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Camping Trips 2016

Colorado 2016

This trip was really neat. We drove all the way there, and stayed in different parks on the way - also in the car becasue it was too late to set up the tent (we had to leave the next morning).
Also it was a trip that brought a lot of joy to my heart becasue we got to see friends from Ohio after four years. The children had a lot of fun.

We visited the Stanley Hotel, went to Rocky Mountain National Park, and stayed in a cabin in Estes Park. That cabin and that hot shower felt amazing after four days without a shower. Colorado parks do not have showers like Texas parks. Emerson hiked Mount Elbert with Mia, and for the first time in my life, I actually saw the beauty of camping when I saw some eggs being cooked on the cast iron skillet. It was weird. I just thought it looked beautiful.

We also rode a train, and rescued a puppy. 

Caprock Canyon State Park & Palo Duro State Park 2016

This Thanksgiving as it is tradition we wanted to camp (and we did). We just fell short of Thanksgiving becasue it was going to be very cold. It reminded us of three years ago (we went to the same place) and it was as cold. The children were sick to begin with, and Enzo was crying unstoppably as a on year-old. Anyway, we saw bisons, we took a very short hike with the three dogs and the two children (LOL!), and I bought my mugs!!

I began collecting mugs of every campsite I've visited. So far I have four. I've never been involved in any collecting activity. I seriously thought it was a waste time and money BUT... as of last year I have come along way in my counseling and I actually realized that I like coffee. I know, it might sound silly, but it is what it is. 

I took on camping as a family activity that all of us would enjoy, and that would make memories for everyone - but not really loving it, you know? Most of my life I have gone with the flow not really knowing what I like or dislike, I just mirror people. But when we went to Colorado, the campsite was so beautiful, and we coked these eggs on the cast iron skillet. I was able to see the the egg-white bubble over the bacon fat, and it just dawn on me that I was so blessed. I don't know. At THAT moment, I thought, "I do like camping. I just began enjoying camping". It was almost like a breakthrough. LOL!

So I wanted to remember every place I've gone camping, and since I drink coffee every morning, it made sense. I do look at my mug and memories of that place come back :)

I definitely didn't enjoy camping with three dogs in the cold, but that's another story. Libby and Enzo enjoyed playing card games, and she definitely  cries when she loses or when we do not let her cheat.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2016

 Bottom line... time flies!


After we came back, we spent Thanksgiving 2016 with our friends from church :)

Dotsons and Nunez

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