viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

HMNS... Meet our little smarty-pants :))

This Friday morning before it was time to put Elizabeth to sleep, "we" prayed for Jesus to help her take a long, long nap, so that Mommy could teach her class without interruptions, and that she would be able to rest very well... Ha! It's 1:15 pm and she's still sleeping. It took her a looong time to fall asleep. It was 11 am and she was still up. 

She was very tired, and probably just needed comfort, because I went in the bedroom, sang some songs again, and she finally went night-nights.  I will wake her up at 2 pm, if she's not up by then. That way she will be more than alert when it comes to watch the Opening Ceremony of  the Olympic Games, or like they are called in this house: OOO-LIMPICOS!! OOO-LIMPICOS!!

Watching OLIMPICOS with pepperoni pizza!

Yesterday was a very good day, we were able to go to the HMNS to watch the dinosaurs. Daddy called  us and said there were some sandwiches people didn't eat at a meeting. He discreetly grabbed them, we picked him up from work, and we had dinner outside the museum. We had fun looking at the pendulum, dinosaurs, and stuff. 

Picking Daddy up

I know I may be very, very biased, but I think Elizabeth is a very smart girl, I can see it in her eyes.  When we were watching the pendulum, she was looking at it so intently, like trying to figure out what it was, and why it was oscillating. She never cried or whined, she was just looking right at it...

When we got to the dinosaurs, the same thing happened. I was telling her about how God had created all those huge animals, and Daddy showed them to her, and she really looked at them, and I think she really had a good time. Actually she never tried to touch anything - I did and got scolded for it  :S

"Look, sweetheart!!"
"Daddy,  YOU are the dinosaur"

Posing with Mommy
"Isn't he ugly, Libby?"

More dinosaurs

Libby pushing her stroller after the museum

My husband -with the excuse of being able to know where he was without the GPS- took us to Specs afterwards. We bought some wine bottles, and beer. Libby had fun riding the cart, and actually knocked down some wine bottles because she was too close to them on one of the aisles. 

Nena learning how to drive

Enjoying her first ride in a cart like this

She fell asleep in the car. When we got home, she drank her milk and fell asleep in my arms. We love her so much. I honestly can't wait to listen to her speak and asking me all these questions about life, and stuff. I am in no rush. I'm savoring every moment, I don't want her to grow too fast. But at the same time, I want to see how she thinks, what she thinks, and I want to listen to what she has to say about the world around her. 

More than anything I want to listen to her telling me she wants to be a follower of Jesus. But like I have always told her, that is her decision, only hers. 

And I will always honor her choice :)) 

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