martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

On condoms and diapers

- "Do you remember when we used to have condoms on the night stands?"
- "Yeah... What about it?"
- "Nothing... Now we have Good Night Moon, Row your Boat, and diapers."

What could I say? Emerson forgot to mention that on my side of the bed, I also have Desitin, wipes, saline solution and a bulb syringe, nail clipper, an exersaucer, a push toy, more diapers, etc...

These are our lives now, and I honestly love it. 

I think one of my purposes in life is to be a mom. I don't know if all women feel this way. I mean, they are moms because I guess they wanted to be moms, but I am talking about seeing motherhood as one of the most important privileges God can give you. A very challenging one.

Sometimes I think that what I say has no impact in Elizabeth. I repeat many times the same things the same day. I wonder if she understands... I know she is a baby!

I guess I am tempted to think that me explaining her why she shouldn't touch Mommy's computer is just a waste of time. But no matter how I feel, I have been consistent, and I am very proud of that. 

"You know Mommy's computer is a No, No. Let's go to the living room..."

"Libby, I am going to count to three. Obey Mommy. Let's go to the living room..."

"Libby, choose right and obey Mommy... 1, 2, 3"

"You chose to disobey Mommy. There is a consequence for disobeying Mommy, Libby. You get a time out in baby's jail."

"You know I love you very much. I always will. But I do not like it when you choose to disobey Mommy. God wants you to obey me. You have to trust God and Mommy. Now, I forgive you for disobeying, the slate is clean."

Pinga in blue

From the time she was around nine months old, she had this look on her face, like she knew she wasn't supposed to get into stuff. She would laugh, she would look at me, and do it anyway. She knows there are things that she shouldn't do. She is not an idiot. She is a baby, and she can't talk, but she understands.

I heard once that you shouldn't reason with children, and I guess reasoning means that you should not try to make them understand the why's of things, sometimes. I don't really know. I used to baby sit this girl, and she would always cry when mom left. I tried to explain to her that Mommy needed to go to work, because she would get money, and pay bills, and bring food, etc. 

I guess that kind of reasoning is dumb, because she wouldn't stop crying.

But I firmly believe that you need to explain your children, at least I will explain my children the why of things in regards to discipline. I won't argue with them. It is very simple. You disobey, there is a consequence. Obedience is not optional.

Simple and concise answers. Why should I obey? First, because God expects you to, it is not optional. The Bible says, "Children obey your parents for this is right". Second, you are entrusted to me by God. I am your Mommy, and I know better than you. It is my God-given job to teach you obedience. I cannot force you to obey me, you will always have a choice. But should you choose wrong, there is a consequence for that.

That is life. Discipline sucks. It is painful at a time, but later on, it produces a harvest of righteousness for those who have been trained by it. I am not a robot that obeys God because I have to, but because I have lived long enough to know that my choices sometimes have been poor, and I still live with the consequences.

And I do not obey perfectly, but God is gracious. And so I need to offer grace, and be loving, and be patient all at the same time. And it is not only about discipline, but about teaching everything else: joy, self-control, gentleness... then sex, abortion, adultery. 

It's about teaching God's perspective in every area of their lives. 

This parenting thing is challenging, but it is not impossible. I have the perfect Father. I can look at Him and measure myself. I can take a look at what He does right... pretty much everything, ha!!

Our gift from above

I am determined to be a godly mother. I know from the bottom of my heart that being one does not have any guarantee of having godly children. But by golly, they will know what is right and what is wrong. I will teach them the truth. 
I take this thing very seriously... sometimes I think more than I should. But see? I feel that thinking that way is silly, stupid. Where is the commitment then? I do not want to be a mother that uses the TV to entertain my child. I will not exasperate my children, or just treat them like a nuisance.

I was thinking the other day that wisdom not only means to know God and do what is right, but also to look at what is wrong, and not doing it. Okay, so, if you have seen that someone has suffered for a bad choice, why would you do exactly the same thing? You do not have to experience bad circumstances if you can avoid them.

I'm talking about my parenting skills, not about the choices my children will make. I totally understand they will think at one point that they know it all, and they might not listen to our advice. And if that's their choice, sometimes we will have to exercise tough love. 

But personally, about parenting, I have seen many parents doing things that I do not want to do. I can see how smart Elizabeth is. I know it. Sometimes I am afraid she will question everything, I believe she will. She is my daughter. That is how we are raising her, to ask questions. I explain everything, almost everything to her. I guess I really focus on the Bible. 

We (I) got tired of Leviticus. We are taking a break for a while. We are reading Luke. I like to explain everything to her. It's like I am having a Bible study with a one year-old, it is funny. But I think it has eternal consequences.

I take this so seriously that that's why I think this is one of my purposes. I am funny, I am silly... I am five months pregnant, and I still throw her in the air, and dance with her, and do a lot of stuff. Plus I cook, clean, and all that other stuff. 

But this is my job, and with God's help, I honestly think I am doing great. I will never be the perfect mom or wife, but I am a great mom and a great wife. 

Not a perfect mom...

Anyways... this is always in my head, the parenting thing. In other more interesting aspects about my life, Libby has learned to play Peek a Boo. The other day she hid behind the couch, and was just showing me her face, I was in the kitchen. 

She has been doing lots of new things. I will write another post with more photos later.

I am glad there are no more condoms on the night stands, and I love my husband so much... 


"Where is Libby?"
"Peek a boo!!"

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