jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Italian pastries for dinner ;)

Libby is making great progress in the potty training arena. She didn't have any accidents going pipis today. She still fights me every now and then when I ask her to go, especially if I see obvious signs that she has to go (like dancing while holding her private parts). She is still learning to push to go number 2, and sometimes she doesn't like the feeling, so she holds it until she cannot longer do it. That means sometimes she makes it on time to the toilet, sometimes she doesn't. 

BUT she always holds the poop when outside. Accidents have only happened INSIDE the apartment. And really... this is only her fifth day since dumping the diapers, so I'm letting myself breathe :)

Tonight I was telling her she is growing up so fast. While she was taking a bath, I showed her a photo of us when we were at the hospital the day she was born. I told her she was so tiny, and she said, "I'm growing, Mommy".

Yes, Sweetheart. You are. And these two years have been incredible watching you grow. I'm so thankful to God for letting me be your Mommy. As I told you tonight, you will always be my baby. No matter how big you get. Remember? I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. 

So, back to business.... I decided to stop giving her a cookie every time she went pipis. Just last night, I put her to bed owing her ice cream and two cookies. So we went to Walmart to buy stuff, and I bought stickers, and prizes for her (mainly just foamy stuff, and crafts that she would like). Enzo took a nap while shopping. 

About to crash

That was yesterday. She has been doing so well, that today she already got a prize. I'm sure that with the poop tomorrow morning, she'll get another one :)

Go Libby!! 
Libby's toilet chart

Doing her craft. She LOVES spelling her name :)

This morning I told Libby we were going to the castle playground at Memorial City Mall, and that she needed to practice going pipis in the froggie in case she didn't want to use the toilets there. She did great. She actually agreed (thank you, Sweetie) to stop playing, just to please her mom and go to the bathroom. She didn't want to use the toilets. So crazy me - I had the potty by my side. It actually fits in the stroller, so it's not that big. Whatever works right now...

Enzo and Libby going down

Riding the dragon

NOT happy

Enzo goes down on his own 

I think they ran around for little over an hour. Then we went to Panera, and Libby drank a ton of water :S On the way home, they watched about twenty minutes of a movie, and passed out. Since they were napping, we drove to a bakery that we saw on a TV show the other day. It is actually pretty close to where we live. 


I had a latte - which was amazing. Really bold coffee. I also had a cannolo (that's singular for canoli). My mother in law had a strudel, and Libby had a canoli cupcake. Then she also wanted a Texas cookie, to which I say no, because I didn't want to pay for an extra cookie that she was not going to eat. But Nana was paying, so of course Libby had her cookie :) 

Sweet sweetness
Yummy frosting

Nobody asked for dinner when we got home. After watching Libby devour that whole cookie, and Enzo eating almost all the cupcake, I didn't offer. When we got home, Libby was still refusing to go pipis, but then she decided to go on her own. I was very happy to see she held it for about three hours. 


Then they just took baths. After that we played, read books, and talked to Daddy. He was going to take a flight to go to Pune. It was a quick flight, little over an hour. He was going to another city to assess some labs, and other stuff. 

Enzo splashing

Bubbles for Enzo

I miss Daddy, but we are closer and closer to see each other again. Also I need to run tomorrow, which might not be nice since the weather is supposed to suck. 

I'll pretend is a warm day in Ohio :)

Taking a bath

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