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Five years together!!

"Libby, I brought your mother to this country with lies...", ~ Emerson.

I don't even know where to begin. I won't tell the whole story of my marriage in this post, but it's important that I talk about special times that I have enjoyed with my husband. Today is our fifth anniversary. 

Today started at around 6:20 am, when Libby woke up. After her milk, a little walk -so that Dori could poop- and waiting for Daddy to take a shower, we went to have tamales for breakfast. Libby's breakfast this morning was the best that could ever happened to her...BEANS!! She had the whole contents of a cheese and beans breakfast taco, and drank a 10 oz bottle of Tropicana orange juice.  

My special peeps

"But I want more, Daddy..."

We wanted to come back and go to the pool, but Libby fell asleep in the car, for like 5 minutes. When we got home she woke up, and I took a shower while she was playing the piano with Daddy. She is actually taking a nap now (12:30 pm).

Emerson is working in the garage changing a taillight, while I'm trying to write this. The other day I was trying to back up the car into the garage. I've done it successfully some times. This time I failed, and I hit the right taillight so badly, I broke it. Also, the bumper has lots of scratches. After thinking my husband was gonna make me pay for it, I'm happy to announce that he isn't. That's like a long story... when the incident happened I called him right away crying, thinking he was going to be so mad at me... He wasn't. 

He actually asked me to think about my reaction, not if, but when Elizabeth borrows my car and does the same thing... I guess he's more forgiving than the way I imagine he is. He said it is his responsibility to pay for stuff like that, that he trusted me, "But seriously, please leave the car outside."

Bad Karla!

When Libby got up, we went to have lunch at Rockwell Tavern. She drew some lines with a crayon for the first time. We are gonna frame it :)  She had five strawberries, lots of green beans, chicken, bread, fish, steak, a little bit of everything. Every time I think about her, I can't do anything but feel so proud of the little girl she is. 

Sometimes -and this is probably so selfish and ungrateful of me- I wish I had been born in a family like we are. By no means we are perfect, but she is being so nurtured in many different aspects. She is being told constantly how loved she is, how smart she is, how much God loves her. She's being taught rules, and I really understand what they mean in the books when they say that when children have boundaries, they feel safer.  I can see it when she pushes the limits everyday, specially in the kitchen. 

The kitchen used to be a closed area, but now that she started to walk on the couch -since she can climb on it- I have to walk fast towards her, and the gate gets in my way. So the kitchen is open when I am in there. She goes and tries to open the cabinets, but it's like she is waiting for me to say something. I can see her face, and she smiles when I say No, as if thinking, "Mommy said no again, I just wanted to be sure."

Drawing with Dad
Yummy bun

We went to Lowe's afterwards, just to walk and look at stuff. When we came back she rested a little bit, and then she had her bath. Emerson and I left around 7 pm, to go have dinner at an Italian restaurant, Mezzanote. 

It was fun to be with Emerson alone, without Libby. We have to do that more often. We mainly talked about Elizabeth and how we think she is, and what we think she thinks. I love my husband very much. Sometimes we argue, we argue a lot. But I love him, no matter what. I wouldn't change a thing in the time we've been together. And I wouldn't change a thing in the way I was raised. Because those times and experiences helped me be the woman I am now -that, and God, obviously. 

Those experiences are things I don't want to repeat. There are tings that I want to teach my children, many things, actually. But most of all I want to teach them to love people for who they are, and not for who they want them to be. It would be swell if Emerson would do everything I want him to do everyday, but then it wouldn't be Emerson. I guess Emerson could feel more at peace if I didn't leave messy diapers all over the house and the counters, instead of putting them in the trash the very first time I change Libby. Or he would really like for me to, I don't know, wash the towels everyday so that they don't get that stinky smell they get with time. Or throw away every dish cloth and Scotch Brite after using them, or actually remember to flush the toilet every time I go.

I followed him to this country out of pure love. I never thought it was going to be the roller coaster it has been. But it was never too bad. I guess it sucked while he was a student, but when I look back and see all the things we've gone through, it's no wonder why Libby is such a blessed child. She really has the best daddy in the whole wide world. God has been with us every step of the way.

Took my babe to a nice place

On Sunday I had time to practice how to entertain a 14 month-old for three hours. We went to this beer judging thing at Saint Arnold's Brewery. We just took the stroller, and some diapers, maybe two toys. I didn't think it was going to take that long. But I made it. Emerson was judging mead, and Libby was walking and walking, and walking. I actually had to stop her after an hour, because I was so tired!! 

It was good practice for my glucose tolerance test. I had to be there from 8 am-11 am. Libby was great, and this time I did take lots of toys, but she mainly played with her bib. I am very healthy :))

The other day I told Elizabeth that her daddy and I will be together forever. We will. 

Dress and tennis shoes :))

Resting for Mommy
New teeth

The King and the Princess

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