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Mexico 2013

Mexico Trip 2013 was the easiest way to name this post. However, I would have liked to call it Memories Strike Back, or Crazy Family Forever. I am sure lots of emotions will come to my heart as I write. 

To start with, my mom keeps on asking me why I quit Facebook. I already explained to her that my children are my priority. I told her this in front of my cousin Xóchitl, my sister Susana, and everybody else. Actually I gave her the website for this blog, telling her this is better since there are photos and videos I didn't even post on Facebook. She still thinks I quit for some other reasons and people who shall remain nameless. 

Anyways... let's start from the beginning. 

We woke up Friday, Sept 20th, at 5 am. Thank goodness, we had prepared lunches and all other stuff the night before. We woke up Enzo and Elizabeth at 6 am. Libby was completely out, not even Old McDonald on TV woke her up. We had planned to leave the apartment at 6:30 am, but left at 7 am. It was raining a little bit, and the drive to San Antonio went very smoothly. I don't know what happened last time we went to San Antonio with the small group from church - Enzo and Libby cried for a long time. Maybe this time it went well since Libby had books to read on her lap, and Enzo took a long nap on the way there. At some point both of them were napping, and we made it to the airport around 10 am. 


Emerson left me with everything and everybody while he was parking the car- that took like 20 minutes, mind you. The double stroller, though, is like a little trailer. Libby and Enzo only had a smoothie in the morning and we were really hungry, so we had breakfast/lunch while Daddy was away. After eating we started the whole process of going through security, and it just so happened that Libby was singing Old McDonald had a farm, EE II EEE II OOOOOO... 

So she saved us at least thirty minutes because we didn't have to get in line. They just saw us, called us all the way to the front of the line, and we skipped a ton of people. Thank you, Old McDonald. There were some nasty looks, because after all, it's not fair. But in all fairness, you wouldn't want to be next to us in line if both my children are crying their lungs out :) 

I had been building excitement all week with Libby. We counted down the days to go on the plane. That Friday she knew we were going to drive to go to the airport and get inside, inside a plane!! She couldn't believe her eyes once she saw it. She was so happy. She smiled, she jumped, she was just there - staring at it. I had to take her to the bathroom because she was all wet from all that smoothie in the morning, pants and shirt - all wet. When we came back, it was almost time to board the plane, and that was it. We got in!


Boarding the plane

I am honestly amazed at how well both of them did during the flight. You wouldn't know there were children that young on the flight. Libby had her backpack with books about the farm -obviously- chickens, pigs and sheep. There were two toys for Enzo, but he didn't play with them. He likes to snuggle so much, he just sits there on your lap while you rock him, or play with him, or kiss him. Oh, my goodness! Libby, on the other hand, would never, ever do that when she was that age. The two times we've been to Mexico with her, Emerson was always stressed out about the flight. 

I mean, she would cry and fuss, but what can you do really? People may get upset, but it's not like they are gonna tell you to get out of the plane in the middle of the sky, are they? 

My beautiful children

Doing their own thing
Reading books to Mommy

Snuggle bug

Watching the clouds


After we landed, we took our stuff, and our families were already waiting for us. I won't talk about the details of everything we did because that would make this post longer than it's going to be. We waited for Emerson to go get the car we rented, and when he finally came back, we put the car seats in it, and went straight to the hotel. After that, we had dinner with our parents. 

I honestly don't understand why every grandparent I know thinks it's a good idea to give sweets to their grandchildren. Maybe it's because I am the mom right now. My mom gave Libby ice cream every day for a month when Enzo was born, and you could actually see how she got chubbier. Cheryl Burnette also had a chest with lots of candy in her house for when her grandchildren went to visit.

So before dinner on Friday, my dad bought lots of candy for them, which I told him they wouldn't eat it all. But the candy was a sensation. Mostly because the candy was inside some monkeys that clapped, and also because Enzo made funny faces to the camera while eating some sour sweet candy. I gave them some, but threw the rest away. Sorry, Dad, they are hyperactive without the candy already... 

Playing with the monkeys

Eating Skwinkles (lime/chili)

Enzo and Tía Susana
Kisses from Tía

The monkeys

After dinner we visited Emerson's cousin. We wanted to surprise her before the wedding because we didn't want her to cry and ruin her makeup on her wedding. I don't know if I've said this, but she didn't know we were coming to her wedding. Pretty much the whole trip was just because of that reason. Since it was a surprise, they obviously didn't know we were coming. So we had to wait for a long, long time before Emerson's aunt, Carmen; and his cousin, Andrea, showed up. That  meant that Enzo had to sleep on the couch for a little bit, and Libby had to snuggle with Pamela, Emerson's sister, on Pam's bed. Libby loved Pam's bed, it was full of toys. To this date she still remembers the piggies, and La Nena's cousin, and Nemo - everybody. We ended up going to bed around 10:30 pm. on Friday night. Libby didn't even wake up when we got her out of the car.

Libby tried on the crown Andrea was going to wear on the day of her wedding. I think she will make a beautiful, more than beautiful bride one day. 

La Coroooona de la Princeeeeesa 

Back home wearing Mommy's crown

Taking a nap on the couch
Snuggling with Tïa Pam

Three little piggies

Saturday morning we had breakfast around 8 am. Believe or not, Libby and Enzo woke up at 6:30 am. We walked to a little restaurant near the hotel, and they ate molletes. I think I had eggs with tortillas, I barely remember. I am sure we got back to the hotel around 10 am, because I needed to start getting read, you know, with my hair, and make up, and all that stuff. We tried to let Libby play on her own, but she was getting in trouble, and Enzo was crying, and crying... We ended up turning on the TV, and they watched some cartoons that I'm totally against, but hey! we were on vacation, and I needed to get ready. It worked out just fine, they fell asleep since they were so tired from the night before.

Enzo wants more
Mollete face

Napping before the wedding

We left the hotel promptly at 12 pm. The wedding was nice, I don't know... I was running behind Elizabeth all the time, and trying to entertain her since Emerson decided to take lots of photos. We went upstairs while Andrea and Julio were getting married, and Libby was spinning around inside a room we found. The church was big so I had to keep up with Libby and running on my heels without making a lot of noise. Enzo was being taken care of by Leo, Pam's (Emerson's sister) boyfriend. That was nice, plus Enzo didn't even cry during the service, not at all.  

Having fun at church

Emerson said he teared up while her cousin was saying her vows. Somehow weddings are very special for him now. I don't feel the same way, though. Well, I didn't tear up, and I'm really excited for the couples who get married. They read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, "Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demands its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."

"Nena, marriage is forever"

Nobody, ever, will be able to love this way without messing up. Only God can love us like this without messing up. Relationships are messy, we are broken; but the goal is to look at these words Paul wrote for the people in Corinth, and to make them our ideal of love - knowing we will sin against others, and others will sin against us. At the same time, I'm running behind my daughter and I hear these words being read... and I tear up. I held Libby's hand and took her to the altar, to show her Andy was getting married. I told her I married her Daddy forever because that's how God wants it. I tell her she will never have to worry about her parents divorcing.  

But then, my head was spinning around, and around, because there are many buts to that simple statement: Marriage is forever. And I thought about all the possible challenges my children may face, will face in the future. 

People fell out of love. I don't feel the same way about Emerson anymore (No offense Chikipollo). It's just a fact that the romanticism fades away, and you don't feel like having dates, and then the children come, and you are toasted all the time. And now, you are not dating anymore... So he farts in your face, you don't wear make up all the time, he doesn't pick up his clothes, or she doesn't help you around the house (this was me). You have two different worlds, two different personalities, two "kingdoms" living under one roof. You feel like you hate each other sometimes. How do you deal with that in light of what Paul wrote? Is it okay to feel, be and remain angry?

Proclaiming their vows

Verse 5 says love is not irritable. So what? If something upsets me, do I keep it all inside until it blows up? Am I justified then when I use my tongue to hurt my spouse with hurtful words, because after all he deserves them? How do you forgive? How many times are you suppose to forgive until you call it quits? Is it okay to divorce him? Would God forgive you if you choose to divorce her? What if he has an addiction?

Love never gives up. What if my son-in-law abuses Elizabeth? What happens next? Do I tell her to run away from him, and come home? What if the son of a bitch hits her? Is she supposed to stay with her husband because her mom told her marriage is forever? Is she supposed to never give up on him, and stay in the same house with him even if that means that one day he could kill her? All these things I want to teach my children. Yes, love is an action, not a feeling. You choose to do things for the other. And when disagreement arises you deal with it with love. But love also sets limits and boundaries . 

The other day I heard a great, great sermon on divorce. I honestly think God allowed me to be right there at that moment to listen to what the pastor had to say. In short... there is always room for forgiveness, to soften your heart towards someone who has hurt you. No matter what they did to you. HOWEVER...

"Let me run from it while I can"

You are sick, you go to the doctor. You don't have money, you go to the bank. You have marriage issues, stuff in your hands that is bigger than you, and you need help... then get the help you need. I guess it's hard to ask for help or get help, especially if you think you don't need it. I need to make clear to my daughter that loving a spouse or loving even a friend doesn't mean to let them run over you or mistreat you. I have talked about this many, may times in my blog, I guess. And it is so fresh lately because Libby is struggling - I am struggling- with one of Libby's friends because she is really unkind to Libby every time they are together. Every single time. And Libby... what does Libby do? 

Libby, what do you do?

You say nothing. You smile. You play. You laugh with her. And I feel angry. I tell you all the time that I am very proud of you for forgiving and loving your friend in such a way, if you can call her a friend... because really, you are only two years old. I want to show you, guide you, teach you that a friendship goes both ways. At some point in the relationship one will give more than the other, but eventually it will even out. Friends hurt each other sometimes because again, relationships are messed up, and we are not perfect. But when someone hurts you on a regular basis, I think you need to evaluate if they are really your friends. You are only two years old... Let's jump ahead 15 years. 

Are you gonna let someone call you names in the name of Jesus? Or humiliate you in front of everybody? I have no idea how to teach you to love yourself... enough, to not let people take advantage of you. Yes, love your enemies, that's what I read this morning in my Bible. Pray for those who mistreat you. How does that look like in a situation like this? Loving people doesn't mean having affection for those who mistreat you. Again, love is an action. You are kind, and patient, regardless of how they respond to you. But love doesn't put itself in harm's way. You don't have to give people opportunities to mistreat you or bully you.

I feel angry... And at the same time I always thank God for using you to teach me how it is that a child really gets it right with the love thing. At 30 years of age, I wish I could be more like you, Libby.

Enzo, you are gonna grow up and you'll kick their assess - of everyone who tries to mess up with your sister. Do you understand, young man?      

Married at last

Anyways... all this has to do with marriage and what I was taking about. I'll make a point. So Emerson said, "Do not go to their house anymore. Protect my daughter." Other people said, "They are just children, don't take it too seriously..." So how do I take it? My daughter is the one being bullied. They are not just children, you know, they are smart. I need to teach my daughter stuff that matters. Libby is the way she is because God is helping us -granted- but also because as parents, we do our job in disciplining her when she does something wrong. So this hitting and pushing and smacking has happened over and over since both girls were not even walking. I don't think it's an accident anymore, it happens on purpose. 

My point is... What do you do when the jerk is yous spouse? Do you leave? Do you stay? I want to teach my children that they have to look up to God to give them the wisdom they need. Even when it would be very precious to stay to take care of him, if Libby's husband hits her every time he gets drunk, she needs to call the cops on him. She needs to get out of the house. Those are boundaries love needs to survive. The guy needs to go to rehab, and the addiction has to stop if the marriage is priority for the guy.

If you love someone, you do whatever it takes to get rid of your mess. The mess you were before you got married is your problem. You need to take care of it, because now, you are married, and the mess has followed you. God honors when you make decisions that will protect your marriage. I am not perfect, but I took care of the mess I was. I am glad I did. Emerson told me the other day he read an email I sent him like 8 years ago when we were dating. He is very glad I took care of my mess :) 

Los novios and my children
Family photo with Los Novios
Nunez Grandparents
Nena meeting her cousin Miranda

Jumping on the trampoline

El Jarabe Tapatío

El Mariachi Loco

During the party, Libby was reading her books all the time with everybody who could at least say one or two words in English, ha, ha, ha!! That or you had to have a cell phone she could play with. She ate very well, and Enzo was very happy, too. At some point, they were extremely tired, and Enzo took a nap around 8 pm (which is past the time he usually goes to bed). Libby fell asleep on Ehe's arms (Emerson's cousin). We left the party around 9:30 pm. We got to the hotel, and again, Libby didn't even wake up. Not a move. Enzo did wake up to nurse, but they slept ten hours that night :)  

Reading with Tía Laura

My babies

Sleeping Libby

On Sunday morning we had breakfast with my family, and after breakfast we walked for a little bit in the mall wile killing time to go to mass. Libby was very happy playing and spending time with all her aunts: my sister Susana, my aunt Paty, and my cousins, Xóchitl and Citlalli. 

Libby, Nana, Enzo, Aunt Paty and Aunt Citlalli

Warming up to Aunt Susy
Playing horse

Captain Libby
Kissing Grandpa Carlos

With Aunt Susy and Tío Fili

I really liked mass. It was different, I guess. It was geared towards children. Libby sang songs, we danced, we clapped, all for Jesus. I went to mass to honor my family, to show love to them because that's what they do. It was also an important date, we were remembering Braulio, my nephew, who died a stillborn baby. Braulio is in heaven, that's the joy I have. Susana knows that, too. Still we went to church to remember him. it's not that we had to go to remember, but we did, that's just how Catholic church is, and that's okay. 

This is also an argument between my family and I, not me personally, but... other part of the family. Okay, so I am a Protestant now, by definition. I do not agree with the traditions and with some of the ways Catholic Church does things, but that doesn't mean I do not believe in the same God, or in the same Jesus. Religion is man made. Just because I go to a non denominational church now, it doesn't mean I cannot set a foot in a Catholic church, or celebrate with my family the Catholic festivities, or enjoy stuff like that with them. I am not adoring Satan, I am loving my family. My dad teases me saying I changed religions, but it's not about that. I was right there at the altar, showing my daughter how to honor God from the heart. Sure, I didn't do the sign of the cross, or confess my sins with the prayer they do, but I took communion, because I am at peace with God, and I remembered what Jesus did for me on the cross, and I'm thankful for that. I did not confess my sins to a priest, but to God himself. It wasn't bread I ate, and they did not give grape juice, but it is not that what matters!! 

By the way, Libby wanted a wafer, but I said no. She was about to throw herself to the floor asking for a cracker, and I was about to laugh... but I didn't. I whispered in her ear that it is not just a cracker. Communion means waaay more than that. I told her that one day, when she is be able to explain to me why she loves Jesus so much, what He did for her, and what communion means, she would be able to eat it, but not before. She seemed content with my reasoning. 

After mass we had lunch, and then we celebrated Enzo's birthday in advance. My sister made a sugar sheet with Enzo's face, but we didn't use it that day. 

First Birthday Party

Cake, jello, and more


Mommy and birthday boy


The Party

Mordida, mordida
Cake face!

Enzo biting the cake

Biting brother's cake

Not happy about it

Libby biting Enzo's cake

Eating cake
"Can't get enough, Daddy!"

Family photo

By Monday, we were so tired that eventually Emerson took a nap at some point in his parent's house. Enzo napped, too. I don't remember what happened, but Libby was really misbehaving, and ended up taking a nap, too. She was really, really tired from all these nights of going to bed at 11 pm. 


We ate some pizzas with my sister on Monday evening, and the children played with the balloons from the day before. My parents left and we got to hang out with Susana and Fili.

More balloons

The Farm with Abuelos Angeles y Carlos

Tuesday morning we met my parents for breakfast and from there we went straight to the airport. 

Tío Carlos and Enzo

Hugging Nana
Nana Angeles and Nena

Libby, Nana Angeles and Enzo

By then, I was super pumped about coming home. We got to the gate and we were entertaining the kiddos making the best out of it, because they were totally exhausted, but we were keeping them up so they would nap during the flight. We all had lunch, and Libby was playing, and Enzo was having fun, too. 

With Papucho
Libby and Daddy

Playing under the seats

Coming home

Then this happened...

Total meltdown

Enzo was crying, Libby was crying, too, and threw herself to the floor out of pure exhaustion. The flight got delayed for almost three hours, and it was just impossible to keep them up. I feel like this crazy mom who is asking her husband to take pictures of everything, specially when I should feel like not taking pictures at all. But this is my family, and I love my children, and stuff happens, and this is what makes me smile. These memories will make me smile in 40 years, God willing. 

I rocked Libby less than  three minutes and she passed out singing Old McDonald, hence my laugh in the picture below. 

Bad Mommy
Sleeping Beauty

Tired babies

We landed in San Antonio, and Emerson drove to Houston. I was falling asleep the whole way, so I am very thankful my husband drove us home safely. There was a bit of crying when we took the children out of the car. I think by the time all of us were in bed it was like 2:30 am, if not 3 am.

I don't remember what we did the next day, but probably lots of laundry and cleaning the house. We also went on a picnic on Thursday after grocery shopping with Daddy on Wednesday night. Of course, after the picnic, we went for some Ma ma ma!!

Picnic kick off!

Ma ma ma: Libby's business
Enzo learning to grab the spoon

I had forgotten about this, but the day before we left to Mexico, I took Libby and Enzo to a barn that is very close to home. They had fun with the horsies.

I always say that going to Mexico is not vacation for me. We usually go back and forth between houses and families, and that can be tiring. This was a very good trip, though. We got to see the people we love the most, and had a wonderful time with them. When I came back, I showed Libby my crown from my wedding, and my earrings, and my necklace and my bracelet. Hopefully she'd like to wear it one day when she gets married.  I also showed her photos from Daddy and I when we were dating. 

Wearing the crown
'Where are the earrings, Mommy?"

No words for that beautiful face

I actually put together an album to show them all our love letters and stuff when they grow up. I did that even before any of them were born (I had the time to do it). These are some pictures that made me laugh and smile, and love my husband more :)

"Daddy, you are the bets!!" ~ Libby.  

Emerson's first love letter. He wanted to have many children :)
To our children

At a class in college.
Mommy's computer's skills :)

Graduation Day

I'm missing at least three children
Emerson, like a century ago.

Silly stuff on my notebook while taking class together

We found out we were coming to Columbus.
We were very happy, and very drunk.

"Who invited all these people anyway?!"

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