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Showers of vomit

Tuesday morning wasn't a good morning for my baby. To start with, she had been with a cold, and a runny nose for two days, and she woke up at 4:30 am. She couldn't get back to sleep, and she cried, and cried, until 6 am when I picked her up from the crib. 

I think I might me the worst mom ever for not picking her up before, but I thought she was gonna go back to sleep, and when I pick her up sometimes it gets worse.

Anyway, she had the cold, plus an early morning, and she might have eaten more than usual - I don't know what happened - but when I was getting ready to take her out of the high chair, she began crying like she was in pain, and when I lifted her up, "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRFFFFFFFFFFF!!", Raikiki began to vomit all over my shoulders, back, and also all over Dori.

I took her to the bathroom and she kept on throwing up in the sink util she completely clogged it. I had to wash her, myself, and Dori. I changed her clothes and mine, and did laundry. 

I won't go over how I needed to unclog it, but I was about to vomit, too, putting my hand in her already diluted vomit and trying to pull out all my hairs, that were already mixed with all the food that falls from her when we wash her hands and face after every meal...

Super gross, Nena!!!

But after that episode, she was happy crawling like nothing had happenedalthough she looked very white, like a ghost. I had to call the nurse, who as usual, escalated everything to the point that she might have a stomach virus, but I didn't think so. 

Anyway I followed her instructions, and monitored Libby for the rest of the day. She didn't throw up again, nor had any fever or pain. She ate a very good lunch and dinner.  

After a much needed three-hour nap, she was ready to go. Here's evidence of her recovery:

Trying to knock the gate down
Getting under the exersaucer

On Wednesday we couldn't go to BSF since she was sick, but we took Daddy to work, and came back to have breakfast and spent the morning reading our Bibles. We are in the book of Leviticus. I'm just reading her a chapter or less at a time, because it is kind of repetitive on how they were supposed to kill the goats and doves, and all that. 

So after lunch, we took (I took) a shower and went to have a smoothie to Jamba Juice, but before leaving I  made sure I had some good shots of her coming teeth. She posed for some of them :)

"Like this, Mommy?"
This Thursday morning I almost cried...after praying and reading, we read books, and I hold her in my arms while I was sitting on the couch.

I began singing to her Follow Me, and she reclined her head over my chest, in the same position I would have her if she was breastfeeding. I kept on singing for a long time, and I was there, just rocking her, and she wouldn't move.

"Here, I'll show you my tongue"
She would just listen and smile. She snuggled with me. I thought we would never do that, unless watching a show, but we did. 

We went for a short walk a while ago, just to the office to print something, and back. But it felt good leaving the apartment. I 'm so tired of being here all day long. I want the doctor to tell me I can exercise already.  

I forgot to mention that yesterday we also went to Walmart to buy lemons, well, limes, and we went to Hobby Lobby to buy some paper for a card that we made for Brooke Gordon.

We are going to babysit for her twins, if she trusts us first, so that she can have a date with her husband. It might be good to see  how life is with more than one baby. 

So this Jamba Juice place is not new, I have seen it, but never stopped by before. Actually I didn't know they sold smoothies, but their logo seems like fruity, so I thought it was something similar, and I got online and found out they sell healthy drinks and stuff, like fruit, and vegetable smoothies.

Who in their right mind would buy a celery, cucumber and carrot smoothie?? Not me, nor my husband... I like vegetables, but not in a smoothie. Maybe in juice, but not a smoothie. 

Sharing Mommy's smoothie
Crying after Mommy stopped sharing

So Elizabeth liked our Five Fruit Frenzy, it had banana, mango, strawberry, blueberry and peach. She really liked it. It was kind of cold, but not a lot. She is still sick, but she seemed fine to have smoothie. I didn't even remember she was sick, and she enjoyed it.  

So with my new iPhone, that Daddy generously bought me, I scanned a little thingy and I'm now a Jamba Juice insider, yeah right...

They'll send me offers and coupons. I actually got another coupon, maybe we'll use it this weekend. I rather go there for a healthy snack, than to Starbucks for a frappuccino. I only went for the coffee because it was a cold drink, but a cold smoothie is better. I guess it was cold after all...

That's it for now, she has woken up from her afternoon nap, so my time writing is up. My time being Karla - and not Mommy - ends now. 

Last, but not least, I'll leave you with a cute photo...

March 21, 2012. Mommy, and Two-Teeth-Elizabeth

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