lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Baby at Week 34

On August 28th, 2012 we went to the doctor office for my 34 week ultrasound. Turns out Baby is in an oblique position... Not only that, but Baby weighs 6 lbs already!! 

I just want to hold Baby in my arms already, and honestly I don't want him/her to be bigger than Elizabeth (9 lb 4 oz) because I don't want to have a C-section. But only God knows the future, and I'm okay with whatever happens, you know? I just want to hold my son/daughter in my arms, and know that it's a healthy baby. Also, it could be a C-section if Baby doesn't move into the right position for delivery, but lately it has been moving like crazy, and we can feel that little butt going from right to left. 

Yesterday, I think I actually felt a punch on my left side, when they said Baby was on the right side. Who knows? I am so blessed... I honestly need to let go, and learn to ask for help, and actually receive it gladly.

Oh, the ultrasound lady told me she also wears tights, like if that was gonna make me be like, "Yay! I'm not alone in this world!", and ironically it did!! But I already posted about that, I do feel I'm doing the right things for my health. 

I just hope it doesn't have to continue after the pregnancy, but if it does, at least I'm glad winter is coming :))     

Meeting Baby on screen at 34 weeks-1

Meeting Baby on screen at 34 weeks-2

Meeting Baby on screen at 34 weeks-3

Baby's Heartbeat

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