martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Miller Outdoor Theater

I am a mom who walks in the morning most days, takes Libby to BSF, to the library for story time, or like today, take her to the Miller Outdoor Theater.

I am busy, and I signed my life for more business once this baby in my belly is born. Like yesterday, Emerson told me I should've called Merrith very early in the morning so that she could plan ahead if she wanted to go with us to the theater.

It bothered me that he said that I must have at least five minutes during my day to make a phone call, and he may be right, but in those five minutes I get to breath, and just sit down after being chasing a baby, or just, I don't know, I am busy, seriously. 

This time I'll just post photos. We went to the theater to see Goldie Locks or a weird version of it. It was about the dangers of the chatting rooms and that stuff, not for infants at all. But, hey, we got out of the house, right? 

Merrith and Cory happened to be free to go with us. We picked them up, and when we got there, the place was packed with children!! It is free, so it was expected, but at least we were fortunate we found a place to park at the zoo.

Packed theater
Libby and her friend, Cory

That's pretty much what happened today. On the way back, Libby slept for like 30 minutes, and when we got home she slept again after being awake for 20. She slept for 3.5 hours!!!

She skipped lunch, but two smoothies made up for it, and she had a very good dinner. It's not like this baby is starving :)

Just watching the children playing around

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