lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Daddy is back :)

We picked Emerson up at the airport yesterday. He is happy to be home. He has many stories about India, but I'm not writing about those. I want to have first hand knowledge when writing these things, otherwise I would feel like I have no idea what I'm talking about. Once we live there, God willing, I will let you know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

"Just forget about ALL you know, Karla." ~ Emerson

The day before picking him up (Saturday), we went to have dinner at Gringo's. I don't know what has gotten into Libby, but she seems to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat. She eats to the point that when we eat outside, she always gets a bellyache. I've been trying to explain that she doesn't have to eat until her belly hurts. I've told her many times that if she feels satisfied and that her belly is full, she can and should stop eating.

And yes, I do feel like a hypocrite when giving her this advice :S

Crazy eater

So when we got to Gringo's she ate, ate, ate chips with dip. And then she had two chicken nuggets, and rice, and beans, and she also wanted some of my fajitas (she ate a whole taco), plus her apple juice. When she was finished, she began crying and complaining about her belly. Enzo began crying, too, because some people were too loud and were yelling and clapping. I took some photos of everybody. My mother in law asked me to take her a photo eating her fish tacos. When I was about to take the photo, she dropped the taco all over the floor. We felt so sad... then we laughed. She decided that I should take a picture of the taco only, just to make sure she wouldn't drop it again :(

Fish Tacos

"What's up with that taco, Nana?!"
Eating rice and beans

After dinner, we went to the outlet mall. We wanted to take Libby to the Disney store to get her a prize because she has been doing great going to the toilet. We let them play at the rides and at the slides for a little bit, before getting into the store. I was so excited to see her reaction once we were there. I was willing to buy here anything she wanted... Well, only one item, but she could pick it. I was secretly hoping for not having to buy any princess stuff because I don't like princesses. And I'm glad I didn't have to. 

Horsie rides

Once we were at the store, the first thing she grabbed was Winnie the Pooh. Okaaaay... Hopefully she'll see something else. Then she grabbed Igor, and Tigger. Then she grabbed almost every toy, coffee mug, shoes, clothes... but always put it right back. She never wanted to keep anything. I had mixed feelings about it. There was this child throwing a fit for her dad to buy her more stuff, and here I was trying to convince my daughter to please pick something. 

When we go out to the stores, we never buy her stuff. At least not all the time. She does get toys, and Dr. Seuss' books, and stuff. But even though I felt sad (and silly for feeling sad), I also felt thankful. Thankful that she is young and knows (or might know) that window shopping is okay. You know, that you can go to the store, and you don't have to buy everything you like. You can just look at it. It made me feel that she is content with what she has. 

OR it might be that Disney and princesses and those kind of things are not her thing. Which is great! Because (now that I think about it) whenever we go to Barnes & Noble she never lets go of the books she grabs, and wants to take them all. But I think I can live with that. 

Airport sign

Sunday morning we got ready to go to the airport. But before that we made a craft for Daddy. We were hoping he would recognize us :) 

We left the apartment like an hour and a half before Emerson landed. I don't know why but my husband gets the craziest ideas... He wanted us to go spot the airplane just when he landed. There's a sweet spot on a street behind the airpotr where you can see the plane flying just above you. So he wanted us to see his plane. There was no way to know for sure if the airplane was actually going to land on that directin, but we needed to be there becasue Daddy wanted us to. 

Long story short, it didn't. I had prepared food for a picninc in the car just in case we needed to entertain the children. When we were ready to go (I was very dissapointed and upset), I realized I was missing my phone. We looked, and looked, and couldn't find it. We spent at least 20 minutes looking for it. Not only had we missed Daddy's plane, now my cellphone was lost! 

Anyway... when I was ready to start the car, what do you think I saw?!

Being patient. Daddy will exit thru those doors. 

I saw Emerson's airplane right in front of us!! It had landed the opposite way, but it ended up going all the way to where we were, just to turn around and go to the gate. I yelled, and took them out of the car (they were already strapped), and we screamed, "Daddy!! Hello, Daddy! We are here! We are here!"

I was still pretty upset about my cellphone, but misplacing it had made us wait long enough to watch that plane. While I was driving to the airport I got a text... my cellphone was just under a plastic bag, that I didn't care to pick up when we were looking. So at least it wasn't lost.

Entertaining Libby and Enzo when they are exhausted can get tough. But Nana was there to take her to the stairs, up and down, all she wanted. We were getting anxious, because the children were kind of bored. But, at last, Emerson appeared...

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"
Holding the sign

I missed you, Daddy

On the way home, we stopped to watch the same Lufthansa plane that brought Daddy home take off. It flew right above us. It is huge. We had Chipotle for dinner. We had to buy the burritos and bring  them home, because both children crashed after 20 minutes of driving.

Watching planes

I asked Daddy if he felt different being here, if he had missed the US. He said he didn't feel different or any better for being back in Houston. He said he was happy for being back with us. We are his life :)

Again, I'll give no details until I see Chennai first hand, but I think this trip really helped Emerson to figure out many things for the months to come. Most of all, God allowed Emerson to see that He is already there, and that He is able to orchestrate things to happen in a way only God can.

I'm really excited :)

Ready for India's fashion

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