martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

At the end of my rope!!!

I know she is only 14 months old, but she is FULL of energy... Maybe I should say she is full of energy BECAUSE she is a toddler!!

I don't really know what I'm going to do in three months, no... in seven weeks!! The other day I thought my life was going to be slower with two babies, like for example, when I'm folding laundry. It takes me twice the time to finish, sometimes more. But today I'm worn out. I'm worn out most days.

Elizabeth is getting faster and faster every day. I'm getting slower every day with this belly. Just the idea of having to take care of Libby and Baby makes me smile, then laugh, and although I don't end up crying, I feel like, "What in the world was I thinking?!"  Not really... What I mean is that random thoughts invade my mind, but nothing negative at all, which is very exciting and good news for me. I'm all over this motherhood thing and I'm loving it. I'm learning to enjoy my slow pace -which I thought it was slow already, but now it is slower-. So I don't end up crying, but I do end up thinking, "God, you have to help me do this, please!" 

I enjoy chasing Libby around so that I can wash her hands, and I'm also learning to say NO less. That doesn't mean I don't say No, but I used to get mad when she would go on the couch, but she keeps on doing it anyway. I give her time outs, but she still goes up. I mean, the time outs have actually helped, so now she knows to get on her belly and get down - sometimes :))

It doesn't bother me when she is seated down... What am I supposed to do? She is playing in her bedroom, then I go to the bathroom and when I come back, she on top of it already, just sitting there reading her book. 
I take care of her now when she goes on the couch, instead of just trying to make her obey me. It freaks me out when she starts walking on it, because she can fall. She fell two days ago, again. This time she was on the edge of the couch with her back towards the edge, and she fell. I was close, but couldn't do anything, nor Emerson. We thought she was gonna fall because of the laundry basket, but no, it was just the couch...  and Mom got it on camera! 

No wonder I couldn't do anything... I totally forgot I was taking a video of her when this happened. Now I feel even worse, because while blogging this post I just realized I had it on my phone :( 

Climbing the laundry basket

The Fall

It's been two days in a row that she goes night nights for the day at 6:40 pm. She is taking one nap only during the day. Actually I don't even know if she slept at all today. I put her down for a nap at 10:30 am. It was 12 pm, and she was still kicking her crib, kicking it hard. She had La Nena with her so I guess that doll gave her courage. That and the fishies. So I went in, took the dolly away from her, and turn the fishes off for good. She cried... and I passed out, because Merrith is walking faster lately. So I slept from 12-1 pm, and I woke up because Libby was crying. But I don't really know if she slept.

We ate lunch, and she was rubbing her eyes very badly around 2 pm, I thought it was her hair. After a ponytail, she kept on crying and rubbing, and I put her down again around 2:30 pm. She was tired...but she didn't sleep. I was able to wash all the dishes and cook something, though. 

Aug 4, 2012. New hair-style. 

Last week we went to the doctor because now that I don't have gestational diabetes, I have this huge varicose veins popping out - Thank you, Mother, for both things-. So I had an ultrasound taken of my leg, because I also had a bruise that's been there for more than a month, it's awful. So the doctor wanted to be sure I didn't have a blood clot. Libby was very sweet at the office. She hugged a little girl her age. The girl was like, "What are you doing? Okaaay... I guess I have to hug you, too"

I don't have a blood clot, but now I have to wear compression tights, in summer, in Texas. The nurse said I don't really have to wear them if I am able to rest all day, and being off of my feet most of the day. "Okay, so, how many pairs do I need to buy, Cathy?"

Four days ago, Libby pinched her finger with the toilet lid. She didn't cry, she just made this face of surprise and pain at the same time... And when we were walking in the morning, she almost put a cigarette butt in her mouth. Today we saw a worm that was being devoured by ants and I told her that sometimes animals die, and other animals eat them. That's life, that's how God intended stuff to work sometimes.  We also saw a froggie the other day.

Finger after toilet. She was perfect. 

Libby and the frog

The other day she "helped" me fold laundry, and she liked my pregnancy underwear. 

"That makes one of us", Daddy would say. She is really helpful and funny and smart. She is the best daughter in the whole wide world. 

Underwear fashion

Libby in the hamper

We also took her the other day... the other day, the other day. We do so many things most of the days, that it's like now I barely have time or stamina to write this blog. But I have to be consistent with this, I like doing this. One day, I will laugh and cry with this, and I hope my children will love it, too. So, the other day, we took her to the slides and swings in a little park near here. She didn't like the swing. 

Swing fail!
"Not my thing, Daddy"

Libby was trying to climb some stairs helped by a handrail and she did!! Mommy and her belly couldn't help much, so Daddy had to run and climb on top of the playground so Libby wouldn't fall.

Oh, goodness... We also play the piano all the time now since she knows how to turn it on. And we hug and pet Dori almost every five minutes.

On Saturday, we went to a beer competition. We had dinner there, and Emerson drank beer for me :)
Libby was bored inside, there were a lot of people, and she was in the stroller. So we took her out just to walk and play. I think sometimes she gets bored. I don't know, but it seems that she just wants to go, go, go all the time. And if she doesn't find anything new or interesting to do, she starts climbing on the couch, and touching cables and doing the stuff that she knows is a No, No.

I honestly can't wait for them to be 2 years old (and 7 months) and 14 months old. It's going to be interesting... and fun :)) 

I dressed them
Taping the cask 
Soccer and Dolls

They say talent skips a generation. Not really sure about that, but Emerson is not really gifted at sports, at least not soccer. When he has tried to play, he either sends the ball very far away where it's not supposed to go, or one time he kicked the ball and it hit me in the head, while I was in a pool. Even if he had tried to do that, he couldn't have done that. Or when trying to play "basketball" with the diapers, he always misses the trash, stuff like that... Anyway, my daughter seems to have much more potential than her dad. 

Go, Libby!! Pay your college education with your feet :)) 

Libby playing soccer

Libby says HELLO? (24 s)

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