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Leaving the USA. Pitstop: Mexico City

I feel exhausted. I also feel very ungrateful... ~ Karla.

I think life can get busy many times, even when you least expect it. As much as I can tell, I've always tried no to do much in efforts of my children enjoying their lives in a easy-pace kinda thing. Eventually we'll get busier and busier when they start going to school, but at least for now, I try not to pack a lot of stuff in our daily schedule. Well... that changed when Emerson told me we were finally leaving the US. We knew we were going to leave on June 27th, but he didn't want anybody to know.

I still don't know what's the level of understanding for Libby, but she was constantly (still is) repeating over and over that we weren't living in Houston anymore. "The hotel in Mexico City is our home now, and we are moving to Chennai, where we'll stay in a hotel, too," she says. Hearing that is very sweet.

Last swim
Having fun
Drinking beer
Emerson's party

For the last weeks we were just hanging out with friends, and packing. The children were great. I understand they are little and so that might make it easier.  Even when they saw their toys packed away into boxes, or taken away to be donated, they weren't really upset. I explained to them that we were moving, and that we couldn't take everything with us. I said one day we would go back to Houston, God willing, and we will have everything back. But for now, a lot of things had to stay behind, even Dori, just for a little bit :))

Daddy, why are you crying?
Because I'm going to miss Dori...
Daddy, I'm sad, too... Because I don't wanna go night nights

Saying Good Bye to Dori

The last couple of days in Houston were exhausting for being moving lots of big things, and packing little things here and there. You cannot buy groceries anymore, and you have to make it work with what you have on the refrigerator. It's difficult when moving from one apartment to another (in Houston), even one state to another (Ohio to Texas). Now try one country to another.

The apartment had to be all cleaned up for the inspection before we could leave on that same Friday. Plus sell the cars, go rent another car at the airport one day before so you can get to the airport. Keep on packing. We were very tired... I felt ungrateful with little sleep over the nights just to keep cleaning, and stuff. But then I looked at my children, and how well they were with all this transition. Of course they were fighting, and screaming, but they were such good helpers. They would watch movies, or eat on their own, take naps wherever, and sleep on the floor for the lat couples of nights :))

Dori's last day with us
Enzo napping

Enzo napping again

Watching Nemo in the storage unit

Having lunch

Nina napping
Eating lunch during World Cup

Last night at the apartment

In all that we saw God's hand at work, tough. We were supposed to vacate the apartment anyway because another family was moving in, and we didn't even had a date to fly. But God delivered. Duh! As always... Then we flew to Mexico because the process for the visa is faster here.

Completely full

Ready to go to a new adventure


Good fliers


Our boy

Flying has become super easy with the children. I mean, easier than before. Plus, they are such good fliers. I just hope I'm not jinxing it for India, fourteen hours flying are not two hours flying.

Anyway, long story short, we surprised everybody. Everybody looked at us like we were ghosts. Then they were super excited. I think they are even more excited just to know that we'll be here until God knows when... The interview at the Embassy was on Tuesday, then they weren't sure we'd be approved, and made Emerson come back on Thursday. Now, he has to go back on Monday. Everything seems to be working out, thank goodness :))




Emerson, Fili and Susana


That was a week ago... We've gone back and forth from the hotel to my mom's house or Emerson's parents' house. We have spending a lot of time with them, and I'm having so much fun. Really. We have also ridden the buses, subway, taxis, etc. Libby and Enzo have been so excited. Actually, Libby sings The Wheels On the Bus every single time we ride it, and she yells to the top of her lungs, "This is the bus, people!! We are riding the bus!! This is Mexico City. I like this city!!"

That's what the first world has done to my children, lol!!

Enjoying the rides

Playing trains
Trains were Daddy's

Braving the city
20 minutes after a walk

Tea party
Tia Pam
Enjoying his tea

Nina and Nino have stayed some nights with Emerson's parents, to give us a break. I feel like I'm on vacation. I'm not cooking, father-in-law gives me coffee, feeds my children, washes my clothes... My mom feeds us, I have help at the playgrounds, gives us more food. I mean, what else do I need right now? I needed a break like this. I really did. 

Fun at breakfast
Having fun with Grandpa

Before interview

All I need is you, Daddy.

And revolving doors
To play

With you

I've also been running with Emerson, and my father-in-law. And we went to the movies the other night. After at least four years of not going to the movies, we finally did!! We were pretty much running to get there. We didn't kiss, hug, hold hands like when we were dating. We wanted to watch a movie, and we were running kinda late. Seriously, we needed to make this one count.

Movie night

Today we went to a very nice playground. Then we had food street, and hung out with my family. Children were very tired. We came back to the hotel and have some snacks, and beer (the adults) for dinner. I also made some memes just because. 

These posts will be short, I  guess. I don't have a lot of concentration or time to write. We'll keep on writing our adventures, tough, until we made it to Chennai. 

Biggest playground I've seen
Hamburgers and fries

Horsie rides

Tia Susy's bed
Tia Susy's couch

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