viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Huntsville Park

"We need a truck", it's what I've been listening to Emerson say for a while now. Or well, more like an FJ.

I haven't felt the need of having a car of my own until just recently. And the need is totally an overstatement. Because I know I do not need a car. We've lived in Texas for almost two years and we've been fine with only one.

But now I have a child, and that child goes to story time to the library on Mondays. And we go to BSF on Wednesdays. And just recently we started hanging out with a mom from BSF and her 9 month-old, whose names are Merrith and Cory, respectively.

So I don't really need a car, but in days like today (this post was supposed to be written a week ago when grandma left, but I've been very busy... Today means Good Friday, Apr 6th, 2012), in days like today, I really want an FJ.

We went to Hunstville Park to have a picnic with Grandma, and we met Mr. Bob, Mrs. Bob, and their daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. I've never been to one of this parks before. It's a State Park and there was kind of a lake, and we cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. We had a really good time.

After lunch
Taking a break from hiking

When they left to see the Bluebonnets, we took a long walk thru one of the trails, and I had the opportunity to see the campsites. By the way, we are going camping for the first time next week with people from church. 

I just felt in love with this place, not especificlly with Huntsville Park, but just the place, like in love with the idea of camping and spending time with my family there, doing nothing, just making memories, and teaching them about nature and the God who created that.

Daddy showing her the food
Libby being silly

So, yeah... it would be nice to have an FJ so we could go camping often and bring ALL we want to bring without leaving Dori at the Spa, especially with Baby #2 who's on the way.

Yesterday, Elizabeth opened the cabinet locks that Emerson bought. That is actually yesterday, Thursday, Apr 12 th, 2012. I was taking a shower to go to Jennifer's birthday party and she was outside, just chilling on the exersaucer, and playing with the doors.

I heard noise, and I actually though that it would be a long ways before she could open them. Yeah, more like one minute. I made her do it five times in a row just to make sure it was no coincidence. No, it wasn't. She knows how to open the lock. 

So this girl Merrith is a really nice 31 year-old mom. I met her at BSF because Cory and Libby were in the same class. She invited me to story time and we started going at the 10:30 session, but then changed to the 11:30 am so we could meet them.

I guess it's just funny how God works out every little detail in your life. I'm not saying God solves your life, because I believe you also have a brain to use, make decisions, and do something, but God is in control of every circumstance and knows your sorrows.

I had been very sad lately about not having a real friend since I moved to Texas. I had been trying to get together with some girls at my church, but even there, it seems like everybody has their own little lives and do not want to be interrupted. 

At one of the women's meetings they said that we should be looking for opportunities to share our struggles, and just help each other. I saw a post on Facebook from a lady at my church who said she was struggling with something I was familiar with, and I tried to contact her, but I didn't get a real response.

I know it is difficult to trust people, but then why in the heck would you post about your struggles in your relationship with God asking for people's advice!!??  

I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting, but it's not the first time something like that has happened to me, and I was sad that I do not have real friends. I am alone in this.

I talked to my BSF group leader and she told me she knew what I was going through. She said she was very lonely when she was a stay at home mom. It is a joyful experience being a mom, but it can be a very lonely season, too, if you do not have another woman or women there, just to hang out, and especially someone you can relate to.

I actually made a That-God-would-send-me-a-Christian-woman-friend-A.S.K. Those are things you want the women in your group to pray for you during the week. From Ask, Seek, and Knock (Matthew 7:7).

And I honestly forgot about it... But Merrith told me on Wednesday that she would like to join us for a walk on Thursday morning, and we went walking. It was really cute to see Cory and Libby on the jogging stroller. 

Merrith is funny, she seems very authentic, and she drinks beer, that's a plus :)

It's not like we are best friends, but at least, I get to hang out with someone, you know? Friendships take time, and I hope this friendship will develop over time. 

So other than that, and that some times I'm afraid my baby might be a genius are all the things I have to say. 

It's just I've never been around other children Elizabeth's age, and the cabinet locks, and stuff that she does out of the blue really surprises me. 

Like, before we went to the party yesterday, she started trying to pass one object from one hand to another but behind her head, behind her neck. And I saw her, and keep on showing her how to do it, and she would smile and keep on trying.

She also takes the remote and points it out toward the TV like trying to turn it on. I guess that's what she sees.  She also takes out her toys from her bin, and puts them in, again and again. And she's signing more, milk, all done, and thank you

Well, she still needs to know when to sign each one, because if we are eating she can sign all done, and then sign that she wants more. But still, if she hears more, she signs more.

Anyway... if she is a genius, she still has to obey Mommy and Daddy, and even more, she has to know about a God who blessed her to be a very smart little girl. A God that died for her because He loves her.

 I guess I could keep on writing about the next days, but I would rather make another post.

My genius... not really so much (~ Michael Scott)

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