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Your mom goes to college!!!

Don't know what Your Momma jokes have to do with this post...I forgot what I was gonna write, because Elizabeth began crying. She's up from her nap. 

"Oh, I know!", I was gonna say that the weather forecast is like those Momma jokes. The Weather Channel sucks, or at least, has sucked these past two days.

On Monday I had to go drop Emerson at a place where he was gonna be picked up because he had to go to a course, and I needed the car to go to the library. There was no storm predicted. Suddenly, the sky got almost black, and the hospital where Libby was born, which we could normally see in front of us while driving, just disappear, and it began pouring.

Then, yesterday, a heavy storm was predicted, but Grandma wanted to go buy shoes, and we went for a walk in the morning, but it seemed like it wasn't gonna rain. 

It was supposed to start raining at 11 am, and then they changed it to 12, and then to 1 pm. So after lunch, I packed everything and I said, "Let's go to buy shoes, and we'll hit the zoo rain or not." 

By the way, during lunch Libby prayed that God would stop the rain so she could enjoy the zoo.

We had a good time at the mall. She fell asleep during the ride to the zoo, and woke up just when we got there. So she was in a very good mood to look at the animals.

Getting hungry...
"Look, Mom, fishies!!"

Grandma showing her the turkeys.

We went to the Petting Zoo, and I thought she was gonna be all over the animals, because she doesn't seem like one of those babies who would be afraid of petting them. But when we got next to the cow and Grandma was guiding her hand to touch it, the cow made a sudden movement and that scared Libby to the point that she screamed and began crying, ha ha ha!!

Poor baby!! And then I was just teasing her telling her that she is all like, "La vaca, muuuuu" with her animals book, and then when she had the opportunity to actually touch one, she cried. 

I wanted to try again with the goats, but then I thought that maybe she is not ready to touch any animal that is not Dori for now. Maybe later, when she is older, it will be her idea, and everything will be okay. 

I hope they make steaks out of you for scaring my baby.

At 5 pm, she got a little cranky, but it was because she was hungry, but as soon as I gave her her usual smoothie, she got all her batteries charged again, and was laughing. 

Getting hidrated

Mommy was starving by that point, so we tried to see the giraffes, but they went in as we were getting there. The lions were sleeping, and the elephants were inside the barn. So we decided to leave and go to Specs to have a sandwich. When we got there, Libby needed a diaper change before getting dinner.

Emergency pit stop

We had dinner, and she was all smiles, and actually, she took a leg out of the high chair. She is such a good baby, and so sweet. I love her so much.

Daddy called us asking us to pick him up, so we went for him, and we all came back. Libby got her bath, her formula, and went night, night. She woke up today at 6:30 am.

And a new day started. We are so blessed by having new days with her... We have done the same things we do everyday. We had breakfast, went for a walk, took a nap, had lunch, and she is playing now with Grandma.

She is amazing, and I can't wait to meet our new baby in 27 more weeks :)))

Apr 3, 2012. Having dinner at Specs

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