lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Happy Father's Day 2

Father's Day was awesome... Actually, I just realized this was not Emerson's first Father's Day, but for whatever reason we didn't do anything last year. It was probably the fact that we had just had a baby who was 4 weeks old. My parents were still here, so we didn't even remember, I guess...

The day started with Elizabeth waking up around 6 or 6:30 am. I was in the living room, since she has been crying lately in the middle of the night. I guess she just has dreams, who knows? But she always goes back to sleep. Emerson, of course, doesn't hear a thing. But mommy has to immigrate to the couch in hopes of a better place to sleep. Ha ha ha! This sounded like, in hopes of a better future.

Emerson was awake, I guess, but didn't want to get up since he knew his presents were going to be hidden - he didn't want to mess up in case I was hiding them. As Libby drank her milk, they got into the closet so I could hide the present that was supposed to be in the living room (we have the search on video, children, for whenever you want to watch it).

These were his gifts: a 4-pack of Karbach Brewing Co. Rodeo Clown IPA (from Libby), a 4-pack of Great Divide Brewing Co. Yeti Imperial Stout (from Baby), and a $25 gift card for Northern Brewer (from me). He liked them all, he said :)

Daddy's gifts

I had to make bread that morning for lunch, we had hot dogs which he LOVES. So I skipped the usual Saturday morning pancakes, again. I didn't do them on Saturday because I had to make the cheesecake for Sunday. I was finished with the fist part of the dough by 8:30 am. I love my mixer... she does everything for me now. It's one of those things that you buy and you have all the time in the world to focus on more important stuff, like cook, or spend time with your daughter. So it is absolutely worth the money my husband paid for it as my Christmas gift. Thank you, Emerson. 

So we had this free time in our hands, and we went swimming with Libby for the first time. I think we had taken her before, but the water was colder and she didn't like it. She didn't like it a lot this time either, but at least she got to be there for a longer time, and although she cried for a bit, she got used to it after 5 minutes. At the end, I think she really enjoyed it.  

Holding Daddy
"I'm trusting you, Dad"

Feeling safer
Interested in Daddy's lips

Enjoying herself

All this time, Libby has been very attached to me. And I love it. I enjoy it, most of the time. She has never feel like a burden to me, but I've wondered if Emerson has felt, like, unloved by her. Not that Elizabeth doesn't love him, but you know, like she wants to be only with me... I don't think he has, but I have never asked him. Whatever the answer is, I am in love with the fact that lately Elizabeth looks at him with love in her eyes. It's like she just knows he is her Daddy, and like she is in love with him.

I don't know, I'm probably exaggerating, but I wonder if Libby knows now that she can trust Dad, that Daddy has her back, that it is true all that he has said to her. When they were swimming, Emerson would move her around, and if she was afraid, he would hug her tightly, and then let her go "free" again, and so on. I think there was a point where she actually enjoyed being with him in the water. It was a new experience, but she felt safe.  She tried to touch the floor several times, and as soon as she realized she couldn't, she would hold on tight to Daddy.

There was something about this in my book, about how God would catch you forever when we jump into the pool with faith in that He would never let us drown. I wonder if Elizabeth, in a way, tested Emerson. I am glad Emerson didn't let her go down the water or try to make her "lose" her fear that way. That is not what she needed. She needed just what she got. She needed to explore the waters with Daddy, feeling that connection with him. She needed to be sure he was going to be there for her. I wonder if in her spirit, her mind, her subconsciousness - whatever- those messages registered as "I can trust this man who says he loves me".

I wonder if I will ever get to know the answer to my questions... Probably, when I get to heaven. But they say that the way we relate to our earthly parents has an outstanding impact in the way we would eventually relate to God. I can verify that's totally true. I guess that's why I love Emerson spending time with her. What Libby got to experience  in the pool was the perfect Father-Daughter relationship, and so, like this AMLO guy from Mexico usually says, "Vamos bien" 

There's always this moment when I start writing a post when I say, "It won't be long, I don't have too much to say", and then I surprise myself with everything that comes out of my mind. We saw this movie Limitless yesterday. I can't imagine what would come out of my brain with a pill which could give me 100% access to all the things I had learned in my entire life. Emerson joked around and said I would probably write Proverbs 32. He is silly... But I actually thought it would be very neat to see and apply all that I know, which I have to say, is a lot :)

Out of the pool she goes :)

Anyway... we came back and Libby fell asleep while Daddy was giving her a shower. She fell asleep in the shower!! I changed her clothes, put her down for a nap so we could all go together to church. I had to leave at 10:50 am because I had to teach a class, and when I came back, at 1 pm, Emerson said she had probably taken a very short nap. She didn't make any noises, but when  he went to look at her, she wasn't actually sleeping. He said she had been very active since 11:30 am when he took her out of the crib (two hours after I had put her down). 

We prepared everything for lunch, and after we had eaten, and Libby was almost finished, she began falling asleep in the high chair. Poor baby! She never slept in the morning, that Pinga!!

After waking up
Happy not to sit in Mommy's lap
Just chatting with Daddy on his day

We had cheesecake, then we had dinner, but it was very late because we were stuffed. Libby did eat dinner at her usual time, around 5:30 pm. We got to talk with my dad to say Happy Father's Day. Emerson had already talked with his while I was at church. I skipped dinner, or, I had another cheesecake slice as my dinner and a cup of coffee. That was a bad idea... 

I got up at 10:30 pm because I couldn't sleep, plus I had this awful nausea for not eating a real dinner. I ended up eating an apple in the darkness of my living room, and was in the bathroom for good 20 minutes... it was all the grease from the hot dogs and the cheesecake, because after all, cream cheese is not real cheese.

We are very blessed, we have a wonderful daughter that is every day learning and growing, we have another baby on the way. We are healthy, and we love each other. Yes, we do have problems, but nothing impossible to solve.

 We have God after all, the best Dad of all :))


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