viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Baby at 37-38 weeks

The last two weeks of pregnancy have been "hard". Apparently I am losing weight, because I'm stuck at 148 lb. I've been there since July 18th. Baby is growing, though. He was almost 6 lbs on September 15th.

At week 37, doctor said we were just playing the waiting game. I was around 2 cm dilated.

Baby at 37 weeks

At week 38, he said the same. I want to hold my baby already :(

Baby 38 weeks

We'll see next week what he has to say. He only mentioned that if there are any concerns with Baby's movements, we'll talk about inducing me, but that he's pretty sure my body will do it on its own. I guess it will. Every night I go to bed hoping tonight will be the night...

Last week we went to the mall before my appointment, and Libby was having a blast pushing her stroller. She is very strong. She will help me push the stroller with her baby brother or sister on it. Honestly I think she is the best daughter in the whole wide world. Oh, wait... she is :))

Libby pushing her stroller

Learning while waiting for the doctor :)

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