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Syllogisms and Racing

When I was in 10th grade, I took a class called Logical Analysis or something like that. I don't know the actual translation in English. I don't even know what was the purpose of that class to be honest. Probably to train your brain to work properly, so the class objective didn't work out for me :)

Anyway, in this class, they taught me something called syllogisms which Wikipedia defines as a logical scheme of a formal argument that consists of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion that may be used to either test a conclusion, and bla, bla, bla... 

It goes something like this - Pay attention, Libby-

Major Premise: All M are P ------>  All ugly animals suck as pets. 
Minor premise: All S are M ------>  All cats are ugly animals.
Conclusion: -------------------------> All cats suck as pets.

So, I came up with this new one for my family :)))

Major Premise: My husband is a freaking genius.
Minor Premise: I am a freaking genius, too.
Conclusion: Our babies will be freaking freaking geniuses.

And that's probably why I didn't do very well in the class, ha ha ha!! But really, my husband is the best husband. I hadn't had time to write for more than a week because I was taking care of a little problem with my blog. Apparently I had run out of my Picassa Web free space of 1 GB. Emerson said that was a ton of free space, but I only had 668 photos. It's not like it was a lot, you know?? 

A long time ago he mentioned that I should compress my files, but I didn't listen. I honestly thought he only said it because that day he was trying to upload a video at the same time I was uploading my photos, and he wanted me to be done with it. I guess I am not a very respectful wife. I do things, stupid things sometimes... things that I don't mean to do, but that come across as disrespectful to him. I am very sorry, Emer.

On racing seat

Long story short, I asked him to make some research and tell me if it was good for me to buy more space from Google. Then he said maybe I should look into buying my own domain. Then, I made some more research, and it cost about the same. Ok, I'm making this even longer. So, after some arguments like, "I told you to compress your files, but you never listen", and, "I'm very sorry, I am very sorry. Would you forgive me? I just need you to fix this for me, fix it, this is very important for me, it's our family blog...", we finally were able to come up with a solution: Compress my files directly in the Picassa Album.

Ok, nothing personal against I love it, I think it rocks. I am probably a very ignorant woman technology wise, but it seemed like there was no solution to the problem. I thought I was gonna have to start another blog or something. It just looked like the only solution was to buy more space, no suggestions, no nothing. They just said I ran out of space, and that was it!! Probably people figure out stuff like this very easily, but it sucks that nothing is free, not really. But my husband rocks :))

So I'm happy to announce that as of today I'm using 1.56% of my 1GB free space and I'm not paying $2.5/month. Take that, whoever wanted to charge me!!

Checking out the Indy car

Today we went to a company event and Emerson had a lot of fun. Baker Hughes rented out K1 Speed for three hours, gave us pizza, soda, and a free lap. I couldn't race for obvious reasons, but my child had fun, more than my daughter. We got there around 7 pm, and Emerson registered very early for the laps, but he didn't sign something else. He ended up racing almost at the end! 

Libby was very tired, and fell asleep on the way home. We left the place around 9:30 pm. I am tired. Tomorrow we'll have breakfast with Merritt, Brad and Kori, and then a shower for Baby with our small group!!

Oh, updates on Libby:

Libby is saying, "Taaar" (which means star) whenever she sees the shape in the license plates or TV, or anywhere. She is beginning to recognize letter A. I'm pretty sure she knows that E is for elephant, because there have been at least two times that I've noticed she makes the elephant sound when she sees the letter E. She learned immediately the sign I invented for pizza. Now all she says when we are eating is pizza, but she really means carbs, pasta or whatever I'm eating, and she really likes.

She is super clingy to me lately, she cries all the time if I don't hug her, she might feel Baby is coming.

Clingy, clingy

She flushes the toilet on demand. Gives Tope Sancho Borrego, Beso, and High Fives. She brushes her teeth without help, and actually asks for it after we are finished eating - because I have repeated it like a thousand times, "After we eat, we brush our teeth"-. She can open the kitchen door, and she knows how to open the garage with the remote pushing the red button, so I'm not leaving my keys anywhere anymore :))

High fives

She knows how to unlock my iphone and just uses her little finger to go between screens, actually changed all Emerson's icons. She also helps Daddy to take off his shoes and socks when he gets from work.

iPhone savvy 

I talked to a lady tonight at the racing thing whose 10 month old child began walking at 8 months old, probably because he wanted to keep up with the older brother who is two. He is talking more, and doing stuff faster just because of the older brother.

See what I mean??  My children will be freaking freaking geniuses :))))

About to start
Waiving to Libby

He drives very aggressively

Enjoying the adrenaline

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