viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Faith in poop...

This might be a very silly post, but is what it is.

I've been reading Hebrews 11 for BSF, The Hall of Faith...

This morning I was reading to Libby what faith is. It means that you are sure that what you hope for is really going to happen. It is being certain that what you do not see with your eyes is there...

Poop has been a struggle for me lately, Libby's poop. And this is when you think, "This is silly."

She had this regular pattern of pooping, one day she would, then the next day she wouldn't. But now, it's more like two days in a row, and then she just doesn't go for three or four days. Like two weeks ago I think she was constipated, because the poop was kinda hard, and then I began giving her prunes everyday, and having her drink juice besides her breast milk. And she began pooping regularly.

Anyways...As I began explaining to her this morning what faith is, I said, "So, Libby, you have faith when you really believe that what you hope for is going to happen, and this might be a silly example, but look, baby...You haven't pooped in many days, and I trust that you will. I have faith that God is gonna help you poop, because He is in control of your body. You are His, not mine. He has to take care of you."

During all the time we were sitting on the living room, she was closing her fists, like pushing, and grunting. I hugged her, and kissed her, and I said, "I know you will poop. Please, God, help her poop."

So I checked on her diaper, and I saw poop. When I went to the bedroom and began changing her, all I saw was a tiny little thing of poop. It was kind of hard, like it was when she was constipated weeks ago. I said, "Oh, are constipated."

I felt sad, I felt disappointed. I thought she was going to poop, but now I  was doubting it...

But then, like if she were squeezing tooth paste out of her belly, poop began coming out, not hard, but soft. A continuous stream of poop in her diaper. I felt happy, I felt relieved. I knew she would poop.

A whisper in my heart said, "Where is your faith??"

See, I don't know what God intended with this. Well, I do. It's easy to say you have faith, but you have to prove it by the way you live. I said I knew she would poop, but then, at the first sight of hard poop, I doubted...

I know God is not this bad guy who would constipate my daughter just to teach me a lesson.  But I know He uses everything that happens in my every day life to make me get closer to Him, and be more like Jesus.

Jesus said you don't have to have a huge amount of faith, just a little. He can work with that.

And I know that my God is so strong, so faithful, and so PERSONAL... He is able to teach me, and love me through poop struggles... and if He does that, when He doesn't really need to, what in this world wouldn't He do for me??

Thank you , God. Thanks again for poop :)))

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