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When Dadda prays...

Jan 21st, 2012
Lots of things have happened since last week. I've made several cakes. I think they are cute, and the purpose of the class has been reached. I can make my baby's cakes for her birthdays. I'll keep practicing when I have the chance...

Jan 14th, 2012

Anyways, talking about more important stuff,  Libby had a rough week. I mean, as rough as a 7-month-old baby's life can get. I think her gums were giving her trouble and she wasn't eating as she normally does. She pretty much left everything on her plate (little bowls) at every meal, and she would cry and cry the entire time I was trying to feed her.

Then, after five days of madness, she stopped. Like if nothing had happened she was all smiles again, and she was eating as she usually does. I thought that was weird, and I told Emerson about it on the phone. He said he had been praying for her.

That touched my heart in a way I cannot describe. I'm here thinking this is normal for a baby, that she has to go through it, and that's probably truth. But the Bible teaches us that God is a personal God, and I never stopped to think that God could ease the pain in my baby's gums. 

I'm happy Dadda prayed. In a way I think God honors his prayers more than He honors mine. Not that God doesn't honor mine, but Dadda is the head of this house, he's my head, and I want to follow him. His godly responsibility is to care for us and to protect us, and when he said he prayed, it made me feel secure. He was protecting us like every man should do, doing what he could do in a situation like this: praying.

I feel bad I don't have more pictures of Libby right now, but lately I've been recording with the handy cam almost everything she does, instead of taking photos.

She claps now, and she is crawling already. She crawls slowly, but she does. And I'm fried :))

Oh, Emerson bought me a mixer for my birthday and it's a breeze to use it to make bread, and frosting for the cakes. And we went to eat dinner at a Mongolian stir-fry place, and then all of us had ice cream. Libby liked it, of course.

Last night we had pancakes. Wow... it had been at least six months since I had made pancakes. That means I don't like to feed my family crap. They are really yummy, but it's too much sugar, and butter. I don't know, I felt guilty of feeding that to Elizabeth, but she has to try everything, and she loved maple syrup.

Next month Emerson will be planning the meals he wants me to cook for him. He wants to save money on groceries. I know I spend more than I should almost every month. Especially this month I spent it on cakes and that stuff. And so I made up my mind. I'm not taking the next course for the cakes. I'll wait until I can save the money I will need for the class and the materials.

Besides, I learned more from the internet and you tube videos than from my teacher. Experience is the key, doing it over and over, practicing. I''ll do that every time I can, but I need to spend the money I have, not the money I don't have. 

I want my daughter to see that I'm a responsible mom, that everything I preach, I do. That there are no gray areas in obedience. Partial obedience is disobedience and a cake is nice, but we won't have cake if mom doesn't have money to buy everything the cake has to have. 

I want to model for her the right thing, otherwise, I am a hypocrite. In everything in life, even with cakes, as yummy as they are. Thanks Emerson, I love you.

Well, that's it for now. I'll take more pictures of Libby, I promise. She is getting so big. Oh!! I forgot, but see, that's also on camera...she can push the button to turn on her fishies in her crib. I need to upload those videos in here, but my husband threw away the disc to work with them on my computer. I'll ask him to upload them when he has time. 

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