domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Busy Friday

Friday was a busy day. We didn't talk to Mr. Jeff like we usually do on Friday mornings, so we took Daddy to work and we ran some errands. 

We had to stop at Panera first, so Libby could have breakfast. She had already drunk her milk while watching Harry The Bunny at 6 am., but still needed some fruit, cheerios and yogurt. It takes forever for her to eat if you feed her since she just plays and gets distracted. We had to stop every time someone had ice because  the noise would grab her attention. 

Off with the shoes
Chubby cheeks in action

And then, the socks

We sent some pictures to Daddy from Panera, and it wasn't our intention, but he felt he didn't want to be there anymore. He was missing us, and we missed him, too. 

At Caninos we bought fruit and vegetables, and she was asleep most of the time, that's why I didn't take any pictures. But we got invited to Jennifer's birthday party. She'll turn one on April 12.

When we were leaving the market she woke up, and so Mommy decided to go to Walmart.  

Seems she would rather be watching the bunny
At Walmart we overheard a lady talking on the phone about her husband who was in the hospital with liver failure.

It broke my heart and made me be thankful for our health, and Daddy's.

All we did was turn around and offer to pray for her and her husband, and she agreed. We may never know in this life what happened to Reuben.  

When we got home I was so ready to go to bed, I felt exhausted, but Libby talked to Grandpa Carlos on Skype, and she was full of energy. Then we went outside just to feel the sun in our feet, and enjoy the weather. I almost fell asleep in the chair, and so I decided to get in :)

Skyping with Grandpa
Playing dead, or tired

She finally got to bed at 2:30 pm, I wasn't sure if she was tired or nor, but I needed to rest so badly. She was very tired, too, because she was out in 20 minutes. I was so tired that I left a huge stain of saliva on the couch, I was drooling while I was sleeping!!

Finally when Daddy got home, the house seemed like a hurricane had passed by, I hadn't had time or the energy to wash the dishes, etc. But I felt so rested. We had dinner, and we went for ice cream to Orange Leaf. 

Trying frozen yogurt
It was good :)

And that is it. It was busy, but I love my family, and wouldn't change a thing. "Oh...Oh...Hello little ones, I'm Harry The Bunny. Do you want to see a cute picture of my friend Elizabeth?? She has two new teeth!!"

 I bet my husband was reading this with the bunny's voice in his head, ha, ha ha!!

Mar 23, 2012. Elizabeth and her two new teeth

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