sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

San Antonio

Last weekend we went to San Antonio with Emerson's mom. She came for 3 days and we had fun. We took Libby's back pack with us and we visited The Alamo, the Spanish Governor's Palace, and basically, we just walked around :))
Watching TV...
With Grandma at the hotel room
In the garden of Governor's Palace

With Dada eating Tex Mex
Outside Restaurant Mi Tierra 

THEN...I have wisdom teeth surgery last Thursday. It was funny because I don't remember much of the procedure. Nothing actually...

The last thing I remember was that I asked the doctor how fast the IV would work, and he said, "Soon, don't worry." After that I said, "Oh, yeah, the ceiling is moving already..." And that was it :))

Emerson said he felt sorry for me, I didn't say anything on the way home. I don't even remember getting into the car. I have a vague memory of being on a wheelchair, but nothing solid. I was on drugs, literally.

It didn't hurt that much on Thursday. But yesterday I talked a lot and my face was swelled. It hurts a little bit now. Food is getting into one huge socket, and rinsing hurts. I just hope it doesn't get infected.

On a higher note, the antibiotic is safe if I get pregnant, so God willing I'll be pregnant by my birthday. Oh, and I have the best nurse at home... a nurse that is becoming mobile. She kinda launches herself into everything, and rolls, and then lifts her hips to push herself and grab things...

She is not crawling yet... but she will do it soon - oh, boy, very soon.

Libby playing with Mom after the surgery.

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