lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

Libby goes to school

There are many things in life that can help you realize how old you are. One is having your favorite school teacher be your child's teacher for a couple of days :)

We enrolled Libby for summer school for three days at my old kindergarten. We've been stuck in Mexico for so long that finally Libby had the chance to go. 

I don't have much time or energy to tell all the details considering we are leaving to New York tomorrow. Libby liked school okay, I guess. She had lots of fun the first day, but the second and third, she cried. I think she missed us. Enzo missed her, too. 

Walking to school

Posing with Dad

Knocking the door

At least I know now that I won't cry when she really goes in Chennai. It was difficult for me to let her go, but the fact that my teacher was there gave me more confidence. Enzo loved being an only child for five hours for some days in a row. We need this, him and I. We need time just for ourselves, we have never had time alone since he was born.

Getting acquainted

Waving good bye

 Anyway, things are getting interesting with our stay in Mexico. We just got our Indian visas last Friday, and oh, surprise, my US visa had expired. We already knew that, but I could be out of the country for less than 30 days. Our flight leaves on Tuesday, that is 32 days.  Still don't know what's gonna happen :S

Miss Liz and Mommy. 1990.
Miss Liz, Libby and Mommy. 2014.

All in all, Libby liked Miss Liz. I really owe to her all my English grammar, and vocabulary (that helped me tons when I got to the US for the first time). Libby said she doesn't like school, and that she doesn't wanna go again. Other times she says she has to go once we get to Chennai. Don't know. I really enjoy listening to her saying she doesn't wanna go. She's my girl :)

I'm outta here
Last day of school. 

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