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Second pregnancy freak out

"The days are too long, but the years are so short..." ~ Sandra Stanley

"Ay, Karla... Cuando veo como le hablas a tu hija, me gustaría ser así de paciente con la mía" ~ Corina

I cried the other day at night while watching TV with Emerson. I didn't really know why exactly until I read something in my parenting book... Somehow I told Emerson that I was probably freaking out and just realizing that I am gonna become a mother again, to what he said, "Well, it's too late now..." 

Sure, just two more weeks, if not less :)) 

I need to write what the book says, I want to remember this one day:

This year [the terrible two's, she is not there yet in age, but man, she IS there!!] you will perhaps wish you could get  a transfusion from your child's energy. This energy deficit is particularly common among mothers of toddlers. For whether o not she stays at home or has a supportive husband, much of the responsibility for caring and nurturing a young child  will tend to fall on Mom. Furthermore, if there is a new baby in the family, Mom will be recuperating from the physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth and, more likely than not, nursing as well. In this case, her need for stamina [or a beer] may seem even more profound. 

About to make ravioli dough

Mothers who stay at home with one or more kids under the age of three may find themselves suffering from lack of sleep, lack of adult conversation, and (most important) lack of recognition for the job being done. All of these can sap huge amounts or energy from the most talented, motivated, and dedicated moms [that's me :))]

If you feel that there is no end to your day's work and that life has been reduced to an endless, draining, and monotonous routine, wake up and smell the coffee, because life is not passing you by. On the contrary, you are at the center of the action [this literally made me cry, I AM AT THE CENTER OF THE ACTION]. You are shaping and molding the very core - the attitudes, the faith, the future- of one or more young lives. Very few careers offer anything resembling this opportunity and none to depth that is possible as a parent. Believe or not, your friends who are navigating the freeways by the dawn's early light may actually envy you [Toma ésa, pinche Hobbit!]

This is a time to renew your fascination with your child and to remind yourself that you have him on loan but a few short years. An attitude of thanksgiving - even in the midst of toys strewn all over the house, piles of laundry yet to be done [not really with the laundry, yes with the toys], crayon marks on the walls, and little hands frequently puling at your sleeve [more at my hair lately] is not only appropriate but invigorating. 

Feeling the flour
"Good stuff"

The arrival of your child's second birthday [it happened sooner] is also an important to take stock of the parental "state of the union." Is there still a strong sense of teamwork, shared goals, communication and intimacy? Or are mother and father moving through the months on different tracks, which may be parallel but more likely are diverging? Without taking deliberate steps to maintain your marriage, going in different directions is all too easy. 

Yes, we need date nights... I don't know, I guess ALL this is why I cried. All of it. But I wouldn't change it a bit.   

Yesterday she got sick. She had been waking up for the last couple of nights. I thought it was her molar, but she was also sneezing a lot, and she began having a runny nose two days ago. So yesterday morning she sneezed, and all the boogers finally came out. Then, around 8 am she began getting really warm, and her temperature reached 99.2 F

Feeling sick

I called the nurse, I just wanted to be sure I should give her Tylenol. We were watching videos, Harry, her letters, etc. She was fuzzy, and crying, but I didn't want her to do anything but rest. After an hour or so, she got up and started running around the house like nothing ever happened. I didn't give her the Tylenol becuase the mild fever came down on its own, I thought it was better to save it for the night. 


The next day, she was just her normal self, of course there was still some sneezing, but no fuzziness at all. She was just over the cold. Mommy, however, fell victim of the same freaking cold two days later, on Friday night.  I had a runny nose all night long, and the next day, my throat was so sore I could feel pain in my ears when I swallowed. I felt really sick the whole weekend, and just about now (a week later) I am able to breathe through my nose. I still feel somewhat congested.

Runny noses

Anyway... I took some photos of her while sick, and I guess a Mom who is able to do that has to pay somehow. Karma, they say.... I am very glad Emerson didn't get sick :)))

Nena coloring

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