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17 mile- Thanksgiving :)

This post was supposed to be about Thanksgiving day, but then other things happened, and you know how it goes: I have more and more piles of photos and things to say about my life. So you'll see many photos, but probably not a lot text.

To start with, ours was an unconventional Thanksgiving. Unconventional because it is the first time we don't cook the usual stuff. Who has time to plan a whole meal for Thanksgiving? Well, I can plan it... I just can't cook it. Not like before, no turkey for us this year. Libby is unstoppable this days. 

I'm not pregnant anymore, and so Emerson and I decided to start exercising. On Thursday, we decided to go for a long walk... We ended up getting coffee at the Starbucks in Randall's  On the way back, we stopped for Libby to have a snack and Enzo to drink some formula. I didn't want to nurse him and have to take off my running bra, it's a hassle to put it on in the first place. We left the house around 8 am. We came back four hours later. We walked almost 8 miles that day. The next day, Friday, we walked 3 more miles, and 6 more on Saturday. We rested on Sunday- thank God!

I started walking with Merritt again, she is pregnant now, so she wants to stay fit. Yesterday I walked 6 miles between her and Emerson. And today, I walked/jog 7 miles.  No wonder why I feel like eating a dinosaur right now. Emerson probably thinks I make this up, but I'm so hungry probably because I'm nursing and doing this much exercise. I feel alive, tough. We were just talking in our walk this evening that it took us an hour to walk -I jog at his walking pace- 4 miles. One hour. That's one hour we could easily spend like vegetables in front of the couch watching TV. And make no mistake, we will spend that hour watching TV in front of the couch, but at least we exercised.

Longest trip for a coffee

We had veggie pizza for dinner tonight, lots of zucchini, mushrooms, olive oil, and cheese. Libby loves her vegetables, anything with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Also her new thing is yogurt if I haven't said so in another post. I also had- after everybody had a bath- grapes with that laughing cow cheese, 2 slices of bread with cream cheese/green onion/garlic dip, and a glass of my husband's wheat beer. What? I'm really hungry. 

For Thanksgiving we decided to go nowhere, but just walking and cook something easy, something that was on the menu for this week anyway. We ate couscous with vegetables, and avocado sandwiches. Libby loved the couscous with feta cheese, and also the cream cheese dip. Of course she also loved the pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream.

I am so proud of her, she is only 18 months old, but she is so helpful with me around the house. She is always looking for ways she can help, or she can please me. Like the other day I mentioned one of her stuffed animals and she went looking for him. It was in her crib so she tried to climb on it helped by the drawers... I know it because her room looked like one of those CSI scenes. I asked her if that's what she tried to do and she made a  YEAH sound. 

Avocado sandwiches and couscous

Emerson and Enzo have two stuffed animals that represent them, two little donkeys. Papa Burrito y Enzo Burrito. Elizabeth is La Nenota, now a days. La Nenota is a doll my mom bought for her, it has a tooth brush, and so they brush their teeth together some times. 

I was talking to Emerson about the things we are thankful for. Obviously he is thankful for our children. I am thankful for them, too. I love the fact that this Thanksgiving we didn't make a big deal out of it. I mean, it is nice to have a day to celebrate formally or give thanks, but in all honesty, for me it just felt like one more day that we thanked God for everything. I know the history of the day, and that's important, but I told Libby thanksgiving is a way of living more than a day to celebrate.    

Elizabeth is not talking yet... Emerson says he will be soon. I can't wait... really, I want to hear her voice saying NO. Right now, she just shakes her head. 

Having lunch at the mall

Libby helping with Enzo

We also went to the airport on Huffmeister to watch planes. Libby also loves planes lately like her daddy. Every time we go outside for a walk she is looking for them, and gets upset when it's cloudy because she hears them but can't see them. We have this ritual now that we get to kiss every time she sees a plane. One plane, one kiss. Lucky me, I get like six kisses from my girl in just one trip to the office :)


Happy 1.5th birthday Libby!!

There are many, many things we are thankful for, so I'll try to be as specific as I can since I can't write every single one of them:

1. We are thankful Emerson has a job he likes, and he is pretty darn good at it. We are blessed to have that, and that I'm able to stay home because I choose to.

2. We are thankful we live in America. We have gotten to know another culture, and we love it. 

3. We are also thankful for all the different people God put in our lives since we came to Columbus on Aug. 25th, 2007. Hadn't those people been there, our lives would probably be very different.

4. We are thankful that no matter what we do, no matter what we say, God will never give up on us, individually, as a couple, and as a family. We are thankful He loves us much more than we can ever imagine. We are thankful that no matter what life throws our way, He will make sure He completes the plan He has for us. He will carry it on...

5. And I am thankful for them :)

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