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Elizabeth's view on marriage

Thanksgiving Day
3 am

I have this theory: A child holds on to what makes him feel secure. Duh! Anybody knows that, right?

I read in I don't know how many blogs and books that children, by nature, are very inclined to trust the adults in their lives. A child can believe anything you want him to believe. I see it with Libby... She points at her Bible and makes the sign for Jesus. Or sometimes when I am changing her diaper, I pray out loud -thanking God for Libby and Enzo- and she puts her hands together like when we pray at the dinner table. And whenever she hears the word Amen, she throws her arm up in the air. 

I love when she does all that, but putting my faith aside for a moment, I also know that she does it because I have been teaching her to do that. She didn't wake up one day saying, "Oh, I feel like signing Jesus today, even tough I have no idea who the guy is", do I make sense? Elizabeth trusts me. I could tell her we worship a rock, teach her the sign for that, and she would grow up believing the rock is the real deal, instead of Jesus. I could tell her right now that the tooth fairy exists, and she would believe me. It's kind of scary this feeling I have... that, in a way, I could mold my child's heart and thoughts to be whatever I want them to be. And I say scary because, bringing my faith back in, I know I am accountable for the spiritual well being of these children, at least for now. One day they will grow up and be accountable to God themselves, and they will be in charge of their thoughts and emotions. We, as parents, pave the way, tough. Tell a child all her childhood she is an idiot, and she will grow up believing that. I can vouch for that. 

Just beautiful

Tell a little girl, however, that she is beautiful and so freaking smart because God created her in His image, for a purpose, to tell others about His love. Tell her that she can do all things because Jesus will give her strength. Tell her that no matter how pretty she is, God is always looking at her heart, and that's what matters most. Tell her that you will always love her no matter what she does, not matter what she says... tell her all that and even more, and I honestly don't know what will happen, because my girl hasn't grown up yet. I know she will sin, I know she will make bad choices, but I also know that some, or even many of those, will be either caused or avoided by the upbringing in her childhood years. And I can keep on vouching for that. 

So anyway... all this I said because Emerson and I have discovered lately that there is some love going on in Elizabeth's crib every night between La Nena and Harry. He has walked several days in her bedroom early in the morning, only to find out that they are kissing each other in the mouth, noises and all. I've seen her doing that with other stuffed animals, but I only thought it was normal behavior because she sees us kissing. But this gets interesting. The only ones that are always kissing in the crib in the morning are Harry and La Nena. So it didn't take me too long to realize that not only those two kiss each other because she sees us kissing, but also because she associates us with them. Harry is his favorite show, hence she loves him. La Nena is her favorite doll. She totally loves those two.

Evidence during a nap

After telling Emerson I thought that he was Harry and I was La Nena, we walked into her bedroom yesterday only to find what we already knew. Harry was in her hand, but she didn't have La Nena in the other hand. She had been awake for awhile so she was probably playing with all the animals she sleeps with. This made it easier to prove if my theory was wrong... Daddy looked at Harry and said, "So, I see there's something going on here... Where's Mommy?" 

I was right in front of her. I had just told her good morning. She could have pointed to me. But she didn't. She grabbed La Nena. It was really cute to catch a glimpse on how her mind works. We are her world, and she can have her world with her every time she goes to bed. Even sweeter is the fact that she still loves Daddy after he spanked her before night nights. She was throwing this awful tantrum about a horse she plays with. She was also very tired... She was kind of sobbing in her sleep when I took this photo last night, to keep supporting my theory. I am never throwing away those two :)

My Toddzilla

In a complete different subject, I made it through the pediatrician's office with my two beautiful children. I'm telling you, that Libby is something else. She is just not a regular girl like the ones I've seen at the library, you know? They sit in mommy's lap to read a story and stay with mommy all the time. Mine is the girl who goes and touches everybody, and starts redecorating the lobby because she doesn't like where all the chairs are. Then she climbs the chairs time and again, and finally goes crazy when you secure her in the stroller because you are nursing her brother and can't chase her anymore -while everybody is watching. 

I honestly lost sleep just thinking about how I was gonna handle them. Libby is better "contained" in the stroller to start with, but then I would have to carry the whole car seat with Enzo, and push the stroller. Or she could be in the stroller while Enzo was in the sling, but it was a hassle to take it off while in the office... I went with Enzo in the car seat on the stroller, and Libby walking. Enzo was sleeping so I was able to chase her around. Then he woke up, and it was time to nurse him, so I took the car seat out of the stroller, put the seat on the floor, secure Toddzilla in the stroller -and hell broke loose- and start nursing Enzo. Sometimes it takes a long time for them to call us. Well, not this time... They called us in just after I had done all this. I hesitated for a moment. Libby on the stroller and Enzo in my arms, but the car seat was on the floor... So put Enzo in the car seat, stop showing your boob, push the stroller with one hand, and carry the baby in the car seat with the other- while everybody is  looking at me like I came out out of a cartoon. The nurse finally said, "Can I help you, Mom?" YES, PLEASE!!!

Look at those cheeks!

So Enzo weighs 11.8 lb and is 22.5 in. long. Libby weighs 22.6 lb and is 32 in. long. I think any concerns about Enzo not nursing enough are now gone. We had this bet going on, but we were off for more than a pound!

Today is Thanksgiving  but I didn't cook anything in advance like before. My kitchen has been overtaken by a pair of crazies. I am very thankful for many things, but I'll save that for another post.

Libby having oatmeal with yogurt. Enzo chilling.

I need to go to bed, it's 5:15 am. They say you always make time for what matters most to you. That's true. I blog about my family when everybody is sleeping :)

Nena showing brother the arts of watching Harry

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