. Lately, she hasn't bumped her head, but she did a couple of times, because she stands up but she doesn't know how to get down. Daddy is teaching her. 

Libby still stands up on her crib :))

We went to Karbach Brewing Company yesterday since Emerson's cousin came with his girlfriend to visit.

I've been dealing with personal stuff lately, mainly about my insecurities as a woman, and I think slowly but surely I'll make progress. I want to be whole for my husband and my daughter. today the sermon was about choosing to be a vulture or a hummingbird. You see what you are looking for, and I'm tired of seeing dead carcasses. I want to see life. 

Libby bored at the explanation since she already knows it all

I love my life, it's AWESOME!!! I have a healthy baby girl, a wonderful husband, a God who's absolutely crazy about me, and wants to be with my forever, and help me live my life. I'm not alone. I can deal with this, and with all the lies I hear in my head. 

God and my awesome family are giving me the strength I need :))))

My awesome family :)))

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