sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016

Enzo's Birthday 2016

Enzo turned four!!

We had a party at McDonalds. Best idea I've ever had. LOL!! It was so easy to just go, eat, let the children play and sing Happy Birthday to Enzo. Then, you just leave. Of course, then Emerson had to pay - that was not fun for him. But he did say that he will gladly pay again becasue it was worth it.

Enzo is a people person. He likes being surrounded by his friends. He craves approval - which I believe is one of his weaknesses - just like me. I'm so happy that now I have the tools to help him overcome that fear of man and to show him that really the One who made him is the only One worthy of all Enzo's praise :) That being said, he is such a sweet boy, and people do like talking to him. He is very easy to hang out with, so I wouldn't doubt for a moment that he will have lots of friends. 

It was Enzo's first actual birthday party, and he was SOOO excited. You can see his sweet face. The party was after his actual birthday. But on the actual day, I took him to eat a cupcake. A lady saw us praying and she came to us, and said it was really sweet and gave him money. 

Also, all the ladies from the coffee shop were so excited that they sang Happy Birthday to him :)


You already know this, but you are my gift from God. I have thanked Him for you always, but specially this last year. It has been so difficult being your Mommy. You and I have so many things in common, my sweet boy. You are so passionate about your feelings, so cold or so hot. So angry you explode, or so sad that you cry. This last year, we have faced so many struggles you and I... It has been so challenging to learn to deal with our emotions instead of letting them control us, but I think we have made great progress in that area, and our relationship has improved. I truly believe YOU are God's tool in molding me into the image of His Son. I thanked my God becasue being your Mommy has tested me to the max, and has produced in me a deep perseverance and a deep patience that I did not have before. I thank you for that :)

I love you, Son.


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