sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

Baby's heart at 36 weeks

Baby's heartbeat at 36 weeks

This pregnancy has been so different compared to Elizabeth's. Everything about it I will write in Baby's scrapbook for her/his pregnancy :))

All I will say is that I feel so light and healthy! Thank God I still walk one hour every day. I've gained only 14 lb. 

At 36 weeks with Libby, I had gained around 33 lb. I ended up with 36 lb. at the end of her pregnancy.

At 34 weeks, they said Baby weighed around 6 lbs, and it was in an oblique position. But on Thursday the doctor said he had moved and is ready... Well, one more week, and Baby is ready to come whenever he/she feels like  :)))  

"We want to meet you, Baby!!"


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