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Mexico Trip 2012. Day 3- Day 4


Monday morning was great. We woke up, and had our milk. Libby shared her cookie with La Nena. They say children will not share as they become older, and I guess they are right, but for now it was cute to watch Libby giving part of her cookie to her doll. She probably doesn't know that is sharing. 

Sharing cookie with La Nena
Sharing with Mommy

We headed out to meet Grandma Azu at her job, since she works very close from the hotel we stayed in. She would give us more food for Libby, and Baby. On our way there, I needed to go to the bathroom, but we couldn't find a place to go. I actually went into a church hoping they would let me in. But no one was there, only a few people praying.

I didn't want to interrupt them for obvious reasons... What's funny though, is that I realized how silly I am sometimes. How silly and how blessed I am. Growing Catholic, I think I was afraid of God, but in a bad way. I totally get why people are afraid of Him in that way, like if He were waiting for you to screw up and send you to hell right away. Catholic Church buildings don't help a lot in that matter. They only make things worse.

As I got in the church, the very first thing I saw was this huge statue of the Virgin Mary. What I automatically did was to cross myself, out of fear, or out of respect for Mary and the people who saw me getting in. It's not like I was gonna see Mary and say, "Hey, Mary, what's up? Where are the bathrooms here?"

As I walked to the back of the building I saw a real sized Jesus stuck into a coffin, all covered in blood, and I thought, "Oh, Jesus, look at you, you look bad..." 

Then I told myself, "What is wrong with you? That is not Jesus, Jesus is alive and not covered in blood at all."

It was just funny to rethink like I used to, and I understand why many people believe they have to feel guilty. Why wouldn't they? There was barely any light in that place, as if having dim lights would make you more spiritual. I am so glad I know the real gospel of Jesus. I was honestly glad I got out of that place after not finding any bathrooms.

I ended up peeing in a gross bathroom with no lights that was inside a parking lot. I had to do it like the little eagle, de aguilita. That's what we say when you do not touch the toilet with your bottom at all.   

Then we headed out walking to Emerson parent's house. It took us like an hour, but Libby took a nap in the stroller that we borrowed from Emerson's cousin, Alejandra. On the way there we stopped at a Walmart to buy my CD's so that I could burn the PDF with my book, and get this, Walmart had a fast lane for pregnant women!! It was awesome.

La Nena had been going everywhere with us, she was really, really dirty. But she got a lot worse once we went to visit my sister and Fili. Libby was crawling and walking all over their apartment, and her feet were nasty. 

Aunt Susana and Uncle Fili
Libby really liked nose kisses

Nastiest feet ever

We left and gave Libby the shower of her life. Her feet were super dirty. After that, Emerson had to wash La Nena in the shower. He told me he never thought he would be doing that one day. Well, there's always a first.

Libbby was almost asleep by 9 pm, she was having a difficult time going to sleep. And then my in-laws called, and she ended up sleeping until 10 pm. 


On Tuesday morning we had breakfast at La Parroquia at 8:30 am. My mom said it was too early. Early is the time my daughter wakes up, and that sometimes means 5:50 am. 

Getting her bib ready

With Grandpa Carlos
With Grandma Angeles

Happy family of 5 (Baby in belly, Dori not present)

After breakfast, we walked to the subway station and Emerson headed over to college since he needed to see a teacher and good friend. My sister and I went to the mall with my dad and Libby. My mom went home and took Libby's diaper bag. So Libby spent the next three hours without a diaper, well, with a wet diaper, but she was happy having fun with her grandpa. So I had the chance to buy shoes, courtesy of my mom and sister :))

Then we headed to my parents' apartment and ate pozole. We left around 3 pm to go to the hotel, and  change our clothes because we met Pamela at La Feria de las Culturas Amigas in Reforma. It was a display with different foods and stuff from different countries. I was wearing these black new shoes Emerson bought me for Libby's birthday party. They were hurting after one hour. They kept on hurting me more and more because Pamela wanted us to go with her to sign her job contract to a building nearby. 

And they totally "destroyed" my feet since we kept on walking to meet my in-laws for dinner at Konditori. 

At her country's stand with Aunt Pamela

Waiting for Grandma outside her office
(Marylin Monroe, my butt!)

I know she is my daughter, but I have to say Libby is very smart. She sits at the table and it may seem like she is just there, but she knows what's going on. She might be in her own world, but at the same time she is alert, and she is a mini person. She is showing her personality more and more.

Two nights ago, actually, she threw what I consider was her first temper tantrum. She disobeyed us willfully. She knows how to sign "Milk, please". She has done it plenty of times, she did it all the time while we were in Mexico. But two nights ago, she refused to sign please. We gave her many chances, but she would just cry and throw herself on the bed, angry that we wouldn't give her the milk.  Finally we gave it to her, but her consequence for disobeying was having no songs nor stories after that. She fell asleep crying. 

I felt sad. I felt like my precious little baby couldn't be that way. But she is a sinner, I know that. She was born that way, I believe so. And I could see that selfish, sinful nature all the way when this happened. I can't wait for her to be able to run and scream, if we ever decide to spank her...NOT!

It also made me think and be grateful for the many times God must have been patient with me, giving me plenty of opportunities before letting me experience the consequences of my own actions.

With Grandpa Andres and Grandma Azu

I made it to the hotel in one piece, but my feet were really swollen, and I won't even tell you how the skin that covers the Achilles tendon looked like. We gave Libby her shower, sang her songs and she even brushed her hair.

It was a very good day. 

Posing with Dadda
Styling her hair

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