lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

My escape artist

Nothing happens in weeks, but then many things happen in a day, a very busy day...

Well, to start with, I forgot to post this photo of Libby and Mommy watching Harry the Bunny. I don't think there would be any other way for her to be so peacefully snuggling in my arms, unless we were watching that show. Well, that's why I missed so much breastfeeding her at the beginning.

Snuggling :)
Watching Harry The Bunny

I thought about it this morning while I was taking a shower. I don't miss it anymore. I mean, when I think about it, some memories come to mind, and I have a little nostalgia, but usually I end up smiling, not crying, like before. 

I'm over it now, not in the way you would be over an ex boyfriend, like you hate him, or something like that, but I'm fine. I know I'm more than two breasts, and that my relationship with my daughter has been strengthened by the fact that I don't put her love for me in my milk. 

Hopefully, that makes sense to you, it does to me. Hopefully one day it will make sense to her. 

She is trying to take a nap right now, so I actually have a little time to write. Yesterday when I came back from church, I saw that Emerson had put a wooden bech all across the wall, between the living room and the dining room. Libby seemed happy to be playing in her little fenced area. Emerson said it worked fine. 

I guess this morning she got tired of it, or was actually interested in escaping, because I was reading her a book, and then she went towards the fence - that  I had put there, because I was getting tired of having to go chase her every two minutes- and she just climbed over it.

I was surprised... actually five minutes before, I had thought about how long it will be before she could climb that. Naively, I thought she would have to be as old as Allison, a girl from church who is 18 months old.

I thought Libby would give Mommy 9 more months. Yeah, right...   


1. We move forward
2. We make contact 
4. You pick your next target
3. You climb over

The very first thing I did was to grab the camera and the handy cam. "You need to post this", I thought. You need to post how your daughter is, day after day, more able to challenge you. Well, not really, I mean, she is not challenging my authority, I don't think. 

She is just exploring. And I felt so proud of her. So proud of her perseverance, and ability to solve problems. She is just darn right smart. Thank you, God, for creating her that way. 

Anyway... here are some more pictures.

(In case you missed it)

1. Lean forward, and make contact
2. Secure landing. Start lifting leg

3. Climb over with one leg first

4. Make sure the other leg follows

This morning, she also figured out how to open the cabinets where I have my scrap booking stuff. I didn't take pictures of that. I probably will. I need to start putting everything she can drink in the bathroom closet.

She is  menace... but not for the next couple of hours (hopefully) since she is napping :)

Time for Mommy to rest?  I wish!!!

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