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Little stinker

I don't know why, but I felt like writing about our daily routine... 

5-6 am    She wakes up. I will be more than glad if she would actually sleep until 6 am, but she usually, not always, but usually starts making noises around 4:30 am or 5 am. That makes me leave my bed and try to "sleep" - on the couch - whatever time I have left before 6 am, when I pick her up. It's during this time that I pray, "God, I didn't sleep well... Please, please, let me have your energy to be with her completely focused, and give me the strength I need to spend one more day with this precious active daughter you gave me."

Very active baby, playing with Dori's ball

7-8 am    Breakfast. Depending on the day, she will get her sippy and start drinking her milk by herself on the floor, or in the high chair (in the bathroom) while we take a shower, like today because we had BSF. But most of the time she drinks her milk from a glass with a straw while she eats cheerios, and her fruit and strawberry yogurt. She always eats what I consider a light breakfast, just like I do, but I've seen it's enough to get her through lunch. Cheerios, yogurt, fruit, and 6 oz of milk.  

Making faces for the camera

8-10 am   After breakfast, Mommy washes her hands and her face because Libby is a mess with all that she ate. Then I grab everything from the table and put it on the sink, and we sit down to read our Bibles. She plays with whatever toy she has in hand, or lately, she's been "reading" her own books. But we read the Bible, and we pray for my BSF friends, and a list of prayers for 2012  for Mommy, Daddy and herself. Then we pray  from another prayer log that Mommy has. Little by little, we are making progress, we started out in Genesis 1:1 with Creation, and we currently are in the instructions God gave the Israelites to build The Tabernacle.     

10-11 am    Libby takes a nap, and Mommy gets to read her own Bible stuff, or take a nap, or work on this blog, or work on my book, or wash the dishes from breakfast, or unloading the dishwasher, or ALL the previous options. If Libby wakes up after 11 am, I just let her be so that I can have more time to do stuff :)

12 pm          Eat lunch, and 4 oz of formula. 

1 pm             Talk to Gandma on skype

2-3 pm     Play with toys, listen to Seeds on line, read books... pretty much I chase her around :)

Sticking her tongue out :))

3-4 pm     Take a nap. She sleeps until 4 or 4:30 sometimes, usually she wakes up before Emerson gets here. Mommy keeps working on the same stuff, or washing dishes from lunch, ironing Daddy's work clothes, or starts making preparations for dinner.

4:30 pm  Daddy gets home and entertains Libby. Libby gets a snack, usually cheerios, or some fruit with water before dinner.

5:30-6 pm    We have dinner together as a family. I love that.

6:30 pm      Mommy washes dishes from dinner. I think all my time goes into doing that now that I'm writing about it...        

7 pm        She gets a bath, puts in her pajamas, and drinks formula. We read her a goodnight story, sing songs and Mommy says night night.

7:30-8 pm     Daddy puts her to sleep, and I'm toasted. But thankful for a wonderful day with my baby :))

Standing up on the couch

And I get to do this every day, day after day... but I've gotten to the point where I enjoy doing it. I guess being a mother is like learning to drive or something, it's difficult at the beginning. When she was born, I didn't know what I was supposed to do with her all day long. I was bored because she didn't do anything, and I just didn't know so many things. I thought I had to look at her all day long or something.

Not that I know many things now, but I get to do what I have to do, taking care of the house, and that has to happen whether she's up or not, ans she gets to be with me and watch me vacuum, or washing the dishes, or doing the laundry. I love having a routine, not because I love rules or organization - no, I don't, you can ask Emerson - but because having a routine reveals the glory of God for me.

He blesses me with my days being the same every day. My daughter is not sick, I don't have to rush to the hospital, my husband is healthy, he has a job, and I get to be home with Elizabeth, and watch her grow and do silly things with me :))

Baby smiling at Mommy.

Today she gave me the scare of my life because I stopped watching her for one minute - one minute - and she disappeared from my sight while I was in the kitchen. When I was finished and I didn't see her, I screamed her name like four times... and she came out from under the table laughing. I think she was chasing Dori or was trying to get Dori's ball. 

I was scared, but I laughed with her, I laughed really hard, she looked so cute. But then I cried... I don't know why, I just thought that I won't be able to protect her from anything or anyone always.

On another cute note, she was having her snack before dinner tonight, and she was watching Harry The Bunny. Harry at the end of each episode says, "Say, bye, bye, Harry The Bunny", and he waves his hand so babies say bye, bye.

I saw her waving her hand saying bye, bye to the bunny. I love my little bunny.

Being silly with Mommy. Mar 6, 2012. 

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