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Mexico Trip 2012. Day 1- Day 2


People freaks out at the thought of Satan attacking them spiritually. I have never talked openly about it, not even in my book, which by the way, I was able to give to many people while I was in Mexico.

Okay, so, if there is a God; there is His counterpart, Satan or the devil or the enemy, or the biggest asshole - as sometimes I refer to Him when I am praying. He is real, he exists because the Bible talks about him. He was an angel of God, beautiful like no other, but he was proud, rebellious, and wanted to be like God, more than God. And so God didn't take crap from Him, and kicked him out of Heaven, even before the creation of the world.

I have never studied Theology (although I lead a Theology 101 class with Elizabeth as my only student in the mornings), and so I can't really explain many things. You can wonder why God created Satan in the first place if He knew Satan would rebel. But then I could ask you back, "Then why did He created us if He knew we would mostly disobey?" 

He created us because He loves us. He created Satan because Satan needed to exist, I am guessing. He is a Creator, He loves things, He is imaginative. Jesus loved Judas Iscariot, He even chose him to be his disciple with full knowledge that he would be the traitor. All this I'm just wondering, okay? There is no place in the Bible that I know of, that talks about God creating Satan out of love. Actually, God detests sin, and sin came into the world because Adan and Eve choose wrong, and listened to Satan, instead of God.

Anyways... so Satan is real. Spiritual warfare is real. Yes, Satan hates you, and will aim for you with all his might, so that you never have a relationship with God through Jesus. Or if you already have one, he will try to steal your joy and your love and faith in God. He does this in different ways, not personally. Satan is not omnipresent like God. So when you are tempted, the most probable thing is that is not Satan tempting you, but either his demons, or just your very own sinful nature, or just this frigging world we live in.

So, if you see at the picture of life through this glass, we are pretty much screwed one way or the other. 

Unless we have Jesus. 

The Bible says, "Greater is He who is in you (Jesus in Holy Spirit form), than he who is in the world (Satan)" ~ 1 John 4:4. So why would you freak out? You have a stronger power inside of you than the limited power this MOFO has!!

The very face of joy (and mischievousness)

So anyway, shit happens. That's a saying I learned from Jeff. But you will always have a choice: either you praise God, and keep pressing forward keeping the faith, OR you just give into temptation, believing God doesn't love you enough, or whatever lies Satan whispers into your ear.

It has been difficult for me to choose right lately. But it is possible. I've noticed that the more you choose right, the next time choosing right comes easier. It's like an addiction in the positive way, do I make sense??
My husband helps me do that. He helped me and led me to be joyful always no matter what one day before going to Mexico. Ha! We didn't even know that was the very beginning of our BE JOYFUL ALWAYS ADVENTURE IN MEXICO.

So the car broke down on Friday evening. It was six o'clock and we couldn't do anything. Emerson was upset about the fact that we couldn't do anything to fix the car before leaving. Sure, he was upset, but he never exploded. He just asked me to remain silent, until he made all the arrangements needed. I did as I was told. Probably that is the reason he didn't explode.

So the tow truck came the next day after we left to the airport, took the car to the dealer, and they fixed the problem. Honda makes good cars, but not good batteries. Mr. Bob Nichols took us to the airport, bless his heart. He also took care of Dori, and took her to the Spa (that's how we call the boarding place). 

All this car thing happened after dinner on Friday. So when Daddy left to meet the tow truck driver, Libby and I sang our favorite song lately, with some personal arrangements...

"Be joyful always (that we will go on vacation, and Goood is in charge of thiiiisss), pray continually (that we would have a waaaay to get to the airpoooort), give thanks in all circumstances (Thank you, Jesuuusss, that the car dieeed in front of the salon, and not when Mommy or Daddy were driviiing, or on our waaaayy to the airpoooort tomoroooowwww). For this is God's will for you, in Christ Jesus."

You need to hear this song, it's a Bible verse, but the song is really good.  Volume 4, Seeds of worship, Song 12: Be joyful always.


So we got to the airport with two suitcases, my purse, Emerson's back pack, his laptop from work, Libby's back pack, and her pack 'n play. Two people to carry all that, one of them pregnant. Great.

Libby was on her back pack on her personal camel, Daddy. Besides that, Daddy took care of Libby's pack 'n play, and a  suitcase. I took care of my purse, a suitcase with Daddy's laptop on top, and Emerson back pack filled with books. But I am sure it wasn't as heavy as having Elizabeth on my back. I was tired already after walking five minutes, because we were in the wrong terminal. 

Libby drank her milk at 7 am. After security check, which was fast thanks to having a baby, we stopped fro Chocolate Cheerios, and some bananas. I had a tall, decaffeinated Starbucks Mocha, and a strawberry preserves sandwich I made at home that morning. For some reason, drinking decaf coffee at the airport gives me the illusion of getting the caffeine required to face a flight with a baby. This time she was very mobile and alert. Not like last time, when she was 4 months old.

But she was as awesome as usual, she fell asleep as soon as we boarded the plane, and woke up just minutes before landing.  

Libby with Grandma and new shoes 

When we got there, our families were waiting for us already. We went to the hotel to check in, and Emerson's parents left since they needed to do stuff. We stayed with my parents and went to the mall to buy two pairs of shorts for my pregnant belly, a dress for Elizabeth's birthday, and two pairs of shoes also for her.

Shopping was stressful because Libby was tired, and I was tired. But it was good. I chose things fast, I think. Well, it could've been longer. Emerson picked Libby's dress. I picked her sandals, and her other shoes. My mom wanted to buy me more clothes, but I just couldn't take advantage of that.

Man... being with my mom at the store made me remember of all the things I always had, and how she used to buy me almost all I wanted. But this time, I couldn't let her do it. There was no way I was gonna accept more clothes, just to use them for the next 5 months. I needed pregnancy shorts for summer in Texas and that's all the clothes I bought (she bought). I am thankful.

We had Enchiladas Verdes for lunch, and then we went back to the hotel around 7:30 pm. They said they were gonna call us once our bedroom was ready, but they never did. The hotel in itself has a story I will later tell.  

Emerson left for a beer tasting thing with his cousin, and my mom stayed with me for a bit in the hotel. Libby fall asleep at 9 pm, and woke up at 7 am on Sunday.


Okay... so get ready to go to Emerson's house in the morning to have breakfast with Grandpa Andres, Grandma Azu, and Aunt Pamela. Then have Libby take a nap, meet your parents at the market to eat barbacoa tacos, and then go back near Emerson's house for his cousin's Andrea Engagement Party. Do all that without a car (you don't want to drive in Mexico's City traffic anyway). Just take a taxi, the bus or the Metrobus, and hold your daughter for dear life since she pretty much depends on you in case of an accident. And yes, that is legal.

That was Sunday.

We got up around 7 am. I fixed my hair, and Libby played in the pack 'n play. We took a taxi to Emerson's parents, and I threw up on the way there, thanks to Baby. The taxi driver made a very sudden turn (which Emerson says wasn't as bad as I felt it), and I had that feeling... I yelled, "You have to get out, Emerson, you have to get out!!" But he was very slow, and I jumped over him and Libby, and got out of the car. Thank goodness, we stopped at a red light. 

I couldn't throw up. The urge stopped. And as soon as I got in the car again, this time in the front seat, I felt the urge again. I just leaned forward as hard as I could, in order to not stain my "party" clothes, or my shoes. I was seated in the car with the door opened, and all came out. I squeezed my muscles hard and I was able to hold the pee in. That is happening lately. Every time I throw up, I wet my pants, but that day I made it dry. 

Dry Mommy

So we spent a couple of hours with my in-laws, then we took the metrobus to get to the market. We had to walk a little bit between all these things, but I'm not used to walk as much. I mean, I walk in the mornings, but that's it. I usually have my AC running around the house, and every time I leave my house I hop into my car, and strap my daughter to her car seat. But pretty much nothing of that happened while in Mexico. I am very thankful for all those things that I take for granted sometimes. 

We made it to the market on time, and Libby took a nap on the metrobus, and she was still asleep while we were eating. After that we went to the bakery to order her cake and Emerson's for Saturday. We walked again. I was beginning to feel very tired. Then we walked again to the bus stop, and then took the metrobus again. My feet were swollen by 1 pm, and the engagement party hadn't even started yet.

Libby napping at the tacos stand

The party was a big one. There were more than one hundred people, I say wait for the wedding. Emerson talked to her cousin and her boyfriend. I don't have all the details, but pretty much he told them that once they get marrried, she was his family, and he was hers. He told them not to let any parent interfere, and if they really wanted to stop all that, they should move, ha, ha, ha! 

He offered his help for financial counseling if they needed any, and he told them he loved them. I am proud of my husband.

Libby with Grandma Azu and Daddy

Andrea and Julio met in college and later they joined a group of Mexican folklore music. They have been dating for more than five years. It was about time :)

I needed to put my feet up during the party, and I did. I was very, very tired by 7 pm. We stayed for some dances, and then we left. I gave Libby a shower, we read her usual stories, and she slept from 9 pm to 7 am that night..

Andy and her Charro Negro, Julio.

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