viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Walking, playing, helping, sleeping :)))

Lately I've been taking more videos with my iPhone than with the handycam, it's just easier. Plus, I have no idea how to unload the handycam ones. 

There's nothing much to say about the videos, I wanted just to preserve these wonderful memories of my daughter. She's a cutie, and she is so much fun :)

I've been thinking about the upcoming months. I mean, not these three months when I'll still be pregnant, more about the months after the baby is born. It seems to me that I may need like 48 hr-days if I want to be able to blog, cook, clean, have fun with my children, scrapbook, etc. 

All I know is that everything is possible with God, and I'm holding Him accountable to that promise. He has to help me do all my stuff, I mean, He has to. Like the Father He is to me, He won't leave me alone in this. I know it. 

And I feel encouraged and motivated to do it all for my wonderful family, because I trust Him with all my heart :))

Libby walking in the apartment complex

Libby playing with water

More water :))

The other day she was so tired she fell asleep in my arms. Baby was so excited that he/she was moving a lot. I guess that's as far as I will get Libby to feel Baby, because when she is awake I can't make her sit still for longer than five seconds :)

My babies

Helping Mommy to do laundry is so much fun. Libby actually thinks my underwear is cool. Today I decided to entertain her while folding laundry. I folded Emerson's shirts, but then Libby came and took them away. She also took my underwear away, and wore it as her necklaces. I thought there was no point in doing this... But then I realized this is my life. Sometimes I want to rush it so that I have time to do more stuff, but where? In here. Being home is a blessing, and I am learning to include her in everything I do, and I'm loving it.

So I really relaxed and played with her, took some pictures, just enjoyed her... Finally she ended up playing with something else and I was able to finish folding my stuff.  It took me twice the time it would've taken me being alone, or probably more, but I didn't ask her to leave me alone so that I could do things. That is awesome. She will grow knowing she is part of this family and of this routine, and eventually she will be able to help :))

Cool jewelry
Giving hugs

New fortress

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