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Christmas 2015

I suppose it's easier to present all the photos and videos I have stored since December in an orderly manner. Memories that we made are ever present on the photos and videos. If I didn't write it soon afterwards, it's gone from my memory forever. 

I've taken a long break from writing. I guess life has happened, and I've been dealing with many issues from my past. Maybe I'll talk another time about that. 

Some recollections that I did made note of are:

  • Enzo called me STUPID several times. Has not happened again. I'll share more about the why.
  • Libby figured out God does not sleep. She said that now that we are here (and not in India) we are awake, but then when we sleep, people in India start their day. So God doesn't sleep. Plus, He has always been with Jesus. 
  • Libby and I argued almost to tears about Laban vs Leban. I was right. I won.
  • Libby also figured out that God is not a man. I panicked a little bit because I was like, "Here we go with her Muslim friends in a near future. They're gonna try to tell her a million things about Jesus..." Then she said, "No, God is not a man. But He became a man so He could come to earth and live with us."

Do you understand now why I say that Jesus IS God? Becasue YHWH Himself came to this earth in the person of Jesus Christ. It is NOT another God. It is the same God, but a different person... And then, I wish I had had a camera but there were fireworks on her face. We were driving, though, I was talking to her while watching her on the rear-view mirror. So probably not very safe. LOL! I tried to explain her the third person of the Trinity, but I lost her at Jesus is God. 

Libby singing at church

Enzo opening Christmas gift

My boy and his gift
Playing together

I can't upload Libby's video, it's too long. But if you ever want to see it, Libby,  I have it in my computer for you to see. She got a bike.

Emerson got me a puppy for Christmas. We argued about my gift because what I had in my hands was a timer. Then he said it was coming from Asia, and he tried to keep it so excited that I got upset. I can't deal with uncertainty for so long, and I had to wait 100 or more days. Eventually I guessed what it was, and my puppy was still in the womb of her mommy.  


Mia's mom - Dakota


Counting down the Days till Chrsitmas
Cookies for Jesus

First ginger house - ever
Daddy building it


Getting ready for the tree
Not so excited

Almost done

I asked Emerson what had made him change his mind in regards to getting a puppy. He said that for the last two years I'd been asking for one, so it meant I really wanted one. That really meant a lot to me. The fact that he put aside his own "pain" because Dori is his first puppy ever. She just turned twelve. Emerson got Dori for me when my first husky died. And he was with me when I would cry and cry... so he kinda knows that's coming for him. Also for me, but I've experienced that pain at least once. 

So the fact that he was willing to love another dog - who eventually will also die - let alone the money that you spend for the next thirteen years or so... Now he is actually saying he wants one more puppy (a German Shepherd) and that's it. LOL!

Anyway, I'm happy because Mia has brought a lot of energy to the house. And it sucks to have a puppy. I didn't remember it was this difficult. Probably it was because my mom would clean everything, and I would just play with the puppy. But Cindy was so much fun, and there was so much adrenaline in my body whenever she would chase me. There was also pain when she scratched me, but by far Cindy never bit me or did anything to me as Mia has done to my children. I tell them she will grow bigger and bigger, but they don't listen... 

It just makes me really happy to know that they will form a bond with Mia. There's something about a child and his/her dog. I already see it. Mia only stays on the couch with them, and yes, she's rough but she loves them. And she knows they are there to play with her :)

Mia barking

Cindy and Mommy

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