lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

The Iles are in town

It's funny how difficult it is to make friends in this life. I'm not talking about people you can hang out with, because even a rock can have those. I'm talking about people who know who you were, who you are, what you struggle with, and even so, still want to talk to you.

I don't have many of those in my life, I have to say. Emerson neither. But I guess that a friend in the eyes of God is way much, much different than a friend in the eyes of Facebook. I have 231 friends in the social network, but ask me how many I have in real life... Yeah, I know. The difference is stunning.

So, this is a post about real friends and how God brings them into your life. I don't have time to tell you my story with The Iles, but you can read my book, when it's finished. And even there, you won't find what made us be friends. 

Mary and I were talking - we had literally many hours to talk, since Michael and Emerson went camping- about how it was we got to hung out, and become friends. She said it was probably the fact that we didn't have children. We met at church, our first church in Columbus. We used to go to their house many times when the children were up, then they would go to sleep, and we stayed very late. So late, that many times Michael was asleep in the couch.  

I hope Elizabeth finds real friends in her life one day. People she can share her life with. Distance doesn't mean anything. The Iles are still in Ohio, but we know what's going on with them. I want Elizabeth to be friends with people that will love her for who she is, not for what she looks like. People that will love her for the things she stands for, not for the way they feel when they are with her. 

I know relationships are tricky sometimes, and even people who really love you hurt you. All I want is that she learns to know who will really love her for her inner-self, just like God does. 

And that just doesn't happen, we have to teach her how to recognize those people.    

Captivated by the park
Lovely Pinga 

So they guys went camping, and we got to stay here with Libby. We talked our lives out, we must have set some sort of record, because my throat was really dry, we really talked a lot. We ate pizza for dinner on Friday.

On Saturday, we drove to have a picnic to Huntsville State Park where Michael and Emerson camped out. We all came back, and had lasagna for dinner. On Sunday we went to Herman Park, and went to Pappasito's for lunch. Libby did great for not having slept for seven hours. 

Libby, Dad, Mom and Baby.
Michael and Mary

Mary and Michael gave us our very first couch when we lived in Columbus. My back was forever grateful. That's a long story to tell, so I won't.

This time they gave Libby her very first birthday present - ever. A camera so she can take pictures like Mommy and Daddy, and a Bible.

Opening presents

This is a really short post, I guess. Nothing that will impress many since I didn't write many details about these friends. I don't really have to.

The Iles know who The Nunez were, who we are, what we struggle with, and even so, still want to talk to us.

Those are enough details to write about them.

The Iles and The Nunez, 2012. We missed Ava and Jesse. 

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