martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Libby is pooping in the toilet :))

Whatever my doubts were about Libby's physical ability to be potty trained, she just crushed them today. I am so proud of my girl :)

We woke up this morning at 7 am. I constantly checked her at night, and there was no sign of pipis. As soon as she got up, I asked her to go to the toilet, but she didn't want to. Today we just did the normal things we usually do every day. I didn't gave her lots of fluids like the last two days.

She didn't have an accident in five hours. The accidents she had, though, were probably our fault because we never asked her to go to the toilet. We were so busy following her around because we knew she was going to poop at any moment. She would run from one room to another, trying to dissappear, but we never ever gave up. We never, ever lost sight of her. FOR SEVEN HOURS!!

Yesterday when she pooped - I had mentioned it before - it was because we lost her for ten seconds.  But not today... What do you for seven hours with your child? You sing songs, read books, color, play with the dolls, play with Play Doh... You also have breakfast on the carpet, have lunch on the kitchen floor. So even though she had two accidents going pipis, she finished in the toilet. We didn't care too much about those because she already has the pipis down. She just needs reminders and practice, practice, practice. 

Today our prize was the poop.

My future
Emerson watched this today. He thought of Libby and Enzo :S

We kept on asking her to let us know when she was ready to go poopoo, because we knew she was so ready. She gave me a pleading look often, and her face was turning red at times. Then I would say, "Go! Go poop!!" She would run to the toilet, get up, and get down after three seconds. Up and down, up and down, up and down for hours!!

After five hours, I told her she would get a new Play Doh set if she pooped in the toilet. After one more hour, I added ice cream to the bargain. The last hour was really hard to watch her. She was afraid to go poop in the toilet. My mother in law was taking a bath, and I was changing Enzo's diaper when she ran to the toilet, and tried to hide. Somehow I managed to lock eyes with her, and she tried to go, but she just didn't want to. 

As she was getting out of the bathroom, she finally looked at me, and scream... "Right now! Go! Let it out!" I sat her down on the toilet. As soon as I did it, I bent my knees to hold her. She hugged me, and I heard a small grunt... and a big SPLASH!!! YAY!!!

As soon as that was over, she asked for her ice cream. I asked her to keep pooping if there was more poop. "Nope. I'm done, Mommy." Of course, I gave her a big scoop of blue bell red velvet ice cream ;))

I have no way to tell you how my mother in law and I felt after this. Oh, wait... I do have a video.

Thank you, Jesus!!

She asked to go night nights after that. She passed out for two hours. I think she was physically and mentally exhausted of holding it for so long. But it was a good thing. I wanted to believe that now, at least, she knew it was okay to poop. In the toilet.

The rest of the evening went great. When we were brushing our teeth I told her that if at any moment she wanted to go poop, she could go on her own. BUT se needed to call me so that I could clean her bottom. You know, sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my saliva because she doesn't acknowledge what I am saying. But she listens...

Anyway, Libby calls me all the time after putting her to bed, usually because she just wants one more little thing. One more sip of water (that she's not getting now), on more song, one more prayer, one more hug... So she called me. She asked me to, please, go clean her. She was almost crying. I thought she was just, I don't know, pretending, so that I would go. But I went. 

Get this: She had pooped on her own, and was waiting for me on the toilet to wipe her bottom :))))

Tomorrow, we'll brave Walmart after breakfast.  I'll keep you posted, Daddy :)

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