viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Welcome home, Libby

Something has happened to my daughter. It seems that she just found out she is one year old, and decided to go full blast with the temper tantrums, and the separation anxiety.

This week after coming back from Mexico has been rough. She cries whenever I don't pick her up, and if Daddy is with her, she cries like if someone were killing her. Dr. Pope said today that it is about to get worse.

My baby is sick

I love her with all my heart, but she's been behaving like a little tyrant, and I feel overwhelmed when she cries. She has developed this cry/whining noise that she does almost all the time, like if something were hurting. To be honest, it drives me crazy. 

Today I needed a change of attitude, because the last two days I've been awful. But today I got much better, much, much better. I just needed to be in her shoes. I tried to remember how I was treated as a child. I don't remember much cuddling, much love just because. I was probably given it, I just don't remember. I want her to remember that I was there for her, no matter how annoying she could be. I want her to know that that is how the love of God is. 

I put my mind into being with her the kind of Mommy she needs, even if she cries. Just as God has been the kind of Daddy I need, even when I have been the most obnoxious daughter.  


Do not take offense of what your Mommy wrote in this post about you. You are one of my biggest blessings. Know that I love you with all my heart. I will always love you no matter what you do, no matter what you say. You will understand my feelings when you have a baby of your own in your arms. And God willing, I will be there to tell you, "See what I meant when I wrote that post?"


So Mexico gave my baby her Happy Birthday. Oz gave her her Welcome Home. She was acting normally, having fun, and eating okay, but very clinging to me. For the last couple of days it was like if something was off. She was pulling on one ear, but she had done that before, but didn't look like yesterday or today. She was extremely tired, and today, I thought she was very warm this morning. Emerson said to wait to see the doctor.

I love Dr.Pope. I've always thought he was too direct and to the point. He doesn't chat, just like Emerson. Actually that's why Emerson likes him so much. But today, I absolutely, absolutely felt like I had missed him so much. He was right to the point, and so my daughter has now an ear infection. 

What the heck? We are under attack... See, this is the kind of spiritual thing that makes me laugh. I know this is a spiritual world, I freaking know. But life is messy. Sickness happens (mainly for spiritual things, The Fall, etc.).

But was it Satan who brought this on my daughter? Who cares? She is sick. And it was probably that I haven't washed her hands often enough. Some things happen as discipline from God. But random stuff happens also as a natural consequence of our actions. I am not saying Satan doesn't mess with you, but if you had an car accident because you were texting, how dare you say it was Satan? Did Satan also make you overspend, and now you are in huge debt?

See what I mean? The other day I read about a kid's computer of some kind being broken because it fell or something,  and it was attributed to Satan. Really? I don't know, let's just drop it there...

I might be in some sort of super Let's go kick his butt, butt, butt (as in our song) since we came back from Mexico, because whether we are under attack or not, I won't let this stop me for praising God. Years ago, I would've cried out , "Why, God? Why is this happening to us?" I would've thrown the biggest pity party in history, and I would've gotten depressed. Ask my husband if not. Was I concerned? Yes, I was. 

But after we left the doctor's office, I had peace of mind knowing that he took care of it. That at least we knew now that something was wrong, that she was overly tired because she was hurting from her ear for God only knows how long, until the fever showed up. We knew, as Emerson pointed out, the root cause, and we were gonna attack it. 

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet (while we waited for the prescription). Libby was very tired, but ate. She was laughing, and sticking her tongue out. I couldn't but praise God, and be thankful for keeping her healthy, after all, she is healthy. Daddy has a job that allows him to pay those prescriptions, and Mommy is healthy too to take care of them. And as with her Daddy, food takes all the pains away from her.

Waiting for food
Fun with the tongue

We lost her on the way home
Smiling with La Nena

We came home at 1 pm. I gave her the medicine, and Tylenol. She took an hour and a half nap. After that we watched Harry The Bunny, cuddling because she wouldn't let me go. She would freak out if I went to the bathroom, but I tried to understand. It made all the difference in the world. I love that little girl. She is in the 50th percentile for weight, and head circumference. She is in the 60th or so for height. She is growing just fine. See what I mean? We are blessed, she is healthy. She only has an ear infection.  

"Look at Harry, Mom!"
Watching Harry

After an hour or so after the first nap, she became very irritable and tired. We cuddled in the bed and fell asleep together. Emerson got home and took us a picture I will post for posterity: Sick baby, tired pregnant Mom.

Baby and Mommy: OUT!

She was kind of clingy when she woke up, she had dinner, and cried a little bit. But as we talked with Pamela and my in-laws she warmed up, and began being her normal self. "We should have her on Tylenol all the time", I told Emerson. She was great during her bath, compared to the last two nights, and she laughed with Grandpa and Grandma on Skype. We saw a difference in her behavior. 

Clinging to Mommy after dinner

Drinking her milk

Taking her meds

I know her behavior, I mean, the temper tantrums, anxiety and stuff won't go away overnight, but I feel safe in knowing that she is not sick anymore, that she is being treated, and that whatever happens God will give us the strength to go through it.

 I am happy she is back. I am really happy we are back. 

"Un año" 

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