lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Mexico Trip 2012. Overview.

God has always placed different people in my life at different times. He has also put me through circumstances that seem more difficult than anything else at the moment they happen. But I know that my life totally depends on Him. There was a time when I didn't know this, but I am glad I know it now. I needed to know that last week.

There is nothing in this life that goes unnoticed by God, nor anything that happens without Him knowing it will happen. He is not the bad guy, but when something bad happens, I have peace in understanding that He allowed that in my life for a reason. Every trial in this life is God filtered. My job is to choose to follow Him and do right, to be joyful whatever the circumstances. 

And I needed to mention all this because I live in Oz. My friend Jeff always says we live in Oz, but we do not know that. Hell, no, we don't! 

Most Americans, even Christian ones - authentic Christian ones- will never know what a blessed country they have. They will never know they have been living in Oz all their lives. I've seen the movie, but I guess I got stuck with Dorothy as a cartoon when I was a child. Jeff mentioned, however, that the movie starts in black and white, but when they arrived there, everything turned to really bright colors.

I remember that. They are happy. They just need to walk on the Yellow Brick Road. Emerald City is beautiful. America is beautiful... some people just don't know it because they have never been outside of it.

Our trip to Mexico was challenging and exhausting, but also fulfilling (at least for me). We got to see lots of family, and spend time with them. 

We also celebrated Libby's 1st birthday, and Emerson's 29th birthday -his worst according to him. I totally agree.  

I learned several things in the last 10 days:

  • I learned that the love you have for your child is stronger than anything else. 

  • I learned that God is always with you, and will never leave you nor forsake you, even when you feel your world is crashing down.

  • I learned that it sucks balls to see your daughter cry because she is in her worst pain ever.

  • I learned that there are people who will always criticize you for leaving your country, or for almost becoming like those Americans. But they will never dare to leave Mexico the way you left. They will never understand there are better places simply because they haven't known better, and I can't blame them.

  • I learned that it is easy to praise God when everything goes right, but it feels like a pain in the butt to even try to understand His will, and say Thank you, Abba, when you have no control over the things that happen around you. But I learned it is possible. 

  • I learned it is possible to forgive and let go of anger, resentment, and whatever feelings that could have become a major episode in your family. 

  • I learned that with man things are impossible, but everything is possible with God ~ Matt 19:26.

I learned many other things, I'm sure. These are the ones that came to mind just right now. Overall, I am very thankful for my Emerson and my Libby, and my Baby.

But in the own words of Beto "The Pediatrician" Sanchez, "This fucking third world country gave you a very fucked up welcome, Elizabeth. Happy Birthday." 

He is a pediatrician for realz.

I am happy to be back in my Oz. My own Cypress, Texas, Oz. No Yellow Brick Road here, more like poopy diapers. No Emerald City here, more like a bigger mess everyday in my living room. But this is my life. And I praise God for every single second of it.

Welcome to Mexico City for the next seven posts.

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