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Enzo walks :)

"Enzo waaaaalks!" ~ Libby.

I have made the conscious decision of not talking about Libby on this post. I am always talking about her, and I never really get to talk ONLY about Enzo. I think the main reason until now is that Enzo has always been part of the background, but never fully, fully engaged with us. Of course that has changed a lot during the last few months, but when my baby boy was born, he was just like a little sack of potatoes. He would just cry when he was hungry, tired, or with a dirty diaper.

But now he has beginning to walk. And of course, he is getting in a lot of trouble more and more every day. But he doesn't even need walking for that!

Enzo gets stuck under his crib

He finally began taking steps on his own during the last two days (he started on Nov. 13th). It seemed that for a long time he was ready to walk, but I think he was afraid. He just didn't want to let go, but I guess Sister is too much fun for him. He had to chase her!

Last Saturday we went to the park and had a really relaxed weekend. I made PB&J sandwiches, we took some crackers, and fruit. We also took with us lots of books for Libby to read. She had fun. Enzo was very active all the time. He follows his sister around all the time. He is always laughing when she does something silly like chasing after the squirrel.

The squirrel

After the picnic, Libby played for a little bit on the playground, but then we played soccer with Daddy. More like Daddy played by himself, he was just kicking the ball away. I am glad he didn't send the ball into Libby's or Enzo's face, like he did a couple years ago with me. Believe me, it's not like he wasn't about to hit them several times, they were just heavenly protected, ha!

Enzo was trying to walk, getting up and down, but just decided to crawl on the grass. He played soccer with Daddy and with me, he scored several goals, and exercised a lot!

Enzo looking at a plane

Playing with mommy

Soccer with Daddy

Libby and Enzo are so different. A while ago I was making the mistake of comparing them a lot, wishing Enzo were more like Libby in some ways. She seemed to learn very fast to be content on her own, and to wait for her food. But all this time, Enzo always freaks out when I am about to start preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. He just knows is time to eat and nobody can calm him down. There was a yellow page of those they give weekly on BSF, and it talked about appreciating your child's individuality. It made me reconsider what I had been doing.  

Enzo still cries... and he still has to learn to wait, but I don't take it personal anymore. He is such a sweet, sweet boy. He smiles and his smile melts my heart. He just wants to snuggle, and give you hugs. He literally throws himself at you to give you a hug. On the other hand, he also knows what he wants, just like Libby... or any other children, I guess. He takes away toys from Libby all the time, and they argue about that, and stuff. They do argue. Libby tells him its hers, and then Enzo screams at her, pointing his finger, and tells her something I cannot translate. I am tired of playing judge every single minute of the day, but I need to intervene because at this age they do not know better. 

I am very happy and proud of Libby for letting go a lot of times, but Enzo abuses that. I am trying to be as fair as possible with both of them. 

Helping with laundry

Walking Boot Camp

Scoring with Mommy

We went for a walk the other day. It was cold, but I think they enjoyed it. Enzo fell asleep, so we had to come back (we had walked 30 minutes already) so he could take his nap in the pack n play.

Walking outside
Enzo is night, nights

Daddy was helping Libby take some photos with the cell phone, and they came up with this :)

Daddy took the photo
Daddy helped with this one :)

Also, Libby tried my boots on... they are longer than her legs!! She likes wearing my shoes so much, and using my phone to watch the videos of her race over and over again. She likes watching brother's videos, too.

Gatita con Botas

I have been very upset lately because I remember that I had my camera handy all the time when Libby was about to walk. With Enzo I haven't had that same time and opportunity. He had been taking two or three steps that Wednesday, but it was actually on the 14th and 15th, that he decided to walk longer distances. And I got it on camera!! Woo-hoo!! 

It is on both cameras actually, the good one and my cell phone. Of course, as soon as I got it, I uploaded it here, and also stored it in the hard drive. If Libby erases it while playing with my cell phone I won't regret it for the rest f my life :)

Enzo lets go for the first time. November 14th, 2013.

Walking steps

Enzo's walking is still a work in progress, but he is just refining it. There are times when he still sits down and crawls, I guess it's much faster for him. Now I'm getting to the point when I don't sleep thinking what I'm doing to do at the park with both of them walking at the same time in different directions. I'll figure it out, I'm not the only mom who has gone through this. I have to teach him also to stay on the sidewalk at all times when walking on the complex, just like I did with Libby.

I'm excited about this stage in their lives. They argue all the time, but they also love each other deeply. It's a good season to teach them to respect and love each other no matter what. It's very tiring teaching them, but very worth it when I see them playing along nicely for more than twenty minutes. And I don't really know, but for a two year-old, and a one year-old, I think that's pretty remarkable. 

Oh, I forgot. Stay tuned for the next posts. We might move to Chennai, India. I think we are moving, but Emerson still wants to say we might, not we will. I mean you never know, and I'm not boasting about tomorrow, either. He is visiting there on January anyway. After he comes back, depending on what he sees, the place, the people he is going to work with, etc, then we'll know for sure.

 But I'm really excited. Really excited :)

Enzo walks! November 15th, 2013.

My babies

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