viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

First day in Chennai

We are in Chennai. After 40+ hours traveling we are finally here. I don't want to write a lot, mainly because I don't want to bore my children when they read this... so I'll keep it short and sweet. OR at least I'll try.

We left Mexico at 4:30 pm. Landed on New York at 10:30 pm local time. The flight was okay. Enzo slept for more than half of it, and Libby watched TV almost all the time. We happened to be on the same flight with some Mexican professional soccer players. I guess I should've taken photos with these people, but I don't really care about that stuff. Emerson did, tough.   

My mom

Having lunch before leaving

One of their crew was very obnoxious, by the way. He was bugging the air-flight attendant by telling her how pretty she was, and how her eyes looked like Cameron Diaz's. I guess that was okay as a joke, once or twice, but then he began calling her Cameron, Cameron. And poor her didn't say anything, but she didn't like it. So since I was elbow to elbow with this guy on the asile, I took the liberty to stand up for her. I think she was giving us drinks again, and he said something like, "What are you thinking, Cameron? You are very shy". And then I laughed... He looked at me and I said, "You wanna know what she thinks? She is thinking she wants to slap you in the face, but she can't because she has to serve you. That's what's she's thinking..."


She smiled, and said thank you. Then he stopped. Never call her Cameron again for the remain of the flight. Stupid guy. What? Just because he is supposed to be "known" by the world doesn't give him any right. He is what in Mexico we call a pinche gato, guarro, or naco. There's not another word for that. I'm not discriminating or insulting him, thinking I'm better than him. He just didn't have any boundaries or respect for a lady, and people like that gets on my nerves. 

So anyway... Being in Mexico all this time helped Libby and Enzo speak more Spanish than ever before. Between the two of them said many words like: Cárgame, No me gusta, Cálmate, Nemo. Enzo is actually speaking more and more. He has said: plane, heart, star, go, car, and agua.

Libby didn't sleep the whole day that Tuesday, so when we finally landed n NY, I knew it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose. And it did when I asked her to go poop. She wanted me to carry her (I'd been doing that since the bathrooms were gross). I am so proud of her because she did great during the flight, and going to the toilet. She was just exhausted. She yelled, screamed, and cried for I don't know how long until she finally passed out around 1 am.  

Picking our stuff before the episode

Once we arrived to the terminal where we were supposed to check in the next morning, Emerson took a long nap, and I hung out with Enzo, who had battery charged for sleeping like 3+ hours during the flight. We played with puzzles and colored a lot. He had his dinner. I was very tired already, but didn't want to put him on the stroller because he would cry and might wake up Libby. So anyway, at about 3 am, I held him tight, and didn't let go. He kicked and screamed for about 5 minutes, but then he calmed down, and finally passed out, too. I slept on the floor next to the stroller, on and off. 


Camping at  Terminal 4, JFK International Airport.

Next morning, I went pipis and put on make up :) A friend of mine in middle school used to tell me miracles happen when a woman puts on make up. I think he was right...

Daddy and Mommy (after my coffee)

Enzo and Libby woke up about 9 am. Actually Enzo woke up around 8 am, so I knew he was gonna be very tired. Libby slept for eight hours, tough. Once we checked in, we took a train ride so that Enzo would enjoy the train. We were hoping Libby would get up, but she didn't. That airport is humongous. It's like a city. That movie The Terminal, with Tom Hanks, does not make it justice. 

Train ride

The flight to Dubai was nice, but I don't have lots of photos. Libby and Enzo watched Planes, Nemo, Cars, even Mickey Mouse Club House, but like in chopped pieces. They needed to wear earphones and Enzo didn't like the feeling. Libby kind of did, but was rewinding the movie over and over, or fast-forwarding it. But they had fun. The food was really good, and the movie selection improved from the Aeromexico one. I actually watched Frozen. My sister had been telling me to watch it, and watch it. Well, I finally did. 

We landed on Dubai at around 8 am local time. And then we realized our stroller was gonna be given at the final destination. Great. So it was challenging to keep our children in one place, at all times. We went pipis by 9 am. By now, Libby had already been spanked because she had been hitting Enzo on purpose. The airport in Dubai has prayer rooms, which was interesting. I wanted to get in one of them, just to see how they looked like, but didn't want to offend anybody, specially since I didn't have my face/hair covered.

A380-800. NY to Dubai

Slept about 2+ hours 
Slept 1+

Almost all the women cover their hair, and some even their face, you only see their eyes. Their body is completely covered top to bottom with a black cloak, and some even cover their eyes. It was interesting to see all those things in perspective, I guess. I never judged their beliefs, but black seems like a color that will get me roasted under the sun wearing that. I researched a little bit and it doesn't have to be black. It can be any color that is not worn by men, and pretty much not tight, as to not show their sexual body parts to avoid temptation to men or staring. But these women are so beautiful, I found difficult not to look at them. I mean, I didn't stare, but their facial expressions are like bold, and their eyes so deep and black. 

Moving on. In the bathroom, Libby played with a hose next to the toilet and get all soaked. So we changed clothes. There were actually showers around, but it was not going to happen. We changed underwear at least, and Enzo, his diaper. Libby was tired, but kept on going. Around 12 pm Emerson passed out on a bench. He said he felt terrible, and I know that feeling. It's like you wanna be up, but you just can't. So as well as I could I entertained my children. I'm glad I brought all those toys on the plane, because they got to use them ALL, while we waited for the next flight at 3 pm.

More stickers

Organizing crayons

Oh, we finally borrowed one of Emirates Airlines' stroller by 2 pm. Libby pushed Enzo around. They had a smoothie and I had a coffee. Man, that coffee, and the one I tried this morning at breakfast were the bomb. Very bold. 

Pushing brother

Once we boarded the flight to Chennai, Libby passed out - the whole flight. Enzo did, too. But he kind of struggle finding a position to be comfortable so he cried a lot. Both of them cried a lot. But mostly Libby. Plus she was in shock when she didn't see toilets in the bathrooms at the airport, only a hole on the floor. Those are really functional bathrooms, they only need a bar or something to hold on to. But it's less likely to get an infection from there than from sitting on the toilet. Not that I sit, but it's even cleaner. 

Libby and Enzo

Good night.

Today was my first real day here. I liked the food at breakfast. I didn't eat a lot, though, because most of it was pretty greasy, and I'm trying to lose all the weight I gained in Mexico. I was happy to see a kiwi. And to have coffee. I need a coffee every morning. We went for a walk afterwards. 

Traffic, and cars, and motorcycles are awful. People just have to cross hoping they would stop. They do, but three feet from you. It's like Mexico City, but they took it up a notch. No, it's not even like that. It's really dangerous to walk here like that with two children. So, heck no, I'm not living in the city. You cannot even walk anywhere like that. Then Libby wants me to carry her all the time. I am not going to get out like that alone. 

When we got here we took a rest. After two hours I tried to get my children up so that we would go get dinner. Never again. 

It's 1 am here, and Libby and Enzo just woke up...

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